Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My first Valentine card for 2011

Ok, so I am 2 days early, but it was bound to happen anyway. Yesterday, I needed to work, and I needed to get focus back in line with me. Between my botched assignment with my first client, trying to catch up with my Longaberger business, and the holidays, I have not made a card, scrapbook page or journal in about a month. So what do I do?

I made two cards. Just two of the same card, and here it is:

It is a very simple card, and the recipe calls for:

1-Heart stamp. I used a retired stamp from Close To My Heart, but you can use any type of stamp.

1-simple patterned paper cut into a 3x3 square from a sheet of 12x12. Again, any patterned paper will do. The simpler the better. The reason is you have to be able to stamp on the patterned paper and still be able to see the hearts on the card. I chose a simple pin striped pattern.

1-Blank card 4x6

1- Marker, colored pencil, or gel pen. This is for the stitched lines and to write “Be Mine”. If you do not trust your writing, rub on letters can substitute, and if there are not rub on letters, then use the computer.

2- Ink colors. I used Chocolate Chip and Real Red from Stampin Up!, but any ink pad will do

1- Scrap sheet of white cardstock. I used American Craft cardstock from my last project with the tags. This is why it is good to save your scraps of paper.

Instructions: before adhering the patterned paper down, stamp four hearts in each corner of the 3x3 square in the first color (Real Red), adhere to the card. Stamp two hearts on the scrap sheet of paper, with the second card (Chocolate Chip) and cut out. Note: if you have a heart-shaped punch, that is slightly bigger, use that instead. To make the raised heart, use mounting foam on one of the hearts, and then adhere the whole thing to the middle of the card.

Make stitch marks about ½ from the square. Print the words, “Be Mine below that.

Inside of the card:

“Roses are Red, Violets are blue.” “Heart are one of the things I can give to you.” “Happy Valentine’s Day.”

Please note:  This is how I got started with making cards, so I went back to my roots with this card, which is stamping.   This is my first non-Cricut card in 18 months.   Wow, like they say, confession IS good for the soul, LOL.

So the Valentine’s Day card run has begun. Hopefully, I will get a few done, because I made no Christmas or New Year’s Day cards.

Happy New Year Day everyone. Make it a blessed 2011.

Monday, December 27, 2010

W.O.M.E.N. offering talk for entrepreneurs

W.O.M.E.N. offering talk for entrepreneurs-

I belong to a network of women entrepreneurs for about a year, and I love it. Check out this article, and if you live in the Central Ohio, Cincinnati, Ohio or Texas areas, and have a business, come join us.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It did not turn out as great as it did (My first Etsy job)

I ran into a bit of a snag with last week's 450 tag project.   After I mailed the tags off to the person, he emails me while the tags were in route that he decided not to use them after all, thanked me, and that was it.  No payment at all.   I busted my bottom for this project and I the thanks I received was no monetary payment at all?  I asked him why.   he told me that he had a deadline, and they were not receive as ageed.  I wrote back, explaining that he wanted it in three weeks, which I did do that.  he gave me no date, nothing.   I am sorry but I am a business, and a customer cannot tell me in three weeks with no date attached to it.   Not only that, my supplier's supplier did not do what they were supposed to do, and I also explained that.  He basically told me that it was my problem.  Well, my problem was his problem.  I communicated the best I could with my client, and I was waiting on comunication clues from him.  I would email him through Etsy, and he  would answered me the next day.  he did not give me his cell phone until the day that it shipped.   It also turned out that his job was on the line.   Well it was not my fault this his neck was on the line, so why take it out on me?   For big projects like that, if he wanted the tags so bad, he should have conntacted me the first week of November.   I heard from him two days before Thanksgiving, and he expected me to drop family plans for this, especially since I was waiting on supplies to arrive.

Lessons Learned

My lesson learned is if you are going to advertising that you have items for sale on Etsy, Ebay, or another site like these, please spell out your terms if you are the seller.  I had to change mine after the fact, and I got burned for it since I did not spell them out first place.   My alchemy settings on Etsy read that I will not except no more than 200 peices to work on at a time, because I do not have a staff.   Because I do not have a staff, the person asking for a customize item will have to give me plenty of time to work on the project and ship it, if more than 100 pieces.  Ask questions (and lots of them)  do not expect the client to do all of the communicating.   even though I emailed him a lot, he still did not email me much.   ask for phone numbers in case the person cannot be reached by email.   That was my third mistake.   My last mistake was YOU set what company (USPS, UPS, or FedEX) you will ship through.   I was all prepared to go to the post office with a priorty box, when this client emailed me on how he wanted it sent (UPS) which charges a bundle, and if you use a franchised UPS, they cannot take accounts, which this client gave me.   When I told him the charges, he screamed in the email that the reason why he gave me the account number was he can have it shipped for less than $25 (It was $59 total).  I started to smartly tell him, if he knows of a UPS place that does not franchise in Columbus, Ohio, let me know, but I needed to keep it professional.   Another thing, If you are dealing with a business, make sure you have a contract, and last I looked, an email was concidered a contract in my book.  He told me that he did not contract me out.   I wanted to say it, (and I am saying it in a letter I am sending him if I do not get any money by tomorrow).
So he has the tags (rather he decided to place them in the trash or not, he still has them), and if he does not pay me something, the next step is to notify Etsy or Paypal.

I will have a project next time.  Good night.

Friday, December 3, 2010


Just wanted to let you all know that I sold my orginal holiday tags tonight.   I am very happy.   They are going to their new owner tomorrow.   YAY!!

Good night, and God Bless you.

My first order.

Well, have been blogging three days straight.  That is a new worlds record, considering that I have 3 blogs and a blog that acts as a website. (one day I will have some nice 14 year old to really set up my website, or hire someone.

Well, I have my first order.   The person wanted a simple tag, made out of blue/silver metal.  Now I have never made anything out of metal sheets before.  But I get it, and it has been a challenge for me.   first of all, it is rolled up, so I have to unroll it, and place it on the Cricut mat.   I am using the 12x24 mat, and made the decision to switch to the 12x12 mat.   The reason is the sheets are much easier to handle.   Did I mention that the client wanted 450 tags?   OK the problems:   Thank God for metal sheets that are forgiving, because these things bend on a dime.   I am working with super sticky mats.   the printer would not except the tags as is to print on, so I am cutting a second set of white tags, printing on one side, and adhere to the back of the tags.   I am alternating between the blue side and the silver side.  and they look like this:

I love the results and so the client when I showed him the images.

Well that is it.  Short and sweet.   Next time, I hope to show you some holiday stuff.   Until next time, God Bless you.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I am bored...and Stampin Up

Good morning all you early risers.    For some reason or another you may be up reading this because, either you are getting ready for work, you are a stay at home mom, work from home mom, or whatever.  You may find this very interesting.   Before I start work on tags for a client (paper is on the way), I want to announce that I am bored.   Sure, I have my mom and Aunt Mary's cards to work on, then there is the Christmas list for cards to work on.  I even have a little organizing project that needs to get finished.   Actually, it was the organizing project that got me out of this boredom.   This is my first challenge, and I am passing it on to you, if you dare.   Do you want to know what it is?    It is a challenge called, "Use What You Have."   The object of this challenge is to look around your scrapbooking area, and if there are supplies that you have not used in years (old paper, that embellishment meant for a project and got scrapped for something different) and make something out of it.   It could be a card, a layout, a journal piece, anything.  It could be for a present, or for yourself, just make it.   The only thing you are allowed to buy is if you run out of adhesive.   This is a good way to clean out your space for all the new stuff that will come in the form of a Christmas or Hanukkah present.  If you have set a goal for how many layouts or cards you are going to make for 2010, this is a good way to play catch up.  
I found a My Accents Heavenly Blue from Close to My Heart (must be retired, I have not seen that color in the current catalog).   I used some buttons on two of my mom's thank you cards, I made a database on MS Access 2010 of my stamp pads from CTMH.  I have found my wooden Christmas rubber stamps.   So the images will be cards.  I have dug up magazines from 2006, 1998, and 1999 that I can use a reference and update.   This leads to my next segment....Stampin up.
I have decided that in addition to being a Longaberger consultant and owner of MDN Creates, I am going to be a Stampin up ! consultant in name only.   It is mainly for supplies, but if someone wants to order something, they can.  I will not be building a team.   The reason for not building a team is I do not want to let them go when I become branch leader for Longaberger.   as a branch leader, I cannot sell for another direct selling company, and even if I have been a Longaberger consultant for 9 years, I only have 10 consultants who have yet to make their goal, and I have not pulled in a $1,000 a month each month.   The team has to have $6,000 for 3 months straight, including my sales, and so far I am the only one selling.  Once that is up, and the company offers me the branch leader position, then I will make one last order from SU, and quit.  At least that is the plan, but I will never know what God has planned.  I just know that I like the products, and I do not want to pay full price.   The only way to pay at a discount is to be a consultant.   I know that there is an angel policy, but I list all products I use in a project anyway, so that is not a problem for me.

