Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A little late than never

I am starting to do custom orders again.  I know it is a little late for this Christmas (which is next Wednesday), but it is better late than never  I still have my Etsy shop, Ebay, my Zibbert shop, and a couple others, but I will be adding one sites like this new one (at least new to me) called Selz.   I have place a link to it, and the prices will start at $20, depending on how detailed I have the Mini albums. I also will be selling my retired items from Longaberger as well on Selz.   More on it later.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

On My Etsy Shop: Black and White Covered Notebook

What's Black and White and read all over?   in this case it is not a newspaper, and that kiddie riddle suggested when I was a child.   In this case the riddle should read, "What's Black and White and WRITTEN all over.  In this case it would be a Black and White covered notebook.   I am putting this up on my Etsy Shop as well.   Perfect for anyone.   The description on the list reads:
Black and White items are part of a trend, and it has been for several years. One of the reasons why I love black and white is it goes with everything and they are neutral.
So i was thinking, why not have a covered notebook so that everyone, man , woman, and child can use it. it is not too girly, not to manly, and not too childish. Just right, and Goldilocks would say in the Three Bear's story.
Just like in the Amore Notebook, there are two pockets, one in the front and one in the back. The one in the back it for when you wan to slide papers in, while the front pocket is your traditional pocket. I hope you will enjoy you notebook if you decide to purchase it. All orders can be customize to fit your taste. Just let me know if you have any questions. Enjoy!

covered notebook: positive words

I must admit that I love this paper when I created this notebook.   It gives so many positive messages from love to dream.   My description on my Etsy shop is as follows:
Everyone needs a little encouragement, and positive words will do it each and every time. It lifts the spirits, and it makes a person fill good. I think that what happened when I picked out this paper. I had another purpose for the paper, but this worked out fine when I re-purposed it.
Some of the words on the notebook are "Love", "Cherish",and Dream. Red embossed with a little sparkle.
Have fun writing in this notebook and enjoy!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

On my Etsy shop: Covered Notebook: Amore

Another notebook is up on My Etsy Shop is Amore.   it shows love, but you can use it any way you want to.   The description is as following:
Love is the strongest language I know of. Love is one of those things that you do not have to say a word, just show it. You can also receive love as well.
This notebook reminds me of that love, and it also have this collage-feel about it. that is what I love about this cover. The inside has two pockets, one for the front and one for the back. You can place little notes or hold a pen. Enjoy!

Up On Etsy....World Traveler

This is my second notebook which will be posted on my Etsy shop.    The description reads as follows:

I love traveling. For me, it is good to just get away and see how the rest of the world lives. Right now, my traveling is restricted to just the United States, Canada, Mexico, or a cruise, but I would love to visit other places someday, like Paris, Italy, African, and maybe Japan. LOL, I have not decided yet where to start.
This notebook reminds me of those travels I would like to take in the near future. The patterned paper covering the notebook is that of an old world map, perhaps the kind that people like Magellan or Columbus would had. A red ribbon represents a book mark. A stick tag is so you can name your journal. Enjoy!

Up on Etsy….5 notebooks: Country Charm

It has been two long months since I have posted on this blog.  I have posted on my other blogs, but not P.Lynne Designs.  Life got in the way and I had some major home renovations and repairs to do in the house.   I will not go into detail here.   I plan on posting on here from now on out to the end of the year.
The holidays are here.  In less than a week, we will all be eating turkey or whatever suits our fancy here in the United States.  I understand that the rest of the world does not celebrate, and the Canadians had their Thanksgiving last month.
I want to start out by first explaining that the notebooks I did were part of a craft fair I did two years ago.  I found them when I was cleaning out stuff, sitting in a box.  I have freshen them up, and in some cases, did the inside cover with my signature pockets on them.   When I originally made them, I realized that everyone needs a pocket to hold loose notes.  The rest I left as is.  As I find more stuff, I am going to put them on my Etsy shop which it too has been neglected since the summer.

Below are the notebooks that I am putting up for sale:

As I said, I created this and all the notebooks two years ago.   the listing on Etsy is as follows:
I decided to create and cover journals two years ago. I loved a notebook that I had covered that year a and thought to sell them in a craft fair. the fair wasn't that great, because there was 2-10 crafts fairs going on that year. none of the vendors made an outside sale that day. 
Fast forward to 2013, and I decided to put them in my shop. 
This notebook reminds me of old country wallpaper in a kitchen. My grandmother never had wallpaper like this but, if she did, it probably would look like that. On the inside is cover with rose cardstock, and the paper is standard notebook paper. Enjoy

Friday, August 30, 2013

Mini Book floral Swap Album completed

I just complete my first mini book in over a year.  Although it was a rush job, it turned out pretty good.  I am part of a swap, so this album is on its way to Toledo, Ohio in a few hours.  I love how it turned out.   The Album it a Tag book and it has two chipboard covers, and the tags are made from the Tags, Bags, Boxes and More retired Cricut Cartridge and #8 tags from Ranger  The tags and book covers are covered with paper from DCWV (Die Cuts with a View) paper line's Primrose, which is a newer paper and Mariposa, which is an older paper line.  I also have a couple of sheets of another paper line that was 6 x 6.
I used flowers from my stash that I have bought from either Joanne's or Big lots (yes they have scrapbook embellishments) The ribbon is adhesive ribbon that I turned into ties for the tag pages.
I hope you like the video I made.

