Saturday, December 29, 2012

Got Christmas Cash...Stock up on supplies

PC150535 - Craft Corner
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One of the joys of Christmas is getting money to play with.  That I got, and I am ready to go.  But wait.  before you go spend that hard earned Christmas cash that great aunt Emma on your hubby's side gave you, because you are a loving great niece in law, think about what you need first.  After all, if she is not a crafter, you do not want her to think you are a spender.  If she is a crafter, go for it, but still think about something nice in the craft department you want to spend it on.  Next think about your supplies, and what is it you consume the most on.  For me, that is score-it tape.  It seems I do not have enough of it, and I need an extra roll in case the big blizzard of 2012 (or is it 2013) comes and snows me in.  Last, if you have anything left, either save it (if the aunt is not a crafter) or use a coupon and buy what's on sale.
So I got my cash present from my dad, and first of all I need a house phone.  Like many people, I still use this thing, and current one has been messing up.  I have not broke down to just use my smartphone as the primary phone, but I am getting one that does not have an answering machine attached to it.  My dad is not a crafter, so that would make him proud.  Next, i need a new score board.  Again, I have not used my trimmer as a score board, and I have the old Score-pal, and it is driving me bats when I follow the instructions on where to score the project, and I do not have that score line.  I have not decided if I want Martha's or the new Score-pal.   The advantage of Martha's over Score-Pal's is the envelope feature, which I really do not need since I have at least two Cricut Cartridges that have envelopes on them.   I have a 30% coupon from Archiver's, so I will see.   Whatever's left, I may get a couple of supplies or save, or go to the casino with it next week. (Yes Columbus has a casino and a racino (horse track casino).
So you can have your supplies and have fun at the same time.  Look for deals, but stay within your budget,and enjoy your new toys (I mean supplies).  Be blessed.
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Saturday, December 22, 2012

In Abbreviated Mode

Hello, this is to let you know that I am on an abbreviated work schedule from today through the New Year.  I will be back in full swing of things starting January 7, 2013 (I cannot believe it is almost here).   I am also putting my Etsy shop on vacation until that time as well.   In the meantime, you all have a Merry Christmas, and a happy 2013. 

Monday, December 17, 2012

Interesting Garland Making Ideas

English: Christmas Ornaments inside a Las Vega...
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)
..."The stockings were hung by the chimney with care, in hopes that St. Nickolas will soon to be there."   This is one of the lines in The Night Before Christmas and rightfully so.  Today, I have invited a guest blogger Named Rita, who will to show you some interesting garland idea for your tree or around the house.

Christmas is probably the most sparkly and fun holiday we have the pleasure of experiencing every year. It is a time when families get together, religious people express their faith, everyone shows their love and affection by presenting gifts, trees light up, colourful lights flicker all around and the walls get new garland outfits!

Today’s markets present us with ample choice when it comes to Christmas decorations. New and more intricate designs are brought forth every year making the shopping and decorating process all the more fun. There are some enthusiasts among us, however, who like to do some of the things themselves. If you are one of those and are wondering what kind of garlands to make this year, you might want to review these simple yet beautiful ideas.

If you prefer the natural approach to things and the lovely smell of evergreens on Christmas day morning, you can fashion an evergreen garland using only evergreen trimmings, scissors, floral wire and twine. First you need to cut the trimmings to about 6 inches and collect them in small bundles with the stems pointing in the same direction. Cut a piece of the twine as long as you want your garland to be, make a loop at the end of it and attach the wire there. Then attach your evergreen bundles one at a time, securing them to the string with the wire. When you are done, make a knot between the wire and the string.

Another great garland idea is with pom poms made of yarn. Of course, it can be done with any type of yarn but to remain true to the Christmas spirit, you should use a sparkly one. You can use a pom pom making tool, or you can make one yourself: First you need to cut two “doughnuts” out of cardboard. Keeping them together, you wrap the yarn around until you make a nice big fluffy doughnut. Then you cut the yarn between the two cardboard pieces with scissors and add a string of yarn between them. Then you pull the cardboards on each side, fluff up your pom pom and you are done. After that all you have to do is tie your pom poms to another yarn string and your garland is ready.

A similar technique is used for paper or tissue pom poms. You can use holiday paper napkins, or wrapping paper, cut them into rectangles, tie them with a string in the middle and then spread the separate layers to make it look like a pom pom. Again, you then tie the separate pom poms to a string of your choosing.

