Friday, July 10, 2009

A Contest...

How would you like to win some Money? No, I am not giving away money, but I know someone who is giving away a gift certificate worth that amount. Visit and enter.

Well, while I am on here, I am about to get into two new ventures. the first one is Etsy. I heard about it, and even have an account, but I never thought nothing about it. Ebay is wonderful, but they are money hungry. I want an auction place that will allow me to sell my stuff, without all the problems that Ebay gives. If you do not have an etsy account, the address is, and signup is free, and owning a store is free. The only problem is when you post an item (and it has to be Handmade), it will cost you $.20 to post.

My second venture is I am getting a cuttlebug. In case you are scratching you head and saying, "Huh?" A cuttlebug is a cutting and embossing machine and is portable. for those of you who scrapbook and make cards, you understand how a person needs to expand her art.

Well that is all for right now. I cannot find my cord to post my pictures of my latest cards, and I have a layout to post. I will try to do that tomorrow.

For now, God Bless you, and be safe.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Joyful July

Hello, and welcome to my Blog. For those of you who have been with me from the beginning of this Blog, thank you. Invite your friends to take a look. I may not post much, but I have lots to say about scrapbooking and other things.
Speaking of other things, I rarely post anything sad, but I want to give condolences to the following families:

  1. The Jackson family for the loss of one of the greatest entertainers, Michael Jackson. I love his music, no matter how loving his lyrics were, how weird his lyrics were, or how healing his lyrics were. He touched everyone in one way or another, and there will be no one like him. I went to see him and his brothers in 1981 in Columbus. Me and my cousin Derrick was in the nosebleed section of Mershon Auditorium. Love him or hate him, he will be truly missed by all.

  2. Ryan and Redmond O'Neil for the loss of Farrah Fawsett. No one likes to loose anyone to cancer. I was not that big of a fan of Farrah's, but I loved Charlie's Angels, and even though I am in disput of the media making a big deal on someone who has only been on the show for one season, she did make the show, no matter how long she was on it. She will be missed also.

  3. Ed McMahan's family. I remember as a little girl watching this sidekick, then coming on his own with Star Search. I am sad that he was not doing well health and financial wise.

There are other celebs that passed this week, and were called home by the Lord, and if any of these family members just happen to look at my blog this week or in the future, I just want to thank them for their family members, and the world was truly blessed by their presence.

OK the mourning period is over, time for other things....


So, my favorite You Tube videos are by The Pink Stamper, and I was watching the latest video in which she said that Provo Craft emailed her about reviewing the new Stand Up and Salute Cricut Cartridge, and reviewing it on her blog. I said OK, that sounds like a wonderful way of getting cartridges, so she must have had to do something to get on the list. I also started watching another woman, who said the same thing, except Provo Craft sent her the Cricut expression, and 4 cartridges to review, and both of these vidoes were made recently. so I wrote to Provo Craft to find out how you can do that, and have not heard back from them. I also just tried to call them , and they are closed for the holiday.

Happy father's Day. I made this card for my father. It is a simple card the card is a 12x12 sheet from Heidi Grace called Vineyard Flowers Mix. I love the tone effect, which makes it more masculine then femine. this design, if still around makes a perfect card for a male on any occasion. The next element on the card I have to apologize for, because I do not know where the design came from. I was in a image round robin, and this is one the images I picked out. If you have this rubber stamp design, please let me know. I love it, and I made two cards (I will upload the other one when I am finished with it) I would love to get the rubber stamp. I tyed a simple ribbon from American Crafts called Shimmery Satin-Brown (they make a red one as well, that I am sending in a ribbon swap to my partner.) I just have plain avacardo color cardstock behind the image. (note: Like Rachael Ray, I do not pay attention to measurements, LOL, so I would that the measurements are slightly bigger than the image itself.) I will try to do better next time with the measurements, in case you want to scraplift the card.

this card I am afraid that it not my own. I mean I made it, but I as an employee of Archiver's, I have to point you in their direction for this card. the address is . This is a slight take on their card, and it is to promote some really nice paper, and the name of the vender is TPC Studio. The card blank is regular cardstock from the store. their card had three panals of matted paper (the mat is lavender cardstock). Mine ended up with two (I told you I do not pay attention to measurements-consider yourself warned for the second time in this post, LOL.) On my card, the scallop circle came from the new Cricut cartridge, Storybook Cartridge, wich is now my new best friend. I was looking for a cart with scallops on it. I think i told you how I got the cart in the first place, so I will not go into that. What I will go into is that this cart packs a whole lot of scallop-type shapes, and it is even more wonderful when you want a scallop edge and you can get that through the Plantin Schoolbook cart, but turn around, and get the rest of the scallops in Storybook. this cart is also great if you have a little girl, who thinks that being a princess is the coolest job on the planet, as there is a tiara there. the last things on the card are two buttons on th plain circle (cut slightly smaller than the scallop-done with either plantin Schoolbook or George, I did it with PS.) A rub-on congratulations in the corner, and voila, another card born.


I could not close this post without mentioning Longaberger. This month start the Horizon of Hope campaign. I mentioned it briefly in last post.

For these and other specials, please email me at or click here to go to my website to order or to join my team.
Lastly, have a happy 4th. This country is one of the few countries in this world who has the freedom we have. We do not have to endure military in our faces, telling us what to do or say. We can buy what we want, be what we want, and say what we want, as well as worship who we want. I thank God for my freedom, and for many freedom comes at a price.
God Bless this land!