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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Things I am working on

I know, I do not have a layout, mini book, or card for you to look at and learn how to make.  I will share at the end of the week, so I am getting there.

Mini books

I am working on a tag book for a swap, and it is consists of the following ingredients:

Two chipboard covers (from recollections-but you can find chipboard covers and place, and you can also cut them out with a die cutting machine to get the shape you want.

#8 tags from Ranger. (In the green package)- I get these all the time, but if you have a die cutting machine, you can cut these tags out.  The measurements for the standard tag is 6.25 in x 3.25 in, with, or without the hole. 

Other tags- the swap mini book did not give me an exact measurement on how big the tags had to be, so I made bigger one almost as big as the covers, which are small covers, measuring about 5 in x 7 in, but you can have any size you need to.
The album is held together by two binding rings.  Again binding is at your discretion.  This is only the second time I have bound a book this way.

from the DCVW blog
I have picked up a corrugated paper stack from DCWV, and I am going to use on a set for my mom and a set to sell on Etsy.  This company has hit it on the head this time, because I wanted to know where to find this stuff (other than ripping up a cardboard box.   I will post when I am finished with the cards.

Well that is it for now.   Be blessed my friend.   

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

No layout Tuesday: Tips

Stock up (Copyright PLynneDesigns)
I have a tip for you today:  stock up.
I am not talking about going out and grabbing every paper line known to mankind or buying every new tool in the scrapbooking world, I am talking about the basics.
This is tip is not only for people who are just starting in the world of scrapbooking, but for anyone who has ever scrapbooks, sews, or make containers out of gourds.  Any crafter or hobbyist.  This tip does not apply to collectors.
Step 1:  Look for anything that is being used on a daily basis or anything that you cannot go without.
Step 2:  Make a permanent list of those items, like this:
            Tape runner refills
            White color paper and matching envelopes
            Kraft color paper and matching envelopes
            Black color paper and matching envelopes
            Liquid glue
            3-d squares
You get the picture.  Suggestion:  if you do not already know, your computer if you use one, makes a great filling system.  Make this a file on a spreadsheet program like Excel, that way, you can print out the list.  If you do not like that system, you can always have a little notebook, and write a permanent list in the back of it.  Here is a perfect example a video showing an inventory binder to take with you to shop. (I think I will make this one)
Step 3: go shopping
OK, this does not apply if you already have the stuff you need but it helps.   Catch things on sale (Michael’s Joanne’s, and Hobby Lobby have weekly specials)
Step 4:  buy what you need for other projects.    If there is a project you are working on, buy for that project ONLY.  This will help cut back on the clutter.   Also use Peter Walsh’s technique for combating the clutter.   As you use, replace, but you cannot buy another if you do not use it.  If you want a new tool, sell the old.
Step 5:  organize your space.
This part is a must.  The reason is with an organized work area, you can create better, and think clearer.

I hope this little tip helps.   Be blessed my friend

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Summer 3 x 3 Note Cards with Envelops and Card Holder

Hello, and welcome to today's post-

A few post ago, I share with you on a design team blog hop a set of 8 3 x 3 #notecards with envelops and a #cardholder.   They are now available for viewing on the P.Lynne Designs shop on Etsy.

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Sunday, July 14, 2013

A haul and something I like to call shopping with coupons.

I went to Michael’s Friday, and spent to get my money’s worth.  When you are looking for materials that will make wonderful presents and products to be sold, make sure you get your money’s worth out of the trip.  I did well and I feel like a Klingon coming back from a great battle (OK, cheesy Star Trek reference…sorry).
So, without further ado, here is what I bought, and what I plan with my supplies. Btw, this in a way has nothing to do with the decluttering I am currently doing.

This first item are tags. I use tags all the time, and they are great for cards, scrapbook layouts, and mini books.   I usually purchase them in either Kraft, Black, or White because they go with anything.   I also have the Cricut cartridge, Tags Bags Boxes and More 1.  There is a second cartridge which I have access to from the Cricut Classroom should I need it.  These were not on sale.

I bought two paper pads.  OK, let get real for a minute.  I posted on June 27 on how to get rid of your unwanted scrapbook papers and to organize the rest, and I buy two paper pads.  Honestly, people, they were on sale and normally priced at $19.99, on sale for $11.99.   They will go to good use.

I needed a smaller scoring board.  Yes, you can use a paper trimmer, and I will talk about that in an up and coming e-book for the essentials you need to get started scrapbooking and card making, but I like the ease a scoring board.  It was not on sale.

The last item I bought was a chipboard kit.  I will use these for mini book covers.  I will show you how I do it in a future video.  What I like about this kit is you can get a few good projects out of this kit. That’s 5 large books and 3 small books, and I almost bought 2 of them.