Anything you attach to a string can become a Christmas garland. After all, all it takes is a little sparkle so stock up on gold and silver spray paints, colourful brocade and anything else you can think of and turn, for example, ordinary white print paper into golden leaves hanging above the family portrait. All you need to make a garland beautiful is a large number of similar patterns stuck together. You can really get creative and put anything you like – Christmas cards, popcorn sprayed with silver, snowman pictures, flowers, etc. In order for your Christmas decorations to be truly yours, they have to come from within your own hearth and mind.

Rita Rova writes arts and crafts articles for, the Australian coupon code website that lists the latest discounts for arts and crafts supplies.  
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Saturday, December 15, 2012


They say that running a business is not easy, and they are right.   I did not want to post this, because I thought that if I have enough people coming to my Etsy shop, then I would never have to ask for a donation. Well here I am .   I am finding out that if I get a service that is free, they are not going to give you what you want from the same service that cost you say $5 a month.   In fact, they are going to barely give you what you need, and as soon as you click on a service, the company is going to tell you that it is part of the paid service.
So if you like what you see here, I would love it if you can make a donation.  I will have it up until January 14 as a trial, and if I get enough I may switch up to a Paypal button.   Thank you for what you can give.
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Friday, December 14, 2012

The Beauty of Christmas Snow

Hello, today, I am presenting to you, "The Beauty of Christmas Snow.  I love snow, but the thought of driving in it scares me.  Here in Ohio, the weather is divided into 8 seasons:  Spring, road construction, still more road construction, blazing hot where's the air conditioner, Autumn/summer (can't make up its mind on which Real season it wants to be), rainy season/winter, and are you crazy I am not going out there in THAT weather.  Well, snow here qualifies in two of them:  Winter and are you crazy, I am not going out there.
Well, today's card reminds me of a Christmas that used to be.  I am talking Norman Rockwell with the old time feel about it.  To some, it may even remind people of that Charlie Brown Christmas tree the rest of the kids fixed up after he thought he killed.  My first battery operated toy was when I was 5, and I had a doll that walked and talked.  Her official name was Swingy, but you may call her Carol.  I actually had three Carols.   The first one did not last that long.  I danced her legs off, The second one, same deal, but she lasted until 1977 when we moved to Columbus, Ohio, my father throw her away.  And the third one?  It was my friend, Lonnie's, and I claimed her (whose name was actually Billie Joe), and renamed her every time I would go over to Lonnie's house, while still carrying mine.  Anyway,  back to 2012 and this card...
The materials you will need are:

  • Half a sheet of cardstock (cut 1 8.5" x 11" into 8.5" x 5.5")-any color.  I wanted a night scene.
  • white paint in a dauber bottle or paint and a sponge.
  • Versamark ink pad
  • embossing powder (clear and green)
  • Snow flake and tree stamp (I am using a retired Close to My Heart stamp set, The Beauty of Christmas, hence the name of the card)
  • Computer or stamp. with red ink.

I have 10 minutes to post this so here goes: (spent too much time getting some chocolate)

  • Cut the cardstock in half.  Fold
  • Dab white paint on the bottom of the card.  I did it horizontal, but either direction is fine.
  • Take the snowflake stamp and with the Versamark ink stamped the remaining card blank.
  • Sprinkle the embossing powder over the stamped images, flick off the excess.
  • Heat emboss to melt the embossing powder.  set aside (6 minutes to post)
  • On a separate sheet of cardstock, stamp the tree, and put a combo of green and clear embossing powder on and do the same thing.
  • cut out the tree, and pop it up on card .
  • Type or stamp out a sentiment  (I used a printer a Publisher for this task) (3 minutes)
  • Done, and enjoy your card.
  • A lot of work, but it is easy.  

See you next time, and be blessed.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Thinking of a name change