Well, for me, this is good night.  I do this sometimes.   I know, doctors want adults to get 8 hours of sleep, but I am nursing an official cold, and I have not been sleeping well the past two days.   I will be up in a few.

BTW, the next challenge will have blog candy, this challenge is for you to get up and do something creative if you are not already doing it.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Blog Candy

I have a friend named Crystal who has some blog candy for you to win.   There are 4 things you can do to get entered:

1) register to be follower.   Her blog address is   If that does not work for you.  come back to my blog, and click on her blinky to the right.
2) comment on her blog.  It is so easy.
3)  Post her blinky or badge on your blog or website.
4)  Spread the word about her blog (and while you are at it, mention where you found the information).

Who knows, you may win.

Cyber Monday:

I hope everyone has had their fill of cyber Monday.   want one more.   I am promoting my specials from my website, Longaberger on here tonight.   Go to to see all the cyber Monday specials there, or see specials to the right of the post including my Etsy Shop for more holiday shopping.

Next time I post, I will post something I made.  I am currently working on it.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Found Blog Candy

I want to post some blog candy I found on another blog.   This blog candy is by Karen of Feline Creative, a blog I just started following.   She is giving away all kinds of goodies, such as rubber stamps, paint, and paper.  You can find her over at  This is the post below:

Thanksgiving Blog Candy

Hi everyone! Thank you so much for your support and lovely comments! To show my appreciation I thought I'd share some yummy goodies with all of you!

Here's what you get:

•40 sheets 6 x 6 patterned paper by DCWV

•20 sheets 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 Going Grey cardstock by Stampin' Up

•20 shhets 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 Basic Grey cardstock by Stampin' Up

•10 sheets 4 1/4 x 5 1/2 COPIC X-Press It Blending Card

•Houte Couture Stamp Set by Stampin' Up

•Big Flowers Stamp Set by Stampin' Up

•Cold Play Stamp Set by Stampin' Up

•Noah Alphabet Maya Road Chipboard

•Red Pepper Acrylic Paint Dabber by Adirondack

•3 Glitter (orange, purple, pink)

•1 Ribbon by Daisy D's

•1 Ribbon by Crate Paper

•1 Ribbon by American Crafts

All you have to do is mention it on your blog with the photo and link back to the candy, either in a post or on your sidebar. Once you do enter the draw using the linky widget below! I'd love for you to be a follower but is not required!

Please enter the draw only once, thank you! You will have until midnight on November 30th to enter the draw (see linky widget below for remaining time to enter). The winner will be randomly selected and announced on December 1, 2010. This post will remain at the top until then, please scroll down for daily posts!

Thanks for playing along, I hope you win!!!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Review: Mini Your Story binding system

Today, I am going to review the Mini Your Story.   It is actually called, Your Story Photo, because it is meant to be used for all your photos, and to make mini albums.   before I go on, I will have to say like other people two weeks ago, I order the bundle on HSN.   If you have not order anything from HSN, either by phone or online, be prepared.    Setting up an account is just like any form you would fill out on the internet.   The only problem is, if you do not want a company to hold on to the number of your debit or credit card, you might not like this, because in order to have a speedy order for any future orders with HSN, you may have to do this.   The first time I ordered anything from HSN was over 5 years ago, and I wanted a Sizzix tower to hole the original dies.   Since then, I sold my red Sizzix on Ebay, along with the dies.  

Once you have your account, you are ready to order.   You can either watch online or follow along with your television.   I usually follow along.    You do not not have to look up the number to the item you want, which in this case was the Your Story photo.    Once you order (if you are following along), you are given an expectant shipment date of 7-10 business days.   As the company gets closer to shipping your Your Story Photo, you will get another notice if you gave them your email address.   I received mine in about a week.

Anyway, I opened up the box, and it came with 2 4x6 covers, 2 5x7 covers, with and additional 14 4x6 and 5x7 covers.   You can order some additional ones through HSN for now.   I am not sure when the mini will be available to the public.   The machine itself is a tiny grey color machine.   there are two buttons on it.  One is the power button while the other is timer button.   There is a space to put the album once it is filed up with pages.   One thing to note if you are used to the original Your Story:  This one does not laminate, so do not buy any laminating sheets for the mini.   This machine is just for binding only, and it does not bind any bigger than 5x7 books.
The covers themselves are made of chipboard or a very heavy cardstock, and it has a strip of glue, which holds the pages to the covers.  You can buy separate strips of glue to make and bind your own covers from HSN as well.

The Operation of the Machine

The machine is simple to operate.  Once you place your pages inside the cover, press the power button.  The machine will warm up (about 2 minutes.)   Once warm, the machine will beep.   place the cover and the pages in between the wires, with the spine inside.   the book should be able to stand up on its own.   Press the timer button and the button will start blinking.  once the timer button button stops blinking, then it is ready.   let the book cool for about 5 minutes or the pages may start falling out when opened.   You may decorate the book at that point if you want to.

I found this part very simple.   The instructions are included with the machine.   I created a book with my Longaberger party cue cards for the pages.   I have been wanting to bind them for some time, and yes when I got it, I had the Bind it All.   As I stated in a previous post, I hated that machine.   The instructions were not clear to me, and I had a hard time working and keeping it level.   If you have been following this blog, you know I have The Cinch by We R Memory Keepers.  I love the machine in comparsion to the BIA, and I like the wire system, which is uses the same O-wire system.   Why did I get the Your Story Photo, instead of the orginal Your Story, and why keep The Cinch.  As I stated in the very beginning of this blog, because I want to offer people the option to choose what type of journal, or album they want when they want a scrapbook made.  That is the business side. 

As for my own personal use.   I have some ideas,  in fact two of them:  My middle nephew, who has not grasp his alphabet as of yet (yes, it is the trend now that a three year old must know how to say and write his alphabet and count his numbers, LOL)   I mean, what will the other 3 year olds say?   Anyway...I will make a book of the alphabet by Christmas.   I will use the Cricut to cut out the shapes, and laminate the pages with my old laminator.   Then, I will bind them to make a mini book.   I think that is safer than the wire system.   The second project is to make a simular book for my niece who is two.  She is working on numbers and colors, and once again I will be using the cricut for the shapes and the YS Photo to bind it.  

So overall, I love it.   One day, I may get the original, especially if my laminator gives out, or I want to bind something bigger than 5x7.   I am pleased with it.   Oh, and it is great if you want to make a recipe book.   That is my next binding project.   I have a millions of ideas wait to be unleashed.    God night, and God Bless.   Oh, and happy Thanksgiving for thoses of us in the United States.   Tip:   What are you thankful for?   Be Grateful!!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

19,000 facebook fans by November 10.

Just an announcement:   I was just on Cricut's official facebook fan page, and they announced that they need 19,000 fans by the 10th, and when they get them, there will be all sorts of prizes and giveaways for us.   so if you have not done so, and you have a facebook account, go to!/OfficialCricut and like their page.  you never know. BYE!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Featured Artist: Anja's scrapbookblog: Tutorial storage folder

Starting today, if I find something that another person has made on they blog that I find very interesting, I will post it. The first one comes from a person in the Netherlands named Anja, and she is on a yahoo group with me called Cricut Chatters. One tip: If searching the internet has gotten you confused, try joining a group on Yahoo. Yahoo Groups has a variety of subjects from how to train your puppy to the redicuious. If you join the right group, especially for hobbies like scrapbooking, you can gain a world of information. As always, be careful, and if you do not like the group, or the group is not up to your expectations, there is always an out.