A shopping tip:  Coupons
To save money, always look for coupons in the Sunday paper and online.  Be mindful of the expiration date, because unlike grocery coupons, these can expire within a week.  Many stores are starting to take on competitor’s coupons more, but they have to be like items or the same item, so be careful here as well.
Well that is it.   I created a little video of today, and I hope you will enjoy it.

Be blessed, my friend.

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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Scrapbooking organization Declutter series #3: Ribbon, Laces, and other Fabric-like embellishments

One of the trends people who scrapbook love to do is take an ordinary, everyday item, and make it part of the scrapbooking family of supplies.   Ribbons, laces and other fabrics, which have long taken their rightful place in the sewing world, are also part of the scrapbooking and paper crafting world.   These items are used for every piece where paper is often of for handmade crafts such as mini book covers, embellishments on cards, and on alternated items.   Fabrics, like their paper counterparts can also be stamped on, made into borders, and turned into flowers.
If you have a fabric stash alone with your paper stash, you know or will learn very quickly that one small swatch can build up to your own personal mountain if you are not careful.  So keeping them organized and undamaged is just as important as the rest of your supplies.  These rules applies to all crafts from quilters to people who scrapbook.
First of all, find all of your fabrics.   If you are saving a swatch of last year’s prom dress you daughter no longer wants to wear, find the dress.  Find that pile over in the corner, and bring it in.
Now purge what you no longer need.  Yes, I know, it has sentimental value to it.   Cut off a swatch and toss the rest.   Ask yourself this question, “what project is this fabric for?  If you do not remember, go to question #2:  can I use it in another project?  If the answer is yes, put in the keep pile, if no, put it in the toss pile.   Before you toss, ask yourself this question:  Can I donate it to a sewing club, or of it is a something that you can wear, can it go to a thrift store or consignment shop?  If the answer is yes, put it in the donate pile, if not either toss it, make it into cleaning rags, or just throw it away altogether.  In your donation pile, call up your locate shelter to see if they can use it.  Chances are there is a free store or a charity who would be glad to take the clothing off your hands.
Now that you have purge what you do not need, it is time to organize.
Develop a system.  If you have been following along in this series of decluttering your crafting supplies, that system might be the same system that you developed to organize your paper.   If not, may I suggest the ROY G BIV system?   The name stands for red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet, and I added an “N” for neutrals, because you cannot have enough neutrals in your life.   Put the fabrics into like piles, and prepare to put them in containers.  This goes for all of your ribbon, laces, swatches, and things like zippers.
Now it is time to shop…for containers, if you do not already have them.   I do suggest that it is a container that is free from dust.   The rolling bins you see make excellent containers, because you can see what you have inside.   If must have a non-see-through container, take a picture of the piece of fabric, that way you know what you have in the boxes.  They also serve as excellent labels too.  For spools of ribbon, you can either put them on a pre-made ribbon holder or create on out of dowel rods.  They can go the length of the wall.  Laces can be put in see through boxes as well. Label the containers.
Finally place all fabric in one common area of the room, that way you do not end up playing the hunting game again.
Keeping up with fabric should be the least of your worries, once you have a system down.  Just remember to not buy too much fabric, know the washing instruction and keeping that information in a binder will also keep down the clutter.

Next time in part 4, it is rubber stamping time.  Until then, be blessed.  
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Friday, July 12, 2013

Quick Note Tip: 3 x 3 note card and envelope

These cards are currently for sale
in my Etsy Shop (custom orders offered)
Need a quick note:  Make 3 x 3 cards.   They are super simple.

Materials needed

  • Cardstock (any size) cut into 3' x 6' strips
  • Patterned Paper cut into 2 3/4' x 2 3/4' squares
  • Small embellishments, if desired
  • Small rubberstamps, if desired
  • Ink for edging or rubberstamps
  • Envelops (hand or pre-made) 3 x 3 
  • Optional:  index cards with lines, cut slightly smaller than the inside of the card.


  1. Fold cardstock in half.  Use a bone folder to crease.
  2. Note, you can also score at the 3' mark to keep the paper from splitting when creasing
  3. Adhere (glue) pattered paper, embellishment, or stamp on front of the card with rubber stamps.
  4. If you are using the lined index cards, adhere (glue) to the inside of the card.


  • Try to match the background paper with the envelops or use Kraft, Black, White, or Ivory envelopes.
  • These note cards can be any size or shape you want.  be sure that you have the right size card with the right size envelope.
  • Perfect project for getting rid of large pieces of scraps
  • For Packaging:  use cello bags, boxes made for cards, or tie it up in twine or ribbon for the person who loves stationary sets. 
Video Instructions from You Tube: Making a 3 x 3 card and envelope

By Unifyhandmade:

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Design Team Blog Hop-Close to my heart

I am taking part in another Design Team.   This time, it is Kathy "Kat" Ancheta's team, and she just started her Close to My Heart business.

The Paper:

Kat sent me some paper's to make some projects, and I had a blast making these project.   Out of a pack of 12 x 12 sheets of My Reflections paper called Avonlea, I made 2 layouts (12 x 12 and 8 x 8), a pocket, 8-3 x 3 note cards, and a card holder (which held the note cards).   I am going to be honest and say that I am not crazy about the colors.  I am a bright and cheery color person (mostly pinks and reds), but when you are on a design team, you may never get to work with you choice palette, and that is something that every designer, no matter what profession you design for.   The purpose is to show those who do like the color combination and make it work for them.   On to the projects.