(Photo credit: Scott Beale)
The new year brings about so many things.  First of all, if you were to ask me 11 years ago if I ever wanted to go into business for myself, I would have to call you crazy, or think that going into business was only for the very rich and the people whose bills were only their utilities and retired.  I never thought that I would be sitting here writing on a blog, selling things that were only for those who could afford.  I was one of those, "I  could only afford it if I can charged it to a credit card" people.
So the past few weeks have been a series of ups and downs.  My mom was sick for a couple of those weeks, resulting in her going to the hospital, then having a procedure done, that left me and my dad fixing thanksgiving dinner.  This week alone has started out on a sad note.  One of the young adults in my church congregation past away yesterday while we were in worship.  Her name was Angenea Dejarette (I think I am spelling the last name correctly, forgive me, family if I did not).  She was so sweet, and she has a young child who is 6.  She died of bone cancer and other complications associated with the disease.  Yesterday I never felt so sad except when my grandparents passed and my friend Lois Cooper passed from complications of breast cancer in 2002.  To me, dying should be left to the old, but if you live even one day in your life (after you are born), you are sure to die.  It may take 1 day or 103 years, but it will happen.  I know this is hardly a paper crafting subject, but I just wanted to let you know how things are going with me. That is all I have to say about the subject, I feel my eyes wailing up and I type this.  On to something happy.
Back to the new year...
2013.  I was thinking about my businesses a lot lately, and I am finding some things that I do not like.  Don't worry, this is not the complaint paragraph, although I feel like it.  I would loose the few readers I do have.  Most of the complaints I have are with me and the way I am doing business.  It has nothing to do with the business itself.  I am finding some things that other people are doing to be successful, and leaving me wondering why I am not doing them.  For instance, I am not crafting enough.  I need to find time to craft more.  It would help me with my Etsy shop.  I am also not advertising more.  I am networking more, and starting to ask to partner with people on the local level.  This is bringing about some changes that will be implemented with this company.  This may also bring a change to the company name.
Before I started writing this post, I was going through my contact list on LinkedIn, and I saw something that brought on the thought of changing the name MDN Creates.  I was not connected to this person (at least not yet), and she used her name as the company name with the word "designs" behind it.  So I started playing with my name Patricia Lynn Logan, and I came up with the following company names; Patricia Lynn Designs (name taken), Patricia Lynne Designs (open), Designs By Patricia Lynne (so close to another company), P.Lynne Designs (open).
I love coming up with a company name, and I can use a spelling that my parents would have a hissy fit over.  I went though a period in the 10th grade, where I did not like the spelling of "Lynn".  In fact, I did not like "Lynn" at all.  I thought my name would be cuter if it was "Patricia Lynnette". See, I thought that my name was not complete, because I had an "a" at the end of "Patricia", and no vowel at the end of Lynn.  My parents were furious, and told me that they will not sign off the changing of my name to Lynnette or adding an "e" at the end of Lynn.  I kind of got a little revenge, and had an "e" added to Lynn on my high school diploma, and three of my newly minted credit cards.   I have since then gone back to the original spelling of Lynn (growing up helps), and I can always give my child the middle name Lynnette. (hum, Patricia Lynnette Designs, nah, too long, LOL).
Well, I will be bringing these changes, including the possibility of changing web platforms.  Blogger is good for a beginner, but WordPress has more to work with, and even though I am still considered by all means a novice in the programming world, I feel that I can advertise better in WP than Blogger, but I will see.
So that is me in a nutshell for right now.  My plans are not my plans for I rely on God to guide me, and who knows what 2013 will bring.  I just know that my company cannot stay the same as is.  I will not grow and learn that way.  I do have some people to thank for that, especially those that have shown me that I can  make money while blogging, without losing my shirt while in the process of doing so.  If this is making sense to you, than let me know, so I can comprehend what I just said.  ROTFL! (That Rolling On The Floor Laughing for those of you still trying to figure out all of this abbreviated jargon.)   Have a good evening, keep smiling and be blessed.
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Friday, November 30, 2012

"Joy to the world" Thank You card

Hello, and I am officially calling this day, Holiday season.  Yes I know we had thanksgiving, but nothing says holiday like the end of November.  Black Friday has nothing on this, because it is time to make homemade items.   Two week ago, I showed you a gift card holder, but this time, it is time to say thank you to all of the service people who you see on a regular basis:  The postal worker, the mechanic who fixes your car, the  cleaning people, even the wait staff at your favorite place to eat.  They need some loving as well.  Now I am not suggesting that you go to your favorite store and getting them a gift card (unless you want to), I am suggesting something that will put a smile on their face.  Make up a few of these to keep on hand and when the mood hits you, you can write a little note in the card wishing them the merriest of holidays, and the card only costs about .30 cents to make.


You will need for this card:

1 sheet of cardstock measuring about 3 1/4" x 6"  (make a card blank of 3 1/4" x 3 1/4") or a card blank of your choosing)
1 sheet of 3" x 3" holiday paper
1 stamp, or digi stamp with the word "Joy" somewhere on the stamp.

Index card for the inside.

Fold your cardstock in half.  Place the patterned paper on top.  Next place the stamped image on top of that.

For the inside you can do this :
   Place the index card on the inside so you can write a little note.   The card itself is simple, and fun, and you can make them for anytime of the year.  Just change up the season.   Have them on hand to write a thanks you note to anyone.   Thank you for stopping by today and Be Blessed this holiday season.