Anja, like so many others that will be featured, has projects that are simple, and beautiful. This is her first post in English, so I thank her for deciding to post in English, because I usually have to translate it, which is simple to do. If any of your toolbars has a translation button on it, it will usually ask what language to translate it to. All you have to do is confirm that you want it translated to that language, and you are set. Well this is Anja's project I like so well. I hope you will enjoy this project and decide to make it.
Anja's scrapbookblog: Tutorial storage folder: "Storage folder I have already collected many dies. The small ones are sorted in the bos, but the big ones did not fit!! I've made a fo..."

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

It is almost here...

Do you miss it? You know it is coming. Can you just taste it? It is almost the holiday season. This is my favorite time of the year. Why, you may ask. It is not just the presents. Those are material things. It is not just the food and the parties. You can get fat during this time of the year, although it tastes so good. It is also just for the gathering of family and friends. You can see them any time of the year, why make it a special occasion to do so. It is a time of celebrating the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and He is the reason for the season. So the preparation is underway. I made my first Christmas card for the year. Well actually two, the first one was for a swap back in July. It does count, but it is not part of the cards I will be making personally or for sale. Even though I made yesterday’s card for a swap as well, I will make more for both personal and for sale. It is so simple, want to know how I did it? Of course you do.

My first Christmas project card is called….An Ornament card. Please keep in mind that you can use this card for any season, any occasion. Also take note, If you do not have a cricut, please use whatever you use for a die-cut machine, or you can go to your local Scrapbook Store (LSS) to cut the pieces out, but I used the cricut for this first card.

For the ingredients, you will need:

• The Wild card Cartridge*. For the card blank, I use the one on page 77. Press the blackout feature, and the Hanukkah card (no shift please). You will not see the candle cutout on the card blank. Cut at 5 ½”.

• Also on the Wild Card Cartridge, I cut out the liner on page 74. Press the liner button, and I cut the ornament out on Bazzill bling paper at 3”. It fits the 5 1/2” card blank fine.

• Patterned Paper cut to 3 5/8” x 5 1/4”. I used Imaginisce’s Candy Cane Lane/Ice Capades paper. I am not sure if it is discontinued or not. I just know I got it at Archiver’s last year. The best place to check is usually on the paper company’s website if you want to see if a paper is discontinued or not. Just because a store has it in clearance does not always mean it is discontinued.

Cut out everything first. I use the assembly method for putting together more than one card. I do it this way, so if I have to stop, I know what piece of the card I am currently on, and I can continue later on. Use whatever method works for you. I feel more organized that way. So for example, on this card, I would adhere al the mats first (the patterned paper), then the ornament. One note: If you use the card blank on page 77 of Wild Cards, the corner is missing, so duplicate that on the mat as well for a more clean, and even look to it. Just cut the corner off of the bottom two.

*Please note, if you do not have this cart, you can probably do the card blank with Plantin Schoolbook, Just Cards, or the new seasonal one, Christmas cards cart. You can just as easily just cut a 8 ½” x 11” cardstock in half, and score it. If you choose to make this card blank on your own or buy card blanks already made for you, you can cut out an ornament on a die cutting you already own or go to a LSS to cut out the ornaments. Also keep in mind if you choose the later, some LSS stores may want you to buy the paper in the store rather than bring in your own. I know that Archivers does charge for the use of their paper, and not to bring in your own. Check with them first. Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, AC Moore’s, and Joanne’s does not have that option to cut out die-cuts.

I have not forgotten about the other occasion cards…

Such as birthdays. I am working a set of female birthday cards for my aunt, and I am working on thank you/Encouragement cards for my mom.

The one problem I am facing is my Etsy page. As I explained in past post, I had an account with Etsy since 2008, but decided to post some cards this past January 2010. I have gotten some views, but no sales. I am starting to understand that Etsy is becoming very saturated because of media exposure, and I have not much in the way of promotions and adding new product, but I am trying. It is no fun renewing. So if you are in need of cards, or a scrapbook or two, take a look at my Etsy page. The address is The shop name is MDN Creates (like the blog). If you have any questions, or you would like to talk to me about customizing a card to a different color, let me know through the Conversation area, or Alchemy. I should have my journals posted on there soon.

In the meantime, take care.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

My first journal made


I finally did it, I made my first journal.   Before I get into details, the video link on how I made it is on You Tube, and you can see it here.   One with the show:

The covers are from Theresa Collins.   the paper is from a company that Longaberger used to recreate their fabric.  It is simple, trace the pattern on the paper, then glue it on the cover.    Once I did that, then I cut out the heart in bazzill basic paper using the Cricut expression.   The heart is 5 1/2 and the pattern is from the Storybook Cartridge.

This is in back of the front cover.  Same thing, only this time, I attached a cardstock sticker from Melissa Frances, and circled the date the winner received the journal.

The page was made with SEI paper, and what I did was cut the 12x12 paper in half, folded the paper.  Next I put glue in between the two halves.  I did that twice.  I put the two together, and I put glue on all sides except one.   this forms a pocket.   The tag is made from Basic Grey, which is part of a Christmas paper, but since is has pink in it, why not use it in the journal.  Tip:  You do not have to use holiday paper during the holidays, unless it has things like snow flakes, santas, pumpkins, easter eggs.  You get the idea.   I cut out a double tag on Tags, bags, boxes, and more.  It is actually called mirror image, and it turns any single tag into two.   I mentioned this two posts back, as a way to make a mini folder, only this time, I glued the whole thing, instead of leaving one side unglued.   I put a medal flower on the tag where the hole is, put a brad on to hold it, and on the back side placed a pearl gem to hide the brad.   The pages have the same type of stickers from Melissa Frances.   Both o these pages allows the person to jounal.

This is a Tag page, which is just a bigger tag (at 8 1/2) made the same way.   The SEI paper that was used in the making of the packet page was same paper only on the back side.   the hearts are metal and made by Making memories, and the sentiment made to look like a ticket is from Melissa Frances.  the tabs through the book is made with the From my Kitchen cartridge.

This next page is the smallest, and I had to figure out how to bind it, without problems.  This is a packet page.   I cut the circles from one paper, placed it onto Bazzill Cardstock to make a totally new paper, and you can do that.   it gives it sort of a 3-D effect, without it being popped up. in order for the tags to fit in the front and back of the page, I had to glue the circles directly on the page.  the tags we made with the mirror image again.  in fact to stiffen up the pages, many of the elements had to be placed back to back either through gluing tags and tabs together or the pages themselves.

 These next four pages were very simple.  I traced the one of the covers again, then made photomats out of Bazzill Basics paper with the Storybook Catridge.   the front and back pages have pearls on the points, while the last two front and back pages have MF tickets on them, and embellishments from Making Memories findings on them.   With these four pages, sometimes you have to do simplicity in order to get a point across.   in case you did not know, I wanted this to be a journal of encouragement for the person who won it, no matter what the crisis they have been through. But at the time, I want them to feel joy.
 The last pages were made almost the same way that the small pocket page was made, but this time, I once again enlisted the help from the "From My Kitchen Cartridge.   I cut the recipe card at 6 1/2 cut it down just a little (it was a little too big), and then folded the bottom to make a pocket.   I did not cut tags out for this last page, I used ready made tags from a project that did not need that many tags.  I glued photo mats on them, and placed copic colored flowers on in the corners.  I placed fiber where the holes are.   the other side was left blank on purpose.   The back inside cover has a thought phrase on it.