12 x 12 layout.

The purpose of 12 x 12 layout, in my opinion, is to put as much stuff on the paper, right?   It depends.   For me, it is the perfect size, and I like to fill every inch of space out there.  

I purposely did not fill this page full of embellishments, because who knows what type a budget a person has.  I filled it with just a simple white gel pen.  It still allows you to look all over the page, not in just one area of the page.   I worked with all the greens I have, with little specks of  brown.
My first tip for you is do not throw away the labels on your 12 x 12 sheets, you may never know what you might find on it.  The top of one sheet gave me what I like to call, "a Treasure Trove"  I found the words, "Yesteryear" and "Family" on it.   So I fussy cut them and place d them under and next to two of the pictures.  The Journaling reads:

"There is nothing like a Parade at Walt Disney World.  It does not matter if it a Caravan of Characters (Epcot Pic #1), a hyper Tigger and his sad Eeyore friend, or a bunch of prince an princesses.  Everyone always loves a parade.

8 x 8 Layout.

Some people do not like big pieces of paper to do their layouts on, but for me, it is a challenge, and I won.

I cut the off white piece of paper down to 8 x 8, and the green pattered paper down to 6 x 6 and put it as close to the center as I possibly could.  I placed a picture of me and my father almost in the center, and placed a cut out word "Family" On top (I know, I should have added ink around the edges-it looks better in person).   the paper pack came with stickers, which was not so sticky.  I had to add more adhesive (glue) on the back of some of the stickers.  Also the word "Ties" was from the same pack of stickers.


If you make mini books like I do, you will appreciate this next element.   A pocket.   I was looking on You tube, and ran across this pocket, followed along, and produced this pocket:

I love this project, and it is so easy to make.   there are a number of YT videos that show this particular card, just click on the link.

Note cards

I love make 3 x 3 cards.  just cut one 12 x 12 sheet into 3 x 6 strips, fold in half.   Simple.   Don't forget to decorate your tops and add envelopes along the way.

I decorated mine by fussy cutting the circle from another piece of Avonlea 12 x 12 paper and used the We R Memory Keepers corner punch (Scallops and  clouds (using the scallops side) )  Again, these cards are good as a gift or for a quick note inside.

Card Holder:

I ran across this on Pinterest and had to try it,   again super simple.  the pattern is from the Splitcoast Stampers site.

Take a piece of  12 x 12 sheet of solid cardstock and cut down to 5 x 12. take your score board or trimmer if you do not have one, and score at 4 1/2 ans 6 1/2.  take a punch and make a handle for both sides.   Take a corner rounder to round off the corners (again used the We R Memory Keepers punch)   two pieces of paper  2 3/4" x 3 3/4", and score at 1/4" and 1/2" .  Use score tape or other double-side tape and put on the inside.   secure it down.
I decorated the out side with the designer paper and with a windmill stamp that was given to me.   I tamped with Mementos black ink, and colored with copic markers  G-82 (Spring Dim Green) and B-97 (Night Blue).

I hope you enjoyed this post, and to close out, I will show you a video about the two layouts.

Have a blessed day.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Scrapbooking organization Declutter series #2: Paper

