Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My first Cricut Bag

I made a bag! My first cricut bag, since I got the Expression. I still have my baby cricut (or original cricut cutter). This is what it looks like:

It's it cool! I have 10 heart note cards in them. I will get to the cards in a minute. The bag is cut out of the Plantin Schoolbook Cartridge at 7". The cardstock is pink bazzill bling 12x12. the heart is from SEI Valentine pack from 2 years ago. The heart is cut from the same cartridge. So if anyone needs a few bags cut, let me know. Now for the Card. this is it:

Real simple. The card blank is from Stampin Up! 3x3 Whisper White. the square is made out of the same pattered paper that the heart on the bag is made from (same sheet, now that is recycleable.) It is 2 1/2' The second square is made from some paper I got several years ago. i am not sure what brand it was. It is a 2" square. The 1 1/2" heart is made out of the bazzill Bling (again same sheet as the bag).

Well that is all I have to say this morning. Take care, and have a blessed scrapping day. If you expecting snow in your area (like Columbus is trying to get, Uck), be careful driving, and stay in if you can. I have a Longaberger meeting in Grandville, Ohio, home of my Branch leader.

Speaking of which. If you are looking to supplement your income, lost your job, or need to save for a vacation, it is a great time to be a consultant. If you would like some info, or have any questions, please email me at plogan@columbus.rr.com. I would love to have you on my team. I do not want to take too much time on my blog.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Being Social

I just got finished looking at both of my Twitter and Facebook pages, updated them, and joined some groups. As I was doing this, I was just thinking, " Do I really need this much company? in some cases, ok, in most cases, yes. Online, I am on several Yahoo groups, including some business groups, scrapbooking groups, and a couple of financial groups (through the business groups). On Twitter, I follow channel 10 news (as if I cannot follow them when I watch them), and people who invited me to their page. On Facebook, I am again following channel 10 news (do I sense a pattern, LOL), and several people, who I am on yahoo groups with, and one of my aunts is following my page. On My Space, which I got on, because my 12 year old nephew is on there, plus several people again from Yahoo groups. I am on LinkedIn (my cousin from Indianpolis has a page), Plaxco (my dad and his buddy both have pages), Direct Selling Women's Alliance (because I have a direct selling business, more on that later), Ryze, several other social groups. then there is this blog, I started several weeks ago. I am not counting my church, family, friends, business associates, co-workers, and a couple of network groups. all of this coming from a person, who used to be very shy as a child, who still would like to adopt a child of my own.

why do I join all of these groups? I am not complaining at all. I love it. being able to communicate what you are about is a wonderful thing. For one, I am an Independent Longaberger Home consultant, and in need of promoting Longaberger. I would love new customers, and this is one way of doing so. I also scrapbook, you already know that, and I just like to share what I can do. I am also a people person. I grew up from being a scared of what people thought of me, to a confident person, who is ready to take on the world. You have to get like that, if you want to sell baskets, pottery, wrought iron, scrapbook albums, cards, and the like. you also need thick skin, because everything you sell, everyone may not like it, or have any use for it, or your taste in a particular style may not be someone else's style.

Since I am into sharing, let me share you three people. these are my niece and nephews. they are cute. One thinks she is a princess, one is sometimes a moody teen, and the other is very friendly.

This child, is Deonte. his will be 20 months next week. I call him sneaky(nickname is Tey), but he is just a little explorer. He loves sweets, and is talking up a storm. stubborn at times, just like my sister. nosey, I think that is typical toddler. He is my little buddy.

This is Michael, my typical teen nephew. he will be 13 years old next month, but I have been watching how the young ladies have been acting around him. let's just say, I have one of those applications to screen them, and I will make sure they know who is his aunty. He likes vidoes, vidoes games, music, talking on the phone (can't you tell by the picture, LOL), and hates chores.
This little cutie is my niece, Nine'na. she will be 4 months tomorrow, and is a good baby (not that her brother or mor other nephew were not). she is true diva, need her bottle on que, and knows at the moment, she is the only granddaughter. The apple of her grandparents' eye (that might once she starts walking, LOL)

she too has her mother's personally.