I enjoyed making this journal, and it was very relaxing, even though I will never do something like that in two days.  I had planned on having it done by today, and then delivering it tomorrow evening.  My hope is that the winner will enjoy this journal, and put many memories in it.   Oh the binding.   I bonded it with a cinch.   It is the next step up from a Bind it all.  I had problems learning how to bind with the Bind it All.   It was not simply at all.  If you are just learning how to bind this tool is for you.   You just have to do a little bit a measuring to make sure all your holes are lined up.   Get the wire cutter two, if you already do not have one.  I did not have one, and I could have gone over to my parent's house and borrow my dad's, but Sunday when I to look for my materials, I brought my mom with me.  We stood there for 5 mins contemplating over me getting the wire cutter, and she said it would be better for me to have my own pair.  she was right, because I cut the wire for preparation at 6am.  My parents would have been upset if I came over to get wire cutters at that time of morning.   Anyway, once you punch the holes, there is an area where you can place the wire, and put the pages on that way.   Take the book and wire off the wire holder, and cinch (close) the wire in the back.  Make sure you first set the wire size.   You book is done after this process.

The Box:

This is the box it is going into:

The box came from one of the ladies from my church over the summer, and she told my mom that I might have some use for it.  Well I did .   I fleux destress the box with Blush ink from Close to My Heart.  I am not sure if this ink was discontinued or not, but I had the ink for a long time.I destress both the top and bottom, and I took christmas holiday ribbon, which had wire in it, and made it look like a present.  

So that is it.  Again you can hear me talk about it on You Tube.   Have a good day, and God Bless you.  

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Etsy part 3

Lately, I have been posting about Cricuts, telling you about my newest family member, and just Tricia. One of the things I have said when starting this blog is to have the creations I make on display. Well I have not been doing that. I explained that in past blog posts. To be honest, I had a creative slump. So without further ado, my latest stuff.

My first tag is very simple, but the paper is very complicated. The first thing I did was doubled the paper. The first paper is from The Paper Company, and it is called, “Gold Foil Leaf on Ivory”. The second piece of paper is just a plain sheet of ivory. I created an adhesive “sandwich” with my Tombow adhesive runner, and matched the corners and sides. I cut out the cards with Tags, Bags, Boxes and more. Since there was two sheet of paper, the settings I used on my expression were 6 on the blade housing setting. For beginners, you get this setting this way: where the housing for the blade is (just above where the mat would feed in), the blade housing has 6 settings, and each setting determines how far the blade goes in the paper in order to cut it. A 1 setting is perfect for vellum, because the thinnest and delicate nature of the paper. A 6 setting is for thick paper. By me adhering the two together, made the whole thing very think. To make a clean cut, I hit the multicut button. Multicut cuts 2, or 3 times, depending on the settings that the operator sets in the settings area (more on that in another post.). The tag is on page 90 in the handbook. I choose Blackout (hit shift to get the one with the one with the hole in it). The size is 4”.

Oh, one thing I forgot to point out, the settings above is for the Expression, Create, and Cake machines. If you have the Original or the new Imagine machines, follow the instructions for the Imagine machine, and the original machine does not have the buttons I am speaking about. The instructions also are for the machine only, and does not cover anyone who has Sure Cuts a Lot, Make The Cut, Design Studio or the Gypsy to help them cut with their cricut machine.

Once the tags were cut, I used a sepia tone color to age the tags, and I noticed that when I touched the tags, they felt as though they were worn, and have been made for years, which is what you want, if you want to achieve the look of an distressed, aged tag.

Just a note:

I have also made note cards. The first one was cut using the DreamKutz machine. You can get the same cut using a paper trimmer. Cut a sheet of 8 ½ x 11 sheet of paper horizontally and fold in half. I rounded the corners with a corner punch, and then cut a piece of Heidi Grace paper to match the front of the card, only 1” smaller. I did not purposely put an image or ribbon on the card to let the beauty of the paper. I printed off “Just a note”, and rounded the bottom right and the top left corners. I took forest green ink and put it around the edges.

The second “Just a note” cards are a little bit simpler. Again with the DreamKutz machine, I cut 12 x12 paper and cut it six pieces, each equally, folded them in half to form 3x3 cards. This is the Bazzill Bling paper, and cut a double-sided sheet of paper to size to match the front. The words, “Just a Note”, is printed on a piece of burgundy paper. Envelopes will be with both sets of cards.

Well that is it for now. I hope you have a wonderful week. God bless you.


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Cricut review-Part 1-introduction and cartridges

So do you own a cricut?

The Cricut is a die cutting machine that is electronic. It comes a variety of styles: The Original, the Expression, the create, the cricut Cake, and a new one that is made its debut on HSN (AKA the Home Shopping Network) on September 14th. Explanations the different sizes and do they all mean for user will come in a minute, but first what do all these machines have in common. Each machine comes with a mat, a cartridge, blade and housing, instruction manual and sometimes a DVD. The Original and the Create have mat sizes are 6x12 while the expression, the Cake, and the Imagine have 12x12 and 12 x24 size mats. The 6 x 12 mats do not work in the last three machines. There have been You Tube videos on the subject, but if it does work, it could void out the EULA (End Users License Agreement).

How does it cut out the die cuts?

Through a cartridge. Depending on what type of cart that a person is using will determine how many images are on there. The basic cartridges are:

• Foundation carts- these cartridges come with the machine. They usually show off a sampling of the different shapes, fonts, and features of that machine.

• Full Carts-full cartridges are exactly what the name implies. They contain at least 100 images to cut from, which includes features such as Accessories, blackout, and tabs.

• Solutions-contains at least 50 images and include on feature.

• Seasonal-These are carts that have a particular holiday in mind, such as Independence Day, Mother’s Day, and Valentine’s Day. They will also have at least 50 images and only one feature

• Lite- These are new as of June 1, and they are just that light cartridges that have fewer than 39 images. The cartridges can only be purchased new at a Walmart store, or purchased used On Ebay.

• Imagine-This machine was introduced to the public just this week on The Home Shopping network. The cartridges are very different from the regular carts as they are exclusive to this machine and to this machine alone.

Full carts started the whole cartridge revolution. Using the example of the retired cart, Tags, bags, Boxes, and More, The typical cart will be either a shape cartridge, a font Cartridge, or in the case of the foundation carts a little of both. Speaking of foundation carts, please note the following: Plantation Schoolbook Cart comes with the Expression, George and Basic Shapes come with the Original, Don Juan comes with the Create, Basic Cake design (not sire of the title) comes with the cake machine, and a basic cart comes with the Imagine. These carts gives a good foundation of what is on the other carts. Solution carts solve a problem. They will eventually all retire, but for now, get it now. If a person have baseball pictures to scrapbook, there is a cart for that, Home décor, and Wedding to name a few. Seasonal Cartridges started towards the end of 2009 with “Very Merry Tags”, “Let it Snow”, and “When it’s cold Outside”. They are of limited edition so people pre-order them as soon as they are available for that. They cost from $15-25 depending where you buy the cartridges. The newest type carts are Lite and Imagine cartridges. Lite carts can only be found at Walmart (unless a person likes Ebay). They contain 50 basic images with room to spare. This means there could be tags, layering on a cart, but only that feature. They cost less than the typical cart, which retails in some places $60-89 a cart, but get them on sale when can or go to Ebay. The price of the lite carts are $39.

Just to note I am just an owner of two cricut machines, and these are my opinions. I enjoy the Cricut, and would be happy to show anyone how to work them. In my next post, I will explain each machine, and the basic principle behind these Cricut machines. Be well, and God bless you. Talk to you later.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hey it has been a while…

Since I posted something. I have some good news to share since I been away. My newest nephew is here. He was born August 31, 2010 at 4:19pm. He weighted 6LBs, 9OZ. and comes from a long line of screamers, LOL. His name is Sidney Leon Logan III. Yep, his father, my brother is a junior and my father is a senior. Although he is named Sidney, we all joke that no one likes the name Sidney. My dad goes by Sid or Sid L as my mom calls him (pet name, aww). My brother goes by Leon or Lee, which is funny, because I have an uncle named Lee on my mom’s side. So the day baby was born (Nickname in a moment), I started calling him automatically Sidney, and Leon and Mindy immediately gave me this look, so I had to ask, “What are you calling him?” Lee said that the baby’s name will be called Baby Leon. OK, this aunt has an issue with the words, “baby” and “little” with the name. The reason should be so obvious to most parents, “How would this kid feel in say about 6 years from now, or even 20 years from now when he is on the football field, and they announce his name, Quarterback Baby Leon Logan?” How embarrassing is that? Even Michael, my oldest nephew, hates the nickname, Mikey. Now to get my sister to stop calling her son Deonte, “Dey-Dey”. It is cute on him now at 3, but when he is 13, it will not be so cute, and I tried to call him Tey when he was 1, but my sister does not like it.