Ah paper, a recycler’s worst nightmare and a scrapbooker’s friend.   Scrapbookers and paper crafters alike use this stuff by the pound, it is not wonder that if you look at the average paper crafter’s room, you will see it everywhere, from tags, sheets of paper, papier-mâché’ boxes, die cuts, card blanks, and a whole host of other paper goods.   They decorate bags for wrapping presents, sometimes the paper are the presents themselves, as well as the card that goes inside the present.   If you are a recycler, this item can be a hit or miss for you.  Paper crafting is not for the faint at heart.
One of the biggest problems, at least for me, is clutter control.   Paper to most people, even at its beauty is considered trash to them, but paper can be contained, and no one can tell that you have paper around.
1)      Find all of your paper.  If you are in the process of a project, the paper is not in its raw state, which is the paper itself, leave it alone.   If it is already neat, get it anyway.
2)      Purge the paper.  I am not talking throwing it away, but decide what pieces you are going to use.   Do not think in terms of what project you have planned or were going to use the paper for at this point, and do not say things in your head such as, “This would make a great layout background.”  If it has not been used, and the original project has left the memory, ask yourself, “Will I use it in a future project?”   If the answer is yes, put it in the “keep” pile.  Do not return it to the original container yet.  If the answer is, no, then put it in the “giveaway” pile.  It no longer has sentimental value to you.
3)      Once you have done that to all of your paper, place the “keep” paper in an area so you can sort it into a system.   You need a system in order to contain it.   We will get back to this a little later.   Let’s tackle the “giveaway” paper.
4)      At this point, you do not have the time to go down memory lane with the giveaway paper.  It is now out of sight and out of mind when you plan your future projects.   Do not second guess your decision.   What you can do for it is to decide where to send it.  Let me give you some hints:  
a.       Your child’s school.  Funding may not be what it used to be when you were in school.  Many programs have been cut, and teachers have to fend for themselves with the salary they are given.  Often times, it may mean buying their own supplies, including art supplies.   It would be a great help if your craft supplies go towards the school.  Call ahead or ask your child’s teacher exactly what is needed.
b.      Nursing homes.   Even seniors need art to stay active, and that is often with art supplies to keep their mind’s going, even if their bodies no longer function like they used to.  Nursing homes and adult day care centers are under that same tax area that the government often uses to cut funding at, and donating supplies do help the burden.  Again ahead to see what is needed.
c.       Rehab centers.   This is for either people who have been injured or someone who has a disability, and they are learning to be a functional citizen again.   Call to see if these places mind having a supply donation or does it have to be monetary.
5)      Sometimes products are too old or out of date to be donated.   For those, just toss in the trash.  Same with anything that is beyond repair.
6)      Next move to the paper you decided to keep. 
a.       First inspect each piece of paper. Not the size and shape of the paper and put lie pieces together.  At this point, you are not worried if the color is the same.  Put small with small pieces of paper, die cuts with die cuts, and so on.  
b.      Next, work with each pile, and put into color families.   Think ROY G. BIV or what I like to call ROY G. BIVN (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet, and neutral).  So in an example, you would have a Small paper ROY G. BIVN, a Medium sized paper ROY G. BIVN, and so forth.
c.       Place into containers.  You may have to go shopping at this point.  If so, you will need 8 containers for each separate pile.  If you do not have the budget for that, then just get 8 containers and put each same color piles in a container, but make sure it is a system that you can live with, and not feel overwhelm with it all. 
d.      If you are dealing with lots of patterned paper, try to find a common background with each paper, or separate by brand name.
7)      Last, find a place in your new space where the paper should go.  I am not going to tell you where to put it, as long as you are comfortable with setting, and that it is convenient for you.
Congratulations on organizing your sheets of paper.   Do the same thing with your boxes, tags, and other paper-like supplies.  Step 3 will be trying to organize Ribbons, laces, and other fabric type supplies.   So get ready, and be blessed.  

Friday, June 21, 2013

Scrapbooking organization Declutter series #1: Decluttering

what's in the box?
In an exclusive that should be ONLY for a home organization blog (AKA my blog Simply Organized Crafts), I want to bring to those of you, who want to organize their craft rooms NOW, and not in the wintertime.   I do have something for you at the end of the series, so if you stick with me, I hope I do not disappoint you in any way.
Today’s Lesson:  The introduction and declutter the paper stack…


So, you want a craft room (scrapbook room, sewing room)?  I can tell and you know why?   Do you have the following problems?
1)      Do you have supplies so old, Methuselah could come and say they are older than he is?
2)       Supplies older than your first born child, and he is 23 years old?
3)      When you craft, do you have to run upstairs for the paper, downstairs for the glue, and in the basement for the album?
4)      When you go into your “space” to do your nightly crafting, do you cry for lack of room to place the sewing machine (die cut machine, paper trimmer…etc.)?
If this is you, stop wondering if you have enough room in the backyard to erect a store (In some cases, I do not think the apartment manager will not allow it).   You do have the room, and you will make it work.  All you need is to do a little purging of the supplies, and maintain what you have left.  This is a baby step process, so if you want to read through what needs to be done first, and then do it, that is perfectly alright.  I am going to refer to my scrapbooking supplies, but this applies to anything crafting medium (i.e. needlework, sewing, wood working)

Step 1:  Declutter

Decluttering the paper (or any supplies) is the hardest thing that a person has to do.   When you first start your craft or hobby, you are so excited, you buy not only the basics, but everything else that is out there in the market for your particular craft.  I like to can this the baby stage.   You do not know what you are doing.   There is nothing wrong with it.  You will get overwhelmed with the new craft, but you learn and you buy (a lot).     Over the months and years, if you do not use it all because you bought a paper here, an embellishment there, a new pair of scissors 15 months down the road, the supplies will build up, and take over your space.   The very first rule to declutter is realizing that you need to declutter.    First of all, say with it with me, “these supplies did not come here overnight, so they will not leave here overnight.”  
Once you realize that, you are only half way there.   Did you know that part of decluttering your supplies is a mental and emotional process?   You may realize it, but are you really ready to get down and toss some stuff that has been sitting there for all eternity?  I have heard some people say that their supplies are put in a will for their children to enjoy long after they are gone.  My question is to that statement is, “will it be the stuff you are currently using, or the supplies you got when scrapbooking became popular?”   If you are not using the paper you bought for a project in 1994, why do you still have it in 2013?   Scrapbooking has evolved between the years, and it is about time you play catch-up.  
As you start to declutter anything, from scrapbook paper to China your grandmother gave you before she passed away, ask yourself these questions:
1)      Am I using it now?
2)      What project would this best fit if the original project ceased or took a different turn for the better?
3)      Do I love it so much that I cannot bear to part with it?
4)      Can it be replaced?
If the answer is yes to any of these questions, or if you have not used it in a year or more, get rid of it.   If not, try to use it with 6 months to a year, and if you have not used it, give it away.   If it is damaged, and it cannot be repaired, why hold on to it?   If it is good, and you do not like it, give it away or sell it.  For craft supplies, that means give it to a school or nursing home that could use the supplies, or sell it on a website like Ebay or Etsy.