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Sunday, November 25, 2012

My Prayers have been answered....

cricut cartridges
cricut cartridges (Photo credit: MattandAshley)
At least as far as Cricut is concern.  Friday, I dragged my mom out to go with me to look for a paper storage item at Jo-Ann's.  They also had cartridges on sale.  So we go in, and I started looking for the paper storage unit.  Found it.  Next, I went over to the Cricut section with mom following behind with the cart.  I wanted one of two carts: Elegant Edges or Mini-books.
Elegant Edges is this cart that somewhat resembles Storybook with shapes and edging.  what makes it different from Storybook (which btw is an older cartridge and I adore very much) is some straight edging (some call it bordering). Elegant Edging is a full cartridge, which means it had more than 50 images to choose from (see my last post for further details).  Mini-books is a project cartridge, which means that all the images tie in together to make a project, in this case, a mini-book.  I have been looking to step up my game in this area of my creativity, even though I have made several books already, all different sizes, shapes, and types, I have not made any of the ones Cricut suggests to cut out with the machine.  It would be interesting, because I have one due to go into the mail next week, and I do not like the current one I am making for my mini-book partner.  Monday, I am firing up one of three machines, cutting the book of my choosing.
Oops, I made a big Boo-boo.  Here is where I was supposed to tell you which cartridge I chose to buy, and by now, you may have guessed the Mini-Book Project Cartridge.  Well I can always get the Elegant Edges one later, especially since Mike's (My nickname for Michael's Arts and Crafts) and Jo-ann's have a sale on them every other week.
Anyway, I will take pictures of the new one when I am finished it.  Meanwhile, have a blessed Sunday.
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Friday, November 23, 2012

New Shopping cart, Just in time for Black Friday (by only a few hours)

Welcome to Black Friday!!  My favorite time of year as both shopper and merchant. (Well it is one of my favorites)

Please forgive me when I say this...I have sales.  Yes, I do.  Ok, let's get started.

"Welcome to Our Home" is a set of 8 embossed cards.   They are elegant enough to use for a party of 8, but yet so down to earth to use as an open house.   It does not matter if you are moving or not.

They are listed on Shoplocket at $14.00.  Envelopes are included.

Handmade Note Cards are cute as a gift tags this time of year.  These will also be listed on Shoplocket as well.  

The rest of my card listings will be in my Etsy shop, MDN Creates ( or click on shop MDN Creates link at the top of the blog.  There is a coupon code for you to use.  It is code Cmascrd4u, and it is for 20% off the price.   You can use it through Tuesday November 27.  Each of my products listed can be customized towards your tastes, and I am taking orders for all products.   If there isn't something that you do not see here, I will be adding more as the Christmas holiday season gets underway.   I cover all holidays, birthdays, Wedding invites and more.   I will even make scrapbooks, home management systems, and art journals.  

Well that is it for Black Friday on MDN Creates.  If you want some more good deals, there are some on my other site:  Tricia's Baskets where I am an Independent Longaberger Home Consultant.
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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Just in time for Black Friday-Cricut (Repost)

I am an affiliate of Cricut. If you have not used this machine before, you are missing out on a treat. The reason why I am an affiliate is because I use this product (I have three machines, more on that later), and more teachers use this machine, because it is easier on children (Although the I would recommend that children start using it at age 7), and there are cartridges geared towards the classroom. Cartridges: Cartridges are what make this machine run, and do the job needed to cut the images. There are many types of cartridges. The first type is the foundation cartridge. It comes with the machine. These cartridges is a sampling of what to expect from the other cartridges, such as shapes, letters, and 3-D projects. The next type of cartridge is seasonal cartridge. To be honest, most cartridges of this type are now retired,and only one or two can still be sold in the stores. Your best bet is on Ebay and other auction sites. Seasonal and the newer cartridges called project cartridges have about half of the images of a full size cartridge. The project cartridge are images that help make a project, for instance, a mini book, or bridal shower decorations. The last type of cartridge is the full size cartridge, which comes in to different sizes, one for the regular machines, and one for the imagine machine. The cartridges for the imagine machine allow the machine to print and cut out images.

The Machines:

I am not going into the basis of the machines, but you can read about it in a previous article of mine I wrote for Hubpages by clinking on this link.  It talks mainly about the Cricut Expression 2 machine, but I also give some pointers about the other machines as well.