Anyway, back to the baby. Leon or Bubba as my brother calls him (great Lee, give him a complex already, LOL), is already a certified Buckeye. Day one, he had on the Ohio State onesie, matching booty and pacifier (or binky for the purest person.) He hates to be changed, and at 4 weeks he is quite the stretcher. Leon is starting this no like the camera phone already, because every time he makes a move, Lee takes a picture, and sends it to us. Now Lee is looking for a minivan. I have started to love my brother all over again. It is not that he is a great guy, but there were times that I could not stand him in the past. Do not get me wrong here; I have always loved my brother. I wanted a brother when I was 6, and I got one, but I did not like what he was doing to himself up until last year. More on that later. He is a wonderful father to his two sons, and he will make a wonderful husband to Mindy when they get married. They have not set a date, yet, but I sure it will come up in 2011. He got his life back to where God can use him in the way that God wants to use him, and for that I am very, very grateful. I have my baby brother back, not completely whole, but he is working on it.


I have two new blogs. They are both on the subject of organizing (well sort of). They are not on, they are on

The first one was an accident of sorts. I was trying to find a name for one blog, and wanted to go with another one with my name in it. I wanted to call the blog, Tricia’s organizing. I typed in the name, and WordPress said that the name blog name was not available. So I said to myself that I was going to try the name The Organizing Journal. It was available, so I went to bed. (Not really, but that is how I leave an area of my computer alone, I really played a couple of games after that.) The next day, I logged on WordPress, and I found two blogs sitting there with both titles glaring at me. So instead of trying to delete one of them, I am going to try to keep both of them. So now, you have a choice:

1) MDN Creates- this one you are reading right now. It is going to be mostly scrapbooking, and the reason behind my scrapbooking. There will also be articles on scrapbooking, card making, and other papercrafting, as well as my online store (which I will try to update sometime this week).

2) Tricia’s Baskets and More ( )-This is all about Longaberger, the company, and my business. I will also have decorating tips to use with Longaberger products, and there is something for everyone. You will have to click on to take a look.

3) Tricia’s Organizing ( will have tips on how to organize, clean, time management, and who knows what else. I will be honest, I am re-learning, and I am busy. I need to have time thing under control, as well as my house. Did you know that you need a schedule? I knew it, but it did not click, because I was under someone else’s schedule. Now that I have my own, it has gone wild. More on that later.

4) The Organization Journal ( this is more personal, because I am re-doing my house, my schedule, everything. I did not realize that I need to do this, until one day I was sitting around, nothing to do. Oh, I had something to do…my dishes, but I did not want to do them. That is when I started planning project for around the house. I was all created out from the night before.

Ladies (and gentlemen), please do not say that you have nothing to do, especially when you are single. You have no one else to take care of, so why sit there in front of the television (or telly for my British friends out there), and say you do not have anything to do. You have plenty to do, just schedule it, and stick to it. You cannot delegate, because there is no one to delegate to. Humm, maybe that is my next blog, titled, “If you are single…”

My project…
This is my project that I am supposed to get back to someone on it. It is a pocket folder, and cut comes from the Cricut Cartridge, Tags, Bags, Boxes and More, or TBBM for short.   For those of you who use this cartridge, you turn on your mirror feature for this one.   It is on page 89 of the TBBM handbook. I made the cut a 9", and you want to make sure that you fold in half once the image is cute.  add adhesive on all sides but the top.  as you can see this is a sample pocket folder.   I actually wanted a folder-type pocket folder, but I found out that the From My Kitchen cart did not work, because the actual cut is a recipe card.   So I came up with this idea, when I was playing with TBBM.

Well that is it for now.   My brother sent the latest picture to my phone, and when I learn how to get the pictures off my phone, I will show them to you.  It is a picture of Leon holding his arms above his head, as to say "touchdown".   I have a feeling that as Leon learns how to do more things, the family will be getting more pictures.   That is fine when they live in Dayton, and the restof the immediate family lives in Columbus.   I am glad that Lee does not have all the cell phone numbers to all the relatives, LOL.

Talk you all later, and take a visit to my other blogs when you get a chance.  God Bless You.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

It is Sunday Mid-day....

And I should have been in church. Yes, this is a big deal to me. To be quite honest, my ankle has been bothering me for the past two days. I have not done anything to it, just went to bed, and woke up with this pain. I have heard that being in your forties is the worst time for when it comes to pain, because your body is use to not having this much pain. Once you hit your fifties, your body is use to it, and life goes on as usual. Well, I am 46 (last month was my birthday), it seems like the pain got worst. The doctors said that it was arthritis in left leg. I found out December 2008. Here is my question: why does a person learn how to do ballet, jazz, and tap, only to have arthritis years later? I thought that I would still be dancing, but I am not. I do it for me now (I never took it to the professional level). I had to stop in my twenties, because my parents wanted me to get a "real" job. Honestly, there is nothing like feeling invincible when you are balancing your whole body weight on your toes, and shoes made of fabric, wood, and cement, lol. Only those who took pointe class when they were young can relate. This this coming from a woman, who used to sprain her ankle quite a bit. That where Arthur comes in. It comes from the injuries, the pliés, the flap ball changes from tap, and the jazz runs from jazz dances. It finally comes from the all the hard work done from the recitals, hours of lessons, costume changes (I should show you a picture of me in an electric green tap outfit, can you say gross), and mom saying, "I have to pay what this time, LOL. Did I mention the cost of shoes?

I was watching So You Think You Can Dance a few weeks ago, before the finale, and for the first time this year, the dance industry is labeling dance as a sport. It is about time, because dancers can get the same type of injuries that a football, basketball, or soccer player can get. Go on You Tube, and you will find tons of videos clips of dance recitals, competitions, and even lessons on the subject.

Why am I mentioning this, and what does it have to do with scrapbooking? I saw a couple of layouts this at the Ohio State fair, and they did have a dance theme to them. If you have a little one in dance (big one, or even yourself), I am given you a theme challenge to scrapbooking this year's recital. I am sure that you, your spouse, parents or other relatives have taken a picture or two. Also just like schools, there is a dance picture to be taken. I remember those. Instead of sitting still, you pose. This was the closest thing to modeling I would ever get. If you did not take pictures this year, because your subject does not take dance, or too shy of the camera (I have a couple), dig up the pictures taken from yesteryear and scrapbook them. If you have a baseball or soccer player, now is the time to scrapbook them too. Musicians, you are not left out of this challenge. There are recitals in there too. I have been through that as well. Calling all cheerleaders. Get those pictures in the book too. The reason why I did not say football or basketball because I want you to save those for later, when winter sets in.

So now it is time for me to hobble over to my parent’s for Sunday dinner. My mom just called to ask if I wanted fried chicken or Chinese take-out. Since I had sushi last night, I voted for KFC. So we will be munching on that while my dad, Mike and a friend of his will be eating Chinese.

Oh, along the way I lost my train of thought which was, it is so amazing how God’s handiwork allows us to learn things like ballet, tap, and jazz, and to man to sculpt a shoe that allows a woman to balance on her toes. (Did you know that task was originally made for men to do that?). How about balance on a 4” beam that is 2 feet off the ground to flip in the air to win a gold metal like Shawn Johnson. I always wanted to do that. How about balancing on a tin piece of metal to carve an intricate line in a ring of ice to win a metal like Nancy Kerrigan. That is another sport I always wanted to take up. No, I could not imagine that we are that complicate, and God made it all for us to use to learn delight, and to entertain others. I am satisfied from what I learned since the age of 5, including being able to play a mean piano, organ, and keyboard. I am blessed by my talents, and I am happy.