Next time, we will start the decluttering and storage process with our first item, paper.   I will show you why you want to declutter, how to declutter, and where to store the paper you kept in hopes you will use it in a project in about 6 months to a year.   Until then, be blessed, and have fun as you create your new craft or hobby room. 

Friday, June 7, 2013

Graduation Party

Well, it is that time of year again, where proms give way to the pomp and circumstance, where the leaders of the school give future leaders a proper sendoff, and mothers still remember like it was yesterday they were sending their graduates off to their first day Preschool, Kindergarten, 1st grade, and so on.
I still remember the day I graduated from Independence High, in Columbus, Ohio.  In fact, two days ago marked my 31st year since that day, where I said goodbye to the staff that dealt with my brand of studying for the past 4 years.   I will save that story for another day.   These days, students have it made.  They get to go out into a world, where technology can be used in every turn, including the classroom.  If I even looked at a calculator hard enough, that was grounds for getting expelled, or at last a day in the detention room.  There was no such thing as bring a cell phone to school.  In fact, when I was 16, I did not know what a cell phone was. (oh, yeah, it was that great big brick they used on the Six Million Dollar Man to call from).  They also need to remember what type of world they live in too.
Anyway, I am attending a graduation party today.  A friend of the family's son is graduating, and of course, like any good scrapbooker and card maker, I made a card for such of a occasion. At first I wrestled with the idea, because I do not make many masculine cards.  But now I have it.  

Materials for this card:

  • Card set with card blank and envelop.  I used a brand from Hobby Lobby, but I have also used Recollections from Michaels and the Archiver's   brand.  All three are just a like to me, which are thick and not flimsy.
  • Doodlebug's Cap and Gown Collection.   I used the borders for all three and the stickers for the tag.   
  • Ranger tags #8 Kraft cut down to fit the card, because I made the pocket for the card from Bazzill Kraft color cardstock.  
  • White gel pen.
  • The "E" is from an old letter set.  So old that the adhesive (Glue) dried use on the letter, so I had to re-stick it.

I made the pocket using Kathy Orta's hidden hinge method.  If you are not familiar with it, you can view it here.  I am very please with the way the card turned out.
Well that is it for today.  I will show you what I made from the paper pack that I received for the blog hop later, but be sure to come back Next Thursday for the blog hop.

Be blessed.

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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Quick note: what up: design Team

Hello, I have a quick note before the sleepy meds (aka my blood pressure medicine) kicks in and makes me sleepy.  I just got word that I will be helping someone get their Close to My Heart business off the ground.   This means Design Team.   So this means at least once a month (?) You will see something that is all close To My Heart (CTMH) products.   I am glad to be helping out.
I have to be totally honest here.   I was going to start selling Stampin! Up products soon, but being on someone's CTMH's design team may actually convince me to sell Close to My Heart instead of S!U.   Stay tunes as I do this,  she will be sending me product starting Monday. 
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Friday, May 17, 2013

Obsessed with Scrapbooking: Two New Layout Based Cricut Cartridges Released Today!

My cartridges -copyright 2013 by P.Lynne Designs 
On this blog I am showing you, I see that Cricut is starting to finally listening to the consumer, and not having just images in their cartridge system.   They have been doing this for about a year, starting with the project cartridges (I have one which is the Mini book cartridge.)   You can only make oh so many image and font carts with doing a whole lot of repeating, and they got rid of the lite carts before I could even get started.  (Please do not get me started about what Provo Craft and Walmart did 3 years ago, I am still having issues with that move)
Do not get me wrong, I still love my many machines and the brand, but to me, Provo Craft still has a lot of growing up to do, and from what I can tell on my end, that growing up process is slow and steady.   I am still need to do 2 years worth of updating to get my Imagine to talk with Cricut Classroom (CCR), while my E2, 5 (Expressions 2, 5th Anniversary) is swimmingly happily working with it.  (Is that even a phrase, "swimmingly happily?")  E1 is waiting in the wings for the day that I have a cricut project in which all 3 machines are on, simultaneously, or E2 or Imagine decides that it is time to die.  (End of Rant-- You can go back to your regular reading)
Anyway, I am loving this new attitude that Provo Craft is taking.  The best news of all is about trying out cartridges before buying them.  I said it in the last post about Cricut, and I am saying it again, What a God sent.   I have 23 physical carts, 4 on the E2, and 1 I discovered they pre-loaded on the Imagine (You do know this?  Right? I discovered while playing around with it one evening last year).  It is not a true cart, but is helps to have some basic shapes on the darn thing, as much as it costs on HSN (Home Shopping Network) when it debuted.  (Got mine secondhand for $250 less two years later).  The process is simply:  If you have CCR loaded into your computer or Laptop.   Sorry, but no love for the Ipad, I tried it, and the software needs Flash to work it, and I do not think Apple is going to let it happen soon.   I have looked at the cartridge, "The First Few Years, on the CCR software, and I love it.   If you have a little one, it takes you from age 0 to 5 years, thus the first Few years.   There are some basic shape on the cart as well.   This does not have to be for baby, though.  It can be for the first few years as a couple, in your new home, or even with your puppy.
Well take a look at the review this blogger gives on this cart and the cart, "When I was a Kid."  I will try to make a layout based on the first one within a week before having to buy it.   In the meantime, Read the article, and give her some blog love with a comment.   Come back, and let me know you did.   Have a blessed day.