I love all three of them, and as I watch they grow, I look forward to many more things to teach them. I was the unsusal child. my brother was into sports (he is Michael's father), in turn he gave Mike basketball and smart skills. Deonte loves to dance, and I hope that both he and his sister will get good grades when they are older. Mike never wanted music lessons from me, until last month, I said that I was going to teach Deonte and Nine'na, then he said that he wanted to learn how to play the piano, so I will have to teach him, but he must practice. I hope that my sister will let Nine'na take dance lessons, and Deonte could be a jack of all trades like me. I also want to continue to teach them things that will get them along with this world, as this is a world of change.
I want to leave you with this (speaking of change, I heard Oprah say this: "e the change you want to see in the world". God Bless you, and I will see you next time.

Thursday, January 8, 2009


Since I did not start this blog last month, I thought I would show what I did for my Christmas cards I made my aunt in Oklahoma.

The first one is real simple. using evergreen cardstock, I stamped snowflakes all over the front and back. I tied see through cream ribbon to the side. for the square, it came from my cutting out a window for another card you will see in a bit. the snowflake is from my stash, and the brand name is Masterpiece, and the snowflake is called Glitzy Snowflake. they come 10 to a pack.

The second card is from made with red cardstock, the image was stamped in a cocoa ink from Versamagic, and I destressed the edges with Colorbox chalk inkpad named Chestnut Roan. the saying (which is a scripture from Luke) and image of the shepards are from the Stampin Up! line (I am not sure if this is discontinued or not). with ribbon. Tip: I got this as well as the cream and the black from Archiver's in the Hot Spot area. all scrapbooking items in that area are $1.99, and each spool holds 15 yards. It is even a better deal if you are an employee at which I am . Now, for those of you have have talking to me on my Yahoo groups know one of the reasons why I never have a paycheck, LOL. I also destressed the cards

My next card I had a little help...from my Cricut. I love this machine, and I live it so much, I had to have two... Both were Christmas presents. The baby (or original for those do not follow scrapbooking trends) was given to me in December 2006. Archiver's used to sell the cricut, and my mother got the last one that was sold at the store I work at. Well, I did not use it much at first. I turned it on occassionally just to keep it from breaking down, LOL. About May of 2008, I decided I better dust off this little bad boy, and get to work. I even joined a few cricut groups on Yahoo, to get some help. Next thing you know, I am working this baby bug, and I am loving it. I do not know why I had not used it before. so around November 2008, Black Friday, someone said on the group that the Expression was on sale for $199 at Walmart. OK, I had said that I was not going to get the Expression, no way, no how. OK, so now I have the Expression, and again, mom said that this was one of my christmas presents. so that is how I got two of them.
OK so back to the cards...The card is a magenta cardstock that I get when I was a member of club Scrap. you get kits that has paper, cardstock, and other embellshments, including rubberstamps. I cut the cardstock in half using the DreamKutz machine (another item that is my fav.) I went 1" in, and 1" down. this with the George and basic shapes cartridge, I cut a 2" circle. I, then took scrap paper and with same cartridge, and made a star, and painted with a gold leafing pen. For the card itself, I thought it looked really plain, so all i did was take Midnight Black in the versamagic line, and started rubbing the pad all over the cardstock. I put a pop dot to elevate the star. for the bible verse, it is just white ink (forgot the name of it) on wine cardstock. Then I took the gold leafing pen and just went around it.

This one is just like the Magenta card, without the ink, and it a square. I cut out the dove (you cannot see it through the ribbon) from beyond Birthdays cartridge. I broke off the branch that the dove holds. Just stamped the verse on cream card stock. No pop dots.

with this card, the circles came from the magenta card that I cut out to make the card with the black ink (hey, they say waste not, want not, LOL). I forgot what line the letters were, but I got the letters from Archiver's during an employee crop (never used them for that project I needed at the time.). I used gold cording for the strings.

Last one- wow, didn't I tell you that I was not going to have these long posts, LOL. Well, the last card I made for my aunt was made with deep red (more like a burgundy) cardstock. I tied cream ribbon around powder blue cardstock, glued it onto the card blank. Oh, I forgot, I did stamped it with the snowflake stamp by Hero Arts, as well as the lighter wine cardstock squares made with the cricut. the doves (the dicut and the reverse image) were made from the cricut as well (by the way, I used to Expression with all of the doves, using the autofill button) The Noel is from the same company as the letters in the other two cards.

whew, that's it. I am tired from all of that pasting of the pictures and other stuff, but it was fun. let me know what you think. Take care, and God bless.