No cards today, no layouts either. I am in dry dock, if you want to call it that. I did good with Ebay. Talk to you later, God Bless You.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

E-willow part 2

I have some items on E-willow. I have not abandon the Etsy site yet, but I felt that product was not moving, and I really need someone to purchase cards that have been there since January. I know that my first pictures were taken with a camera that I had not gotten into using, except for pointing and shooting, and not caring if the picture is out of focus or not. I found out some things about the camera, and the trick (if you want to call it that) is to stand far away, but not too far. A white focus area means that you are ready to take it, a red focus area means that the picture is not, and green focus area means it is a good picture.

Anyway, as for E-willow, I did the following:

Two of the items came from Etsy. I know, I know, I am not supposed to have the same item up on two sites. Bad move according to Etsy, but for one, I just deactivated it, and the other is for making custom scrapbooks, so it does not matter, because each scrapbook is going to be unique to the person in mind. So as I maintain and building both shops, I would love it if you or someone you know come visit my shops, which are listed on the right-handed side. I love referrals, and will be grateful if you do visit. Also visit My Shop at There are so many things coming out for fall at Longaberger, and I want to share them with you. The holidays are coming up, and before that, the campaign for Horizon of Hope is still going on, and you have until October 31 to purchase those items. I do advise you to get them now, before the end of the month, because now you can go directly through my website for it, after August 31st, you will need to contact me through this blog, my Tricia's baskets and more blog, or email me at For the Horizon of Hope products, for every purchase, $2 will go towards cancer research and one step to finding a cure for this type of disease.

5 reasons for doing what I do:

I know redundancy is not the best policy, but it helps to remind myself why I do the things I do.

Gift giving. The giving of gift is nothing new. People have been doing it for years, even centuries. The Wisemen gave gifts to Jesus as a baby, and those gift were of gold, frankincense, and Mir. Gift giving during that time, was often reserved for royalty, as a sign to welcome the new king, and a king yet to come. Since that time, you give gifts in celebration of a birthday, wedding, holidays, birth of a baby, and so forth. In terms of the products that I sell, that is what I want to think about in those terms; rather it is in the form of a card, candle, or a scrapbook of a loved one. What if you do not having any money? Well, the gift can be in the form of doing something for someone special: teaching someone how to read or a hobby you like doing, visiting someone who is shut in for any reason; taking someone to get their errands done, even if they know how to drive. I have still have my best example for that type of giving still living, that is my parents, especially my mother. For over thirty years, she has been Sunday School Superintendent and Christian Education Chairperson, and has done so, without asking for anything in return, except cooperation from the congregation. In return, she has gotten standing ovations, rewards, that she did not ask for, and the cooperation that she needed for God to help her get His congregation ready for what awaits us when Jesus returns. I have a feeling that when it is time for her to stand in front of God almighty Himself, she will not say, this is what I did, but what was accomplished while she was here. She has rubbed off on all of us. I work with the youth, and dad is a trustee. My brother, Leon was touch and go for a while, but he now lives in Dayton, and is about to become a dad for the second time, and will be get married soon. My oldest nephew, Mike, who is Leon’s son from a previous relationship is in the youth group, helps with the audio equipment, and is on the youth usher board. The jury is still out on my sister, Schaundra. She was on the Youth usher board, and a liturgical dancer, but now she is finding own way at the moment. So I pray that she does, and find her way back to church, not necessarily back to the church that she grew up in, but to a church family that she is comfortable with, and will steer her in the right direction. This is the type of gift giving my mother gave to us, and I am grateful for it.

I love the products.

OK, it is time for me to confess…I love doing what I do, because it relaxes me. It also goes back to the gift giving part. I shared with you in my last post on how to make a $1.00 card. That is how I started with cards, making a $1 card. It grew from that point, and they started getting fancier, but still simple. Even though I can make these types of cards, for myself, I prefer not to, because I want to simplistic of the cards to shine through. That is the different between a $1 card and $5 card, and some shops that mass produce the fancier ones (I am not naming names) prefer it that way, because it is more profit. I prefer to save it for the customer who wants it. I prefer to produce a really good card for that person’s budget than producing a half way decent fancy card and charging them a lot of money for something they simply cannot use. It is a waste of my time and theirs, but if that is what the customer wants, than I will tell them that it will take longer than the estimated time we originally agreed on. I actually made my first fancy card, three months ago. Before, it was a fold the card blank in half, put embellishments on, a little sentiment with a good inside quote that there you have it. Now I know how to do gate fold cards, double pocket cards, and a new one I made a sample of the other night, thanks to a Stampin! Up rep on You Tube. I can now make them on my Cricut Expression machine. I am loving it more and more. Next stop, beading (probably not for a while), LOL. I still love scrapbooking of course. I still love to sell Longaberger, because of the durability of the product, and you can organize and have it sit there to make it look pretty, but don’t. The products are functional, and for those who say it all the time, they are not country, and there are ways to make them inexpensive. They are also very green, because for every basket that is made a tree is replaced to grow, and you do not have to use those nasty plastic bags. I never use them, but I have a confession to make, I need to take my reusable bags more to the groceries, because they will automatically put them in the plastics, and I hate that.

Oh gosh did I say 5, I meant to say 2.

OK I am running a little at the mouth, but I do have a couple of things to show you:

Are these a beauty?

My new venture outside of cards. Bookmarks. I see them all the time and I wonder about them. I have these up for sale on E-willow, and I am proud of the way they turned out. I used The Storybook Cart on this. Yes, I know I have to save on electricity, but I did cut bunch of these out. I glued them to the paper clip with foam dots, but before I did that, I stamped the center with a retired Stampin! Up stamp set called Olive You. It is a love note done in Sepia. The heart is colored with a copic marker (R29-Lipstick Red). I started to put a little bling on it, but for the sake of it being too heavy on the paperclip, I reneged on it.

My next venture is actually an old one: Tags.

This is part of my altered collection. I have two sets on E-Willow both made the same way: Sponge ink like crazy on the store bought tags (sorry no Cricut this time), a splash of copic markers on it. Some feux stone on it, color on the feux stone, cardstock in bit and pieces glued on, and top it off with a pink initial in the corner. Super simple.

Well that is it. See you next time, and God Bless you.

Card Making-what has Hallmark done for you...

OK, before leaving, this is not about card store bashing. Seriously, when was the last time you went into the store, and found a greeting card that really spoke to you? This is how I got started making cards. The last time I bought a card, I stood there for a whole 30 minutes, and still did not find exactly what I wanted to say for a friend's birthday. I was also shopping for a Mother's day card. I got the cards, but I was highly disappointed, and the price did not help either. Mass produced greeting cards do exactly have their place, and they always will, as long as there is a person out there, who do not have the time nor the patience to make one at the last minute. I just chose to go the other direction. To be honest, card making is really easier than scrapbooking, because you do not have to match the colors in a photo, unless you use a photo in the card. Photo cards are all the rage, and I will explain them a little later.

To make a basic $1.00 card, you will need the following:

• 8 ½ x 11 sheet of paper cut in half horizontally.

• Adhesive, otherwise called glue.

• Marker or a pen

• Some type of embellishment. If you are a scrapbooker already, whatever you use to decorate your scrapbook pages will do. If not, then going to the dollar store and grabbing some stickers will do nicely. If you have a store called Big Lots, then you can just go to the stationary section of the store, and they will be there.

With your cut piece of paper, fold it in half, set it to the side, or you can embellish it at this point. I always mat my card fronts first before I glue it to the card front. You do not this step. Place your embellishments on the card, and write a sentiment on the front. On the inside of the card, write a personal note or find a sentiment such as a quote or a poem to write, and sign your card. Do not forget the envelope. This is a good beginning project for kids. The embellishment can be one of their drawings. Have them draw on the front of the card, and if they cannot write or spell, you dictate what they want to put on the card.