Read Related Link:    Obsessed with Scrapbooking: Two New Layout Based Cricut Cartridges Released Today!:  

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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Share the Memories Freebie Kit | MyMemories

Get a freebie here from share the memories:  Share the Memories Freebie Kit | MyMemories:

Some of the ways you can use this kit are:

  • Page elements
  • Homemade cards
  • Mini Books
  • Altered items (like boxes, bags, and book markers)
All you have to do once you download them is print them from your printer.  

Want more freebies?  just sign up for a free subscription.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Tip: How to use brochures and maps in a scrapbook page...Part 2

Paper choices

Yesterday, I show up to deciding what photos to use, and how large to make your layout.  Today will be all about paper choices, embellishments, and putting it together.

Paper choices is just a matter of cardstock or pattern paper for background paper.   The trick here is to use the photo as a color reference.  If not, the photo will clash with your color choice.  I am looking at my photo, and I really so not see a whole lot of colors that can clash with it.  There is the red of the brick, greenery is green, the sky is almost white, and the buildings are beige-like.   This is great, just what I have hoped for.
I went with a beige cardstock for a background, but I did not stop there.  You will just have to see the finished product at the end of the post.  Now let's put it together....

Step 1:  paper.  At this point of your little project, layer any papers on the background paper.   This is the part where you can play around with your brochures and other items if they are made of paper.  I plot mine almost in a collage-type fashion, but I did not overlap except in one tiny area. At this point, If you have any paint or stain mists (like from Glimmer Mist or Lindy's Stamp Gang), now is the time to use it.

Step 2:  Place your photos.  I have only one, so I put it sort of in the middle of the page.
Step 3:  Embellishing:  If you have any embellishments, put them now, but not too many.   You do not want to take the main focus off the photos (if you have any).  Also do not be afraid to copy the back of the brochure, if you only have one, or you plan on using it more than once, as long as you use it for your own personal use.  In other words, do not sell anything on the brochure or the brochure itself, Ebay sellers.  Yes, obey the copyright rule.
Step 4:  Journaling.  After after everything has dried and you have done you last bit of arrangements on the layout, write about it.   If you are telling a story, answer everyone's curiosity, by taking a journalist approach.  Answer the who, what, when, why, and how questions.  another approach is what I did, labeling, which just answers the who or what questions.   Always remember to date it, even if it just the year.   I put the year, but I let the photo answer the "when did you take the photo" question.  
Step 5:  Enjoy your masterpiece.  You have earned it.  Now you are ready for the summer.  now I have one more step into Layout Land....DON'T FORGET THE CAMERA, THERE ARE MEMORIES TO CREATE!

Have a blessed day.
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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Tip: How to use brochures and maps in a scrapbook page...part 1

When most people travel, they bring back with them a ton of brochures of places they have been to.  While this is a good thing to show the family what they have been missing while you have were away having fun, it can be clutter, unless you do something about it.
In this example I am going to use my 2004 trip to Disney.  You got that right, 2004, and I collected tons of brochures and maps of the parks, which have change a lot since I was there.   
Box of 2004 brochures and maps
They have been in a box waiting for me to do something to them since that trip.  See the welcome home folder? I was at the time a Disney Vacation Club member, so that was my welcome home folder with all the goodies me and my family received on that trip.   I have the membership card sitting next to me, also ready to be put in a scrapbook for my viewing pleasure.  Now a word from the organization experts about this sort of thing:   "If you have not used it in a year, toss it, give it to charity, something, either use it or lose it."  My words, their thoughts, and they are right, but I did not toss it in 2005 like I was supposed to. The only proper way is to use what I want and toss the rest away.  After all, I will be getting new ones in December, including and hopefully a new DVC Card.
Now you can go about this two ways (there are more, but for now, let's stick with two ways):  scrapbook with or without photos.  If you scrapbook with photos, make sure you have photo friendly paper behind the photo, since the brochures are not printed on that kind of paper.  This is great when you have people or characters in the photo or want to highlight something special (baby enjoying her first Dole Whip).  You can always get archival mist, but that can be a bit on the messy side, and it might make the colors in the brochures run together.   If you decide to go this route, make sure you test first.   The second way is without photos, and this is for when you did not take any, they turned out horrible, or you want to keep something like a Smash book.   For this example, I am doing a layout with photos, because I found them.  (Do not ask, just know that I found them, LOL)

Step #1:  Gather your photos.  I would start by separating the majority of them by scenery, areas of the park, or themes.   like this

Do not let this pile fool you.   It is only temporary, if you let it.  The photos are not going to deteriorate that fast, but you do have to do something with the pile of photos.  if you are not going to work on them for a while, get a photo-friendly envelope, which are available in most places with a photo kiosk near by (such as a drugstore or a local scrapbooking store (LSS)).  As you can see, I wrote down where I took the photos and the date of the photo.   Since it has been so long, I placed the year on to the slips of paper.   A paperclip or rubber band will do until you can put them in envelopes.