Overall, The things I like about this line of machines by Provo Craft, is they are versatile.  In addition to using the cartridges in the traditional way, many crafters like myself hook the machine up to their computer, go online to, and work their machines through the Cricut Classroom. In Cricut Classroom(CCR) crafters cam load up their cartridge on their machine, and through the software bring it up on their screen online and make new shapes out of them.  Provo Craft also have additional images (both free and paying) that a crafter can cut with their machine.  This makes Cricut a competitor with other electronic die cutting machines, such as The silhouette , Black Cat Cougar, and Craftwell Ecraft machines.  This allows me to save my work on my computer, and get back to it later.  Of course I can also use my machines without a computer too.  I have three uniquely made machines, each with a different purpose in mind when a bought them.
For the Expression machine, when I first bought it, it was replacing the original Cricut machine that started it all.  the Original machine ( or baby bug as some like to call it) cut only the the size of a 6 x 9 sheet of paper.  For me, the problem with the machine is I would take either a sheet of 8 1/2 x 11 or 12 x 12 paper, and cut it down to the size of the mat.  This machine is great for making cards.  When I got the Expression 2 machine, I got it to replace the first one, because it was getting tired, but I found out that the E1 machine has a lot of life left in it.  After that, it was a matter of the machine having WiFi and other little goodies that the original Expression machine did not have.   For the Imagine machine, it was the ability of printing and cutting in one machine, a feature that neither of the other two machines do not have the capability of doing.  I used them in much the same way too.  I get out E1 for simple jobs, E2 to see how to cut my shapes, where they can go on the map, and cut with the build in shapes, the Imagine to colorize, and to print out the cartridge shapes and cut them out.  I did not get the Cricut Mini, because it is made to cut out on only 8 1/2 x 11 piece of paper, and I can do that with the machines I have by just re-sizing the cutting area.

So this is my return look at the Cricut machine, and how I became an affiliate for this product.   Here is the link to the Black Friday sale by   Click HERE for Cricut's Holiday DoorBusters Sale!

 In the next couple of days, you will see a Hanukkah card from me.      In the meantime, have a deliciously, guilt-free, but grateful Thanksgiving day, complete with football games, guest galore, and blessings abound.  be safe when you go shopping so early on thanksgiving and Black Friday.  Give some love to the small and home businesses next Saturday, and Cyber Monday, and I will talk to you later.

30% OFF all Digital Cartridges!
30% OFF all Digital Cartridges!
Get the Cricut Expression 2 and Teddy Bear Parade for $219!
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Happy Hanukkah too

Happy Thanksgiving.  Here is another card creation that is simply and fun.  I call it Happy Hanukkah.  I will be honest, I am not Jewish, and I do not know a whole lot about the Jewish faith or race, so please forgive me if I say something wrong.  From what I was told in my Christian upbringing, Hanukkah, which is celebrated for 8 nights and as the Festival of Lights as a celebration of the re-dedication of the holy temple. this was during the Maccabean Revolt of the 2nd century BCE. It was said that during that time, they thought that they had enough oil for just one night, but it lasted 8 nights.
Of course, I had to create a card for the occasion.  I wanted to capture the right moment and mood.  I knew that the colors were blue, white, and sometimes gold, and it would be used in the same way that colors green, red, gold, and burgundy would be used for Christmas.   I wrestled with it a bit more, and other than the menorah and a dreidel for symbols, that was all I could remember.  This was back when I did an internship to become a preschool teacher.


1 image (this image is from the Microsoft image library, but any stamp or digi image will do as long as you can color it)
1 piece of cardstock for matting.  size it to the image and leave an inch or less for that matted look.  my edge is 1/8 inch.
1 card blank
Markers (I used Copic markers, but any will do)
Glimmer Mist Dazzle Diamonds

So I choose a simple menorah, back by a smoky blue mat that barely peeks through.  The image comes from, and I simply printed it out on folder, manila colored.  Of course this was left over from a project I was working on.  I colored it in with copic markers, and the blend mix is Cadmium Yellow (Y15), Loquat(YR12), and Sanguine (YR18) for the middle candle, flames, and the candelabra; Night Blue (B97) and Light crockery blue (B93) for the other candles and the squiggles.  I then took the Blending pen (0) to blend in.  Lastly for some shimmer, I misted on some Dazzle diamonds from Glimmer Mist over all, and heat set it with my heat gun.  I popped the image/mat group with pop dots.   At the bottom I wrote Happy Hanukkah.  cute and simply.
the inside is left blank so words of encouragement or wisdom can be written to the receiver.  I love how this card turned out.
I find that sometimes you have to face your fears, and I was afraid that this card would not turn out when way I liked.  I hope you have enjoyed this fun but simple card. Be blessed on this Thanksgiving day.
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Friday, November 9, 2012