We will talk later on how to mail off your card. God Bless

Friday, August 13, 2010


I have added another element to this business-E-Willow. It works like Etsy in which I sell my goods. I have actually been with E-Willow since I joined Etsy, I just have not added anything to the store as of yet, but I am trying. Things have just gotten to the point where I am playing catch-up. I do however, need get this scheduling down so I can create more and add more to both my Etsy and E-Willow stores, as well as Ebay. This business industry is so tricky, and yet I feel I am getting the hang of it. I do have a banner for the it on the right side, so like my Etsy shop banner, if you click on it, you will be taken to the shop. Hopefully by the time you get there, I will have something up for you to purchase.

Well, that is it for the moment. Time for me to hop over to my other blog, Tricia’s Baskets and More. Talk to you soon, and I will have something for you to see. In the meanwhile, enjoy the rest of your evening, and God Bless you.


Quote: “I do all things through Christ, who strengthens me…”

Monday, August 9, 2010

It's Monday evening...oops night.


This is random thoughts day. I posted on my other blog, Tricia's baskets and more with a new twist: a newsletter. I had no idea that my National Sales Leader Marilyn was giving me a newsletter to send to my customers. Thanks, Marilyn.

I sold 4 retired Longaberger products on Ebay, and mailed out the last of them today. The postal clerk as so insightful. I did not have any tape, so I brought the box to the PO anyway, and purchased the tape there. There was a lady customer who was telling me all the insights on how to make mailing packages easier. She was telling me to buy the tape at the dollar store, and that first class mail was no cheaper in some cases than priority mail. I was getting a little annoyed with the advice, as well as the clerk, who corrected her twice. But you know what? God must have read my thoughts, and sent this woman in my path, because I WAS wondering how I can make mailing packages a little bit easier on myself. Did I needed to hear that tape was cheaper at the dollar store, and God noticed that I had bought tape at the post office once before? Of course He did, that is why He is God, and I am daughter. It is the same way when my own earthly father gives me advise, and I somehow find myself rolling my eyes (not in his direction so he can see me do it). It is not because he likes to hear himself talk, it is for my protection. So to that end, the next time I run out of tape, I will take God's advice and buy it at the dollar store, and unless first class is cheaper, I will continue to mail packages priority, especially small packages. You can never look at a person who you think is getting into your business, because your business is God’s business, and He is just looking out for you.


I am starting to learn more and more about the business end of things. Do you realize that there is more to just making your items, and selling them. I think I mentioned that in another post, I cannot remember. For my learned lesson, I will take on pricing. I remember it all too well in my first year of earning my marketing degree. If you do not practice it enough, you will soon forget, and how many times in your life will you have to deal with the art of pricing a product? Not me. I assumed that I would be well on my way of being a a-lister actress or a Prima Ballerina by now. That’s what happens when the Fathers (both earthly and Heavenly) knock you down a few pegs. Anyway, I wanted to know if I could get the custom ordering part of my business up and running, so I posted a listing on my Etsy shop ( and thought that was that. The listing is simple enough, the photos are of my past work, and it shows 6 layouts (they only allow you to show 6 photos) of how simple but yet sort of eclectic mix of what I can do. The description shows the process I will take the purchaser as they acquire their own personal album. I did point out to the viewing community that sample pages shown will not be their finished product, for it will be uniquely theirs. I also listed do’s and don’ts such as no original documents such as birth certificates and immigration papers, and that if they wanted them included, they must furnish a copy of the document. No flash drives, because they can get erased in the mail, and other things. Anyway, the starting price is $150, and I will adjust from there. I also started looking at other people’s sites, and finding out what their price points are, and so far, I found one person is charging $350 for her custom albums. That is $17.50 a page, and if the customer picked out their own papers and stuff to put in the album, she will negotiate from there. Some on Etsy are charging the same price as I am, so I know I doing the right thing on that note.

Alternative art is a trend that cannot be taken too lightly. For me, it was not at all. Until last Monday, I thought that the trend was too messy, left a lot of room for error, and so forth. I cannot say that I am changing to becoming an alternative person, but I am very proud of the envelopes that I altered last week. When I find them, I will let you know. In the meantime, I did some tags, and a card.

Just a note card-destressed

Well, that is it for now. I love learning new things, in all areas of my life, and I believe that is what God wants us to do, to learning and to teach others. You will never know whose life you have touched along the way on your journey to be more like Jesus every day.
God Bless you all and I will talk to you soon.


Saturday, July 31, 2010

Ah, the joys of being a business owner

OK, I am not having a great week.  How many times does a person have to ask people to make a visit to website or shop just to get people to want to buy something?   Too many, but I love asking.  At the Longaberger consultants convention last week, the constant theme I kept hearing to get a sale or recruiting was "Just ask", so I am doing just that, asking.    Since I opened my etsy shop in January 2010, I have had no sells, just views, and not too many.   I took a risk of leaving Archivers, and this is what I get.   I am only human that I am that upset, but I have not let it show, because I am professional about it.   I would love to have referrals for both this business and my Longaberger business, so I am re-introducing myself.  Here goes:

My name is Patricia Logan, and I am a paper crafting artist,   I love what I do, and I take my work seriously, but I like to have fun with it.   some of the projects I have made in the past are

*  Cards
*  scrapbook albums
*  scrapbook pages
*  Notebooks
*  Note Cards
*  Tags
*  Invitations
*  Flyers
*  Certificates
to name a few.   I have been in this business for almost 12 years.   I am located in the Central Ohio area, but I can ship to where you live.    I love referrals, so if you or someone you know have need for card or two, let me know.  If you need someone to help sort out your photos, I can do that too.   I have an etsy shop for you to look at my samples, and all cards listed can be personalized.   It is  I am also listed under a Facebook page,called  MDN Creates.

I am also an independent Home Consultant for The Longaberger Company.   Longaberger founded by Dave Longaberger in 1973.  Longaberger's products include Baskets, Pottery, Wrought Iron, and new this year, Home Decor.   Food products and personal accessories like purses and wallet are making a return appearance in 2010.  With Longaberger, you can entertain, organize, and decorate with ease.   I first became interested in Longaberger in 1995, and became a Home Consultant in 2001.   I love showing customers how to organize and entertain with Longaberger, and I am looking forward to incorporating the products coming in the fall with what Longaberger has to offer.   What I love about the company is the friendships you make that last a lifetime, as well as the product.   In October 2010, I mark my 9th anniversary with the company.   I also love receiving referral with Longaberger, for decorating ideas with the Longaberger products, entertainment ideas, Organizing, and even if you would like to earn extra money with the company.   Just let me know.   Again, I am in the central Ohio area, but I have consultants on my team from across the country, including California.    I have a blog about my Longaberger career called Tricia's Baskets and More, and a Facebook page called Tricia's Basket and a contributor to the Find a Consultant Page.   My Shop with me website is listed below along with the others.  There is a sale ending to today, Canister sets, as well as July Specials.   Thank you, and God Bless you all.

My Facebook address:
My Shop with me website:
MDN Creates Facebook page:!/pages/MDN-Creates/116976838340283?ref=sgm
Tricia's Baskets:
Tricia's Baskets and More:!/pages/Tricias-baskets/114695398560531?ref=sgm
Twitter Page:
Etsy Page:

I also have some retired products for sale on ebay that will be ending soon: search under plogan721

Email :
Well, that is all I have for today.   Please, Thank you in advance, and God bless you.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Etsy #2 and organizing

I have just went crazy over the past couple of nights, making note card sets, and putting everything that I made on my Etsy store. I have 3 4x3 (2 landscape, 1 portrait) note card sets, and two single note cards. I hope you visit my shop at Etsy. It is I want to try to change it to my shop name.

Now for today’s article: Organizing a space or a whole room.

First a few acknowledgements: I want to thank the many people who allowed me to visit your scraproom online. You have made have made a girl’s heart flutter, not in envy, but in awe and admiration. You all are brave to show many of us how you keep your rooms so organized, no matter how big or how small they are. You have inspired me to keep my little room better, and I am in the process of getting it better organized. You have encouraged me not in words, but just by showing me how it is done, especially Creations by Christine, the Pink Stamper, and Margret. God Bless You all.