Back to the layout...

I decided for the purpose of this demonstration to go with this photo:

We were about ready to ride the train around the park, and I decided to snap this picture.  It was the perfect shot, and I am titling the layout, Walk down the Middle of Main Street USA, after the song by the same title.
To me, this started my day (even though we had been to Epcot the day before)

Now that I have choose my photo (and feel free to choose as many as you like, just do not over crowd your background paper).  I decided to choose to scrapbook around this one.

Step 2:  Will it be one page or two?  Oh and while I am at it, what size will it be?

The beauty of scrapbook albums is you can use pages as an one or two page layout spread.   I am usually a two spread layout girl myself, because I want to get the most bank for my buck with two pages.  This time, I want to challenge myself and so a one page.   This is great for a layout for one photo.  Since you will be using your brochures and maps as well, you can easily have one layout for the photo and those materials and the other for just the brochures.

Well that is the end of this post but not the end of this layout, stay tuned for part 2 where I will show you how to choose your paper, style and other goodies.   Have a blessed day

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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Wishing you Sunny Days....Thinking of you card.

I am back on track to show you what I made to share.  This time it is another Heartfelt Creations card, that will not be on my Etsy shop, P.Lynne Designs for copyright reasons.  I made this card to go with the theme, Thinking of You.   The teal blue card blank has paper from Recollections pack, Floral Gardens, which has become one of my favorite non Prima, non Graphic 45, and non DCWV paper pack.   I love how the colors of this pack are muted, and this is the first 8.5" x 11" paper I have ever liked.  I tend to gravitate more towards 12 x 12 stacks.

The digi-stamp is from Heartfelt Creations, but any stamp will do.   The sentiment is from the same Heartfelt  Creations collections.  I colored the bird with my Copics Markers.  There is a sentiment on the inside of the card as well.

Have a blessed Day.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

My Etsy Shop has been rebooted

I have rebooted my Etsy shop, which now has the new name, P. Lynne Designs, and new items.   At the moment, I am crafting by adding new items, and I have dived into the world of digital documents for people who keep or want to keep home management manuals for their home.
So these are the items I have listed:

This first item is a 3 card set with envelopes.  I have a love for shopping, and this is dedicated to all of those who also have that love.   I have forgotten the name of the paper, but it has French writing on it.  the bag is a die cut made with the Cricut.   I distressed the front and the sides.   the bag says "shopping" on it.  The envelopes are made from Kraft color paper.  You can check out the listing under "Related Articles"

The next item is a set of 4 cards, tags, and envelopes.   My challenge at the time was to see what I can make out of a card kit.   The card kit is a retired kit from Close to My Heart, and it is a spring card set.   The tags have flowers on them that match the cards, and the envelopes are made out of vellum.  

The last card set is a set of 6 cards, again made from a Close to My Heart Set with 6 vellum envelopes.   Each card is different but there are 2 Just for you, a Thinking of You, Thank You, Happy Spring, and a non Sentiment card.  all are have the same pattern, just done in different ways, and I had fun doing it.   The point of the challenge comes from another post I had last year.  Use a kit and think outside the box.  You do not have to make the design that is given to you, especially if you are not a beginner and you already have a design in mind.   I love seeing what I can do with the materials that were given to me, and make it mine.

Digital Products.

As I said at the top of this post, I am trying my hand in selling digital products.   For the moment, it will not be cards, but I want to get into invitations.  I have seen several digital products on Etsy, Ebay, and the others.  All you need is your computer and printer to print it out.  The only thing that I do ask of is since the file is made for the person buying the file that it is not sold as part of another package.  These files were meant to be sold for personal use only.   I do not mind creating documents for a business, because I am a freelance writer as well.  I just asked that these documents would not be sold that way.

The first one is a Daily To do list.  It is arranged so that a person can go room by room, and write out what needs to be done.   Print it out on you paper as needed.  I just printed it out on the paper I had in my printer at the time, which was spiral bound paper.
As you can tell by the picture, You can list up to 5 things to do in each room.  I hope you do not have more than five.   If you do, let me know, and I can customize the file to your preference.

   The last one is the same thing, only this is a monthly to do list.  This is a month by month list, and it is also organized room by room.   This is for those things that you need to do on a monthly basis.  

These two are the beginnings of a home management guide I am putting together, and I hope I will have it together by fall.  Why so long?  This is a teaser, but I am working on a beginners scrapbook e-book.   This is for those who either want to scrapbook and do not have the money or the patience to do it, or those who want a refresher course in it.  I am almost finished with the writing portion of it, and then there is the editing and other things that an e-book needs.  I will let you know when it is finished.

Well that is it for now.  I do hope that you do check out my Etsy shop, and I have started to add to it more every day.    Have a blessed day.
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