Gingerbread Man gift card

One of my favorite smell for the holiday season is Gingerbread.  I also love making it, especially in house form.  I made a gingerbread sled when I was in the seventh grade.   It was one of those take home to do Home-economics projects (which I do not think today's children know anything about).  Anyway, it turned out to be an OK project.  The family devoured it in one sitting.  
I made a gift card holder to place gift cards in, but I was afraid of it at first.  I was not sure about how I was going to make it nor what I was going to put on front of it.  It would not look right to have a plain old gift card holder.  Then I had some card blanks lying around, and the Kraft card blank look like the perfect color and shade to make it into a gingerbread type gift card holder.  The great thing about this holder is there is no need for any die cut machines.  If you were one of the people left without electricity from Hurricane Sandy, but you have not lost your supplies, this is a perfect card to make for someone to give to, no matter what the situation is.
So you are going to need the following materials:

2 card blanks (kraft and a coordinating piece) measuring 4" x 8" (folded: 4" x 4")
1 brown piece of patterned paper same size as the cardstock
2 coordinating piece of scrap patterned paper (from your scrap stash)-optional
1 piece of patterned paper with either gingerbread cake, man, house, assorted gingerbread images on it.  Note:  you can also look up gingerbread images on a search engine such as Google, and print them out.

For the patterned paper, I used DCWV's 180 Christmas stack and Echo Park's Dots and Stripes (Christmas), and the cardstock I got from my local Archiver's.

Fold your kraft cardstock in half to make a card blank.  You can use a bone folder to make a sharp crease in the card.  place double-sided tape on the front and back of the card, and set it aside.  do not take the cover off the tape yet.
Next, fold your patterned paper the same way.   remove tape cover and place the patterned tape on top of the card blank.  Make sure it is even before permanently pressing it to the card blank.  Set aside.  Next we are working on the inside of the card.
Next take the coordinating cardstock and fold it in half to make it 4" x 4".  open and take the top left-hand corner of the card, and fold it towards the center of the card to make a triangle.   do the same for the top right-hand corner.  You are going to take double-sided tape and place in on the inside of the card blank (kraft), and along the bottom of the card.  Next, line up the triangles and press to form a pocket.   cut out two triangle of coordinating patterned paper, and glue it to the pockets.   You are basically done.  What you can do next is cut out the imagines and place 3-d dots on the back of the images and pop them up.  Place on the front cover and the other two on the packets..  I also decorated the inside with faux stitching in white gel pen, but again, this is optional.
You can make this a couple gift card holder, a children's gift card, place money on one side, gift card on the other, in case the receiver does not have enough to cover the cost of the gift.  Anything is possible.
Well that is it.  Make other cards with this template.  Change the size, the colors.  This also makes a great gift card holder for the bride and groom.  
I will talk to you later, and be blessed everyday.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Give Thanks


Today, I am showing you a turkey card.  Well not exactly, a give thanks card, but it will have you thinking about turkey.  This card is easy so that an older child can do it.  The materials for the card are:

1 card blank (4" x 4")
2 mats (about 3 7/8" x 3 7/8"  and 3 1/2" x 3 1/2")
One front about 3 1/4" x 3 1/4")
1 image stamp and 1 sentiment stamp)
ribbon going the length of the card front.
Markers (Optional)
This is a double-matted card that you can do in any colors you want to.  These happen to be autumn colors. Stamp out your image and the sentiment on the card front, and set it to the side.  with the card blank and the two mats, adhere as shown.  take your card front, and you if you add a ribbon to the card, tie it now.  also color your image.
That is it.  It is fun for you or the kids, and there was not a whole lot of cutting involved.  Happy Thanksgiving and be Blessed everyday

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Funding the business

2012-05-08 10.06.55
(Photo credit: plogan721)
A few days ago, I attended a  crowdfunding meeting.  So you may be wondering, what is crowdfunding?   Crowdfunding is basically asking family, friends, and strangers to fund a project you are working on.  It could be anywhere from supplying materials for your company to going on vacation.  Is it simply?  no it is not.  You basically have to know someone who is does not mind funding your cause and advertise.
Mine is simply, I just simply want to make cards and I need supplies to do so.  I am with, and I have 21 days to get $500 (It may say $300, the site would not except the $300 bid).  Supplies I need will help me make cards and other goods for my Etsy store, MDN Creates.   I would love to make some money this holiday season, so I can make more cards, scrapbooks, journals anything in this area.  I also need to spread the word about MDN Creates, and make things for others.   Anyway, here is the Campaign URL, I will except any amount, even $1.00.  I really want this business to work.  This is my summary and other details:

Short Summary

My name is Patricia Logan and I am the owner of MDN Creates.  MDN Creates is a custom scrapbook company, which makes customized scrapbooks, greeting cards, and journals.  I have been creating since 1997 and just opened the company in November 2009.  