To the rest of us: If you have ever visited You Tube, Halo, Hulu or any other video streaming site, you know what I am talking about. Those rooms, that make you wish you had it all. So you run to different scrapbook stores, getting the latest and the greatest trends in scrapbooking, spending thousands of dollars on stuff you need for that perfect album, or card. One day, as you are cleaning up, you wonder where, when, and how you got so much stuff. Aha, you just got enabled. Oh don’t worry; I do it all the time. Someone emails you about the stamp set they just got for $1, and you have to have it. This article is not about budgeting your scrapbooking stuff. I am not ready to talk about that yet, because I am not ready to tell myself how much I got. I know, but I am not ready to admit it. Two weeks ago, I just had to get my first Cricut Lite Cartridge, Splish Splash. I did not need it until last night. I also have a layaway out for stuff I am getting at Cutter’s Creek. My next payment is Sunday. After that, it is two more payments, and I am done. I am here to talk to you about organizing your stuff. These tips I am about to give you are from my experiences with organizing. There are many people online and locally, who do a heck of better job than me, but I do not charge $40-60 per hour. This is free advice.

How to organize your Crap…Uh stuff.

OK, I admit it, it is crap until I use it, and I use my stuff every day, so it is stuff. That is what I say every time to myself. I love my stuff. I love being able to make something with my stuff, but I would love to find it more. I live in a townhome. It was built in 1973, so by 2010 standards, it is a small, townhome. It has two stories, but there is enough room for the basics: me, one other person, and the basics, clothes, shoes, food, you get the idea. The builders who built the home did not plan for the future: hobbies and a couple of businesses. Enough of that. So the first question you ask yourself, what is the lay of the land (your home), and do you realistically have room for your crafting hobby? If you do, congratulations on a job well done. If you don’t, do not give up on your dream room, find the room. I have found the room. Since it is just me, I am using an office space that is actually meant for my dining area. My computer is in the corner, and a crafting table butts up against it. Where’s my dining table? Right next to my sliding door in my living room, the biggest room in my whole townhome’s downstairs area. I do not have a china cabinet. Right next to my computer table is a 3 tier shelving unit that will be moved next month. Why? To make room for Jetmax cubes that I am going to buy. The shelving unit will be placed behind the couch. The next question you are going to ask, where to place it all:

If you have not done so, do a little shopping spree. I know more shopping, but this time, you are not, repeat, not going to buy one single thing. You are going to shop with your digital camera. Schedule a time to go. If you are working, go on you day off or use vacation time. This does not apply if you are not. If you have a business like I do, find time off. This is an all-day process. Next, if you have cash, take only $10. This $10 in for emergencies ONLY, in case you run out of gas, or need something to eat while out. This is not a “Need to get that piece of paper” $10. If it is less, use what is on hand. Take out all your credit and debit cards. It is just for one day, and I am sure they will be missed. Before you leave the house, take a picture of your room, and take measurements of the walls and anything that is permanently in the room. You will need that. You are ready to go shopping. Hey you, by the door…I see you picking up that extra $20. Put it back.

In a Walmart, The container store, or any store with storage containers. Go window shopping. Take a picture of the following: Item and price. If it is sale, you may be able to get it at the sales price later. It is called negotiation or haggling. We will get to that later. Before you take that picture, look at your room, and picture that item in your room, holding your paper, cartridges, or embellishments. If it looks good, take the picture. If not leave it alone. With your note pad, write it down, if your camera all of a sudden will not take the picture. You will need the picture later when you talk to the manager. Ask questions about the item in question if you have some. It is better to ask now then later. Have a backup container in mind, and take a picture of that as well. When you are finished, go home, or to another store. When you get home, write in a pad or on your computer in a word processing everything that you did. If you can download your pictures from your camera, do so. You need to reference to them from time to time. No use taking out your camera each time.

The real work begins…

The first important rule is to purge. I do not mean get rid of everything. I once read that if you have not used it in a year, toss it. By tossing, I do not mean throw it away. If it is still good, give it to a local senior home or daycare center. It may be that chipboard you thought you were going to use or a friend though you might like the eyelet and brad of the month club. Hey, those eyelets and brads makes a good tax write off, and you feel good in the process. If it is no good, throw it away. Once you purge, decide in what location will you put it all. During this time, document it, and put it in a scrapbook organization book, that way you can reference to it later. I would also document it in pictures, that way, the insurance company can see what you have, especially electronic diecutting machines, in case of thief, fire or natural disasters. Lastly, go back to the store where you found your organizational goodies, and make your real purchases (yes, you can put your charge and debit cards back into your wallet now, and well as that $20 I saw you sneaking into your pocket.)

Next time, we will get down to the nitty-Gritty for when you do not have any money. Did you know you can shop in your own home? (I am not talking about online shopping.)

Monday, July 12, 2010

Oh, I forgot... to post my shower invite.

Happy Monday to you all. Thanks first of all to the people who gave me positive feedback on my first article. It was fun, and I plan on doing more. it gives me something to do while I am developing my card business, and maintaining the other one. I never knew how hard it was to start a business that you are passionate about, and I am passionate about scrapbooking and card making.

Unfinished projects:

A friend of my mother's got married this past weekend, and I told mom that I forgot to ask to ask Miss Helen if she wanted me to do her wedding album. Mom reminded me of all the personal projects I have yet to complete: Mike and Deonte's toddler albums (Mike is 14 and Deonte (de-de) is 3); put Nine'na's baby layouts in an album; my 2004 Disney World album (adding in my 2007 Disneyland layouts somewhere in there); and start My Book of Me album. I also need to update daddy's album (a 6x6 one with the Air Force emblem on the front). So with that being said, I have a tip: Never start something that you are not going to finish. I just need to find the time to organize my unfinished projects, and weave in new ones. Thank God for Photo DVD's. I need to take both camera's (mine and my dad's) to put them on disks, so the cards can be erased, and ready. I need to do them this week, because, I need to take pictures for the baby shower, and for the Bee next week. (Longaberger consultant convention).


Shower invite:


As I said in the intro, I have a baby shower to give. I am going to be an aunt again in September (or sooner, this kid is trying to get out in the world). He is giving my future Sister-in-law a run for her money. So here is a picture of the invite for Mindy's baby Shower:



 For this card I used:

Bazzill blue Cardstock for a card blank: (tip: making your own card blank is much cheaper then buying a pack of 10 and sending from $3-$5 on the average, especially if have to make more than 10.)
Bazzill Limeade for background paper one (cut about 3.5 x2.5 in)
Patterned baby Boy Striped (forgot the name that quick) (cut about 2 x3 in) (another tip: If you are going to make the card again, take lots of notes, including what sizes you cut the pieces.)

For the baby on the card: The baby was cut from the Everyday Paperdolls cartridge for the Cricut. I did not want to do a blue on blue monotone card (in case Sidney still turns out to be a girl, even though he did show his winky in the ultrasound, LOL). I gave baby a green bling body (Bazzill bling), and a tan head. In case you have the EDPD Cart, the whole config is on pages 28 and 29.

The ribbon is stash, but it is made by Offray (1/8 ") green.


 The inside invite was created on the computer, and printing on vellum with the words at top saying: You are invited to celebrate Mindy and Leon's baby shower. It list the date, time, where hosted and the hosts, and when to respond (we have 3 so far other than family).


 A Gratitude of Thanks:


Well that is it for now. You'll be sweet, and thanks for taking a look at my blog. God bless each and every one of you, and I do say a collective prayer for each of my online friends. you encourage me, even when you do not say a thing, and even if you just drop by for a minute, and don't join. I know you are there. There are a lot of scrapbooking and card making blogs that inspire me, and I do not want to name some and leave out others, so a collective thank you as well. OK, I will stop now, before I get mushy, and I have been known to do that. Keep doing the good things in life, and even though I may not say thank you right at the moment, my smile says it all. God will bless you for it. I have many mantras, but one of my favorites is, "I do all things through Christ, who strengthens me." For this I owe Him all... my life, my joy, and my businesses.

Thank you,