Thursday, May 9, 2013

Tip: How to use brochures and maps in a scrapbook page...Part 2

Paper choices

Yesterday, I show up to deciding what photos to use, and how large to make your layout.  Today will be all about paper choices, embellishments, and putting it together.

Paper choices is just a matter of cardstock or pattern paper for background paper.   The trick here is to use the photo as a color reference.  If not, the photo will clash with your color choice.  I am looking at my photo, and I really so not see a whole lot of colors that can clash with it.  There is the red of the brick, greenery is green, the sky is almost white, and the buildings are beige-like.   This is great, just what I have hoped for.
I went with a beige cardstock for a background, but I did not stop there.  You will just have to see the finished product at the end of the post.  Now let's put it together....

Step 1:  paper.  At this point of your little project, layer any papers on the background paper.   This is the part where you can play around with your brochures and other items if they are made of paper.  I plot mine almost in a collage-type fashion, but I did not overlap except in one tiny area. At this point, If you have any paint or stain mists (like from Glimmer Mist or Lindy's Stamp Gang), now is the time to use it.

Step 2:  Place your photos.  I have only one, so I put it sort of in the middle of the page.
Step 3:  Embellishing:  If you have any embellishments, put them now, but not too many.   You do not want to take the main focus off the photos (if you have any).  Also do not be afraid to copy the back of the brochure, if you only have one, or you plan on using it more than once, as long as you use it for your own personal use.  In other words, do not sell anything on the brochure or the brochure itself, Ebay sellers.  Yes, obey the copyright rule.
Step 4:  Journaling.  After after everything has dried and you have done you last bit of arrangements on the layout, write about it.   If you are telling a story, answer everyone's curiosity, by taking a journalist approach.  Answer the who, what, when, why, and how questions.  another approach is what I did, labeling, which just answers the who or what questions.   Always remember to date it, even if it just the year.   I put the year, but I let the photo answer the "when did you take the photo" question.  
Step 5:  Enjoy your masterpiece.  You have earned it.  Now you are ready for the summer.  now I have one more step into Layout Land....DON'T FORGET THE CAMERA, THERE ARE MEMORIES TO CREATE!

Have a blessed day.
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