What We Need & What You Get

I need $300 which will go towards supplies.  The holiday season will be here, and I would like to help people who want to give a scrapbook or a journal as a gift or if they need to send a holiday greeting out to that spoecial person.  I want to make cards that are fresh and right for the season.  I also want to stock my Etsy shop with holiday items for people to purchase. These items are greeting cards, notebooks, and other items.

The Impact

To get a good idea of what I am talking about, my Etsy Shop is I have a few cards in there for right now, and most of the shops I see are ready for the holiday selling season.  These are home-made items, which is what I am selling as well.  I would like to be ready as well, especially the day after Thanksgiving.  the cards come in set of 2, 3, 8, or 10.  If a customer wants more than 10, I can arrange that for them.   As for the Scrapbooks, the average scrapbook is 20 pages for a nice size book (12x12).  I can make them smaller or have more pages.   so the scrapbook supplies would be used for this project.

Other Ways You Can Help

If you cannot give, I understand that.  You can just go to either my etsy shop and take a look or to my blog, MDN Creates (, and read some of my post and look at my work.  Once you have done that, spread the word about this campaign to your friends and family to see of they would like to contribute.  You are also welcome to guest blog on my other blogs.  just email me at to find out which ones I have.  At least you looked, and I will get the word out about you too.

Anyway that's it for the campaign.

Thank you and Be Blessed.

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Happy Birthday Cupcake card

Ready for cute birthday card?   The card uses the same paper that I used for my niece's card, but there is a difference.  This one is more square, and I fussy cut a cupcake to place in the middle of the card.
So the materials you would use on this card is as follows:


  • A card blank measuring 5"x 10" folded into a 5"x 5" card.  Cut about an inch off to leave a place for the border.
  • A piece of patterned paper measuring about 4" x 5"
  • 2 pieces ( cardstock and patterned) of paper measuring 1" x 3"
  • A rub-on or sticker sentiment
  • A rubber stamp or digi stamp of an image you can color.
  • Strip of glitter tape
  • copic markers (I used RV23 (Pure Pink), R29 (Red Lipstick), R23 (Rose Mist), RV21 (light Pink) ), or your favorite way to color.

After cutting an inch off the front cover, I the mat on, put the two 1"x 3" pieces together and put the Happy birthday sticker on the patterned paper.  I popped it up with dimensional stickers.  Then I colored the image with the copic markers and fussy cut it.  Next, I backed it with a scrap piece of brown cardstock, cut around it leaving a 1/8" border, and popped it up as well.  lastly, I put a strip of glitter tape on the part that was not cut off.

That's it.  I hope you enjoyed look at my card, and I will see you next time.  Be blessed everyday.
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Saturday, October 13, 2012

New Project: Mini book

I have been a busy woman this week.  I made a mini book that was truly a mini book.  It is now in the hands of the person who won it.
A couple hours ago, I was suppose to tell you about the mini book, but I was very sleepy and took a nap.  I had a very long morning, that started at the crack of dawn.  I woke this morning, and me, my mom, and my cousin Tamah went to my annual Horizon of Hope luncheon in Nashport, Ohio. As always, it was a beautiful event.  My upline's central team was the host.  In addition to me giving my mini book to be auctioned off, I also donated a Travel cup with 3 sample bags of coffee, and a lunch bag.  You can read the rest of the story here:
Making this mini is so simple, and you can bind it with a machine, such as a Bind it all or Cinch.  Start off with two covered chipboard pieces.  I covered them in DCWV's Black Current.  Cover them the best you know how.  If you need help with this step, you can always turn to You Tube for help. The keyword phrase is"how to make mini book covers from chipboard" or whatever you want to call it.
Once you are finished covering the chipboard covers, set them aside.   Next work on your pages.  You will be creating a pocket page for each one, and I used:

  • 6- 8 1/2 x 11 sheets of black cardstock-cut down to 8 1/2 x 9"
  • Assorted patterned pieces of paper to cover the insides of the page and to make tags.  Again I used DCWV's Black current.