Monday, January 5, 2009


Now that I have a following, I want to ask you out there, what is your new year's resolution? My resolutions are :

  • To organize
  • To stop beating up on myself when something is not done the way I want it to.
  • To love myself more, and it is not the way you think.
  • To do more of what God asks of me.
  • To scrapbook more.
  • To take my business more seriously
  • To take time for me, and to learn and grow more.

To Organize: I do not want people to see my house at the moment. I live in a 2 bedroom condo, and you would think I live in a 4 bedroom single family home. I want to move, but financial obligations have not allow me to make that move for the moment. I started out with a notebook, and now that I have a new printer (old one died on me over the holidays), I can print out my pages again. I am starting with downstairs, and work my way up.

To stop beating myself up: I work at a store, who has cut back their hours, although it is not my fault, I spent this past weekend telling myself that if I had not applied to the job in the first place, I would not be going through this. I have been there for 3 years. People just do not have the money for luxury items, and only depending on the basics. The same with my business. I can do only so much, and if I stop complaining, and let God, then I will get through this. In the meantime, I started looking, again. This will lead to love myself more, and as Oprah said today on her show, to schedule time for me, like hair appointments again, and exercise more. It also leads to letting God do his thing. I am a constant participate of an take-backer. I do not know if there is such a word, but that is basically a person who takes back something that you previous have given to God in prayer.

To scrapbook more: I have so many projects that I started or thought about getting started in 2008. the only thing I finished to date was my youngest nephew's baby book. I took it from one day to 12 months, and I am very proud of it. Now that I have the ability to finish something, I can do more. I need to get started on vacation books, a niece book (she is only 3 months), a schoolbook for my oldest nephew (he is in the 7th grade and I have K-6 to start). I want to do bind it all projects. I did complete a Christmas card set for an aunt in Oklahoma, and I took pictures. I need to to get them off of my camera.

I also seen in 2008 what my business can be, so I am continuing with that, as well as starting a new one. more on that later.

Lastly, I heard on Joel Olsteen's message yesterday to never be still, and to always keep growing in your life. You never know what God has planned from that experience, and for you. I have a degree in marketing, but my information on the latest trends in marketing are slightly out of date, so I need new classes in order to be competitive. The classes do not have to be from Franklin University, where I got my Bachelor's degree from, even though I want to get my master's degree in marketing and communication from there. I can get a free class from Ohio State, because my father works there. I need to keep up on scrapbooking techniques (which is current for the moment). My business info is current, but there is so much more I need to learn. My wish for you is to learn more, even if it is from your mistakes. If you do not learn something in your life, you will stop living. I do not plan on doing that.

Oh, one other thing. I am now published. I submitted an organizing article with Associate Content two weeks ago. That link is: http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/1341187/cleaning_organizing_my_house_my_2009.html?cat=9 . Let me know what you think. It will make me a better person.

Well this entry is long, but I am just getting started. I promise the posts will be shorter next time. take care and God Bless.


I just created this blog, and I do not know what I am doing. I see my friends on the internet making one, and they all look nice. Of course, some of them have one subject, while others have a multiple of themes and subjects.

Who am I? First of all, my name is Tricia, short for Patricia. For the moment, I choose not to give my last name. I do want to tell you what I do. I mean, that is the purpose of this blog to tell you all about me, except my love life. That is not up for descussion, except that I am looking.

The reason why I choose this title.

I am on Facebook, My space, Twitter, Plaxo, and some others, and I have a spot on Facebook called Tricia's Treasures. it holds my photos. Well there are some things I do treasure: my faith, my family, my friends, my businesses, my hobbies and My life. How it impacts the faith, family, friends, business, and hobbies. I also have a journal on my computer that I type in from time to time. This is for any future children to read, as well as my nephews and neice.

Well that is it for now. some future topics include:

  • scrapbooking
  • cardmaking
  • my faith
  • busineses and the job market

Oh, and I just want you to know, I am a passive person with a fiery bite. I am also person, who can get deep in her culture. I do not curse online, although off line is another story to which God is working with me on.

Well, take care, and a happy new year to all of you. God Bless.