Start by cutting down your cardstock with a paper cutter.  if you do not have one, you can use an cutting knife and ruler.  if you do the later, put down a self healing mat so you do not mark up your working surface.   Once you do that, you can began by scoring your cardstock.  Tip for beginners, scoring helps the cardstock have a little give (flexibility) to the paper.  This prevents it from tearing when folding it.  Use a score board for it, or if you do not have one, you can use a paper cutter with a scoring blade on it.  Your first score line will be on the 9" side and you want to score at 4 1/2".  flip you paper so that line is horizontal, and you want to score on the 8 1/2 side at 2 1/2".  Next fold at the score lines.  You want to fold up when folding, and crease with the scoring tool or bone folder.  do the one one the 9" side first and then the 8 1/2 side. set a side.
This next part is optional, but I think it will make a prettier book.  Measure for pocket pages your patterned paper.  you may want to leave a 1/8" space for the top and two sides.  You do not need to allow for the bottom as it will be on the inside.  Cover the outer part of the pocket page the same way.  Then decorate the page. Once you have all of that in place, you may bind it.  You can bind it with a machine as I said from the beginning.  You can also put notebook rings on it by just punching two holes on the sides.  You are all finished except the decorating part.   You can put tags in the pockets.  For this book, it is 12 total pages. You can make as many as you like.

I hope my winner enjoys her book and I hope you enjoy making yours.

Have a blessed weekend

Products used in this project:

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Winner of the Scraps of Color blog hop

This is just a short note.   The winner of the Scraps of color blog hop is Sheila H.   Sheila I am not sure if you posted a comment on my blog during the weekend, but if you did, please send me your name and address to, and I can forward that information on so they can send you your prize.

Thank you.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

I have a listing on my Etsy shop...


One of the cards in the grab bag package
Today is a short post.  I am de-cluttering and de-stashing my cards.  The reason is I am in the process of getting ready to make and list a whole bunch of cards for the holiday season.  Soon in a couple of months, people will be looking for cards to send to friends and loved ones and I want to be part of the action.  So part of my efforts is list cards, let people know that they are available, not just for show, but to buy.  I have a little gadget that will help me with the videos, and that is my Ipad.  So I do not have to have a webcam for my desktop, but I am getting one anyway.

Anyway, the link for the video is HERE. or view from this page.   The listing price for the pack of cards is $50, which is $2.50 per card, and there is 20 nice cards in this package.  Some of the cards were given to me in a card swap, and there are some in there by me.
I hope you do take a look at my listing, which you can view on the right side of this post.
Have a blessed evening.
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Monday, October 8, 2012

Happy Birthday 2-last day of the SOC Blog Hop

Welcome to SOC's 8th Anniversary Blog Hop! I'm glad you stopped by for the celebration! If you're dropping by from Cyndi's blog, then you're in the right place! However, if you started here, you can visit the SOC E:spire blog to join this party from the beginning!
To commemorate Scraps of Color's 8th birthday, I, along with some talented papercrafters, have teamed up to share projects based on the celebrations in our lives. We wanted to have this special blog hop to celebrate this great crafting community where we laugh, play, and create together and encourage and inspire one another. Of course, a blog hop isn't complete without blog candy! There will be giveaways on various blogs throughout the hop! Plus there will be a SOC blog hop gift awaiting one visitor!! To be eligible for that prize, you must comment on all the blogs by Monday, Oct. 8 at 11pm EST. From all who are eligible, one lucky reader will be randomly drawn. The winner will be posted on all the participating blogs on Wednesday, Oct. 10.

Today is the last day, and I have enjoyed myself.  For my last item, I am concentrating again on my scraps. this time, it a cute card.  The only thing that is new is the glitter strip at the bottom of the card.  The glitter tape is by American Crafts.  The sticker is from sentiment set from the first card I made, and the paper is left over from the layout I made on Friday, the little note cards and happy birthday card from Saturday.  I used the gel pen on all projects, except the cards on Saturday.   The card blank is from a card I started to make a couple months ago, but the card took on new life.

All of the projects you saw the last couple of days is in celebration of many events, from birthdays to life after a illness.   The layout was for celebrating life after breast cancer and the fact that I love the color pink, the note cards can be placed on presents or a quick note if you make them big enough, The happy birthday cards (Saturday's and today's) wishes a person a happy birthday, and the 6x6 is a remembrance of 2nd birthday of a child's party with family and friends. 
My advise to you is to make something.  It does not have to be scrapbook or paper crafting related.  make a piece of jewelry, a pie, shelving, or a favorite casserole, but make something.  You will be surprised that you are actually creative in some way.  It keep your brain thinking and sharp.  It also keeps you from thinking of things you normally do not think of.
Thank you for visiting with me this weekend, and I hope you will stop by my blog more often.  You never know what ideas I may have in store for you.

Be blessed everyday.

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