Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Finally, a new card. About my new folder

I have not created anything new in terms of cards, scrapbook layouts.  NOTHING lately.   Finally this morning, in the wee early hours of this morning, I finally made a card.   This card may not get on my Etsy page, for everything I make does not have to be sold.      I will not have a duplicate of this card on the Card a day blog I am a designer for.This card is for a friend of mine and fellow consultant, Jeanne, who is sick.  so this is the card, and it is a quick card.

This card is what I like to call my stash card.   Stash as in I did not use a new piece of paper.  It was in my scraps of paper accordion folder.   I will explain about the folder in a minute.

The recipe for this card:

Pink cardstock
Pattern paper
1 brad
black ink for edging purpose only (I used CTMH's black ink)
Recollection's blue butterflies
Kraft card blank

First of all, I edged the cardstock with the black ink.   Next, I adhere the pink cardstock to card blank.  I have it off center just a little.   Usually it is like that, because I could not center it, but this time it was intentional.   Set it aside.   I took the pattern paper, which I eyeballed the size, making it more inline with the width, as opposed to having it match both width and lengthwise. I folded up one corner, pierced a hole, so I can put the brad in.  adhere it to the mat.  I pooped up the butterflies, and stuck the "Get Well soon in the corner.   I will write a personal note in the morning.

My new scrap paper folder...

If you are wondering what to do with your scraps of paper,and you have an used accordion folder, you may like this tip.    I am currently in the process of organizing my office to accommodate my scrapbooking projects.  I have been in this town-home for about 10 years next month.  I really do not like it, but at the time, I did not have much choice.   I was making very little money, and my parents were helping out.   My rent in the old place went up from $650 to $750, and this seemed to be the best solution.   The problem was not that I had to move out of a place that I loved, but I thought that I would have a better choice then what was offered.   I wanted a single family home, and my father thought that a condo would be better suited for a person with no kids and husband.

OK, enough of that.  I really did not do anything to this home, except a few things, and now I want to really fix this place up, so if by chance I get to move this year, I could have my stuff paired down, and the place looking like someone really cares about this place, and less about a spoiled brat still wanting her way after 10 years.  Yes, I admit it, a spoiled brat.  This is also about re-purposing items that I previously bought for storing something else and using it in an new way.  In this case, it is a legal accordion folder.   For months, i stored my scraps of paper in an old boot box from a pair of boots bought in 2010.  It was perfect, except, I could not find the colors of paper I wanted, so I recently rearranged some business files to another area, and I had this empty accordion folder.   so I told the scraps out, re-sizing some of the pieces that were not quite full sheets of 12 x 12 paper, and sorting them by color.  So now I can just leaf through and find the color I want, without turning up pieces of paper, and bending the corners.

I also have a You tube video out.   I took a challenge, and it is called my top 20 scrapbooking faves for 2011.   A little late for it, and it was Injoystamping who issued the challenge.   You can find it here:   Well that is it for now.   God bless you all and good night.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Things are wonderful, really. New blog for my ramblings.

I apologize for not posting lately.   I am changing a bit, and it takes time.  I did start my new blog, and it is called My Blessed Life, and the address is  Blogger said my name is available , so I took it as a sign to use it.   This blog is still available, but it is moving in a different direction.   I am now going in sort of a business phase of it.  It will still have the personal touches that it will always have but not as much as I like it to be.  I started feeling like I was not showing you as much of my work as I should.  After all, that was the real reason behind starting the MDN Creates blog in the first place.  I want this blog to be a inspiration, not a ramble session.   I think it was something I read in December.

I was thinking about why I only have 169 people following me.   So, I saw on a couple of newsletters I follow that you have to have a focus niche.  Scrapbooking, card making, and making journals is my niche for this blog.   Then I was asking myself, "was am I giving the readers or the people who look forward to reading this stuff, My take on the subject at hand, not what is going on in my family, not what happened to me two years ago, or my views on the world?"   I will have that, but only if it ties into what I am about to show you.

I also think I have too many affiliations on this blog.  I knew it for some time, but some are not related to the subject of crafting, so I need to refine it to where it all relates to crafting.  I also want to get involve with being part of a design team, and that means people looking at my blog for determination of my entrance application.

Two years ago, I pulled my Longaberger business stuff off of this blog to separate the two, and now I am doing it again.  Its called "cleaning house", and I am doing it once again.   I only have Two posts on the new one, but if you would like to hear what I have to say about life in general, from a short, black woman's point of view, come over to My Blessed Life.   It will be fun, I promise you.   I gave it that title, because I feel like I have been blessed.  Despite my situations in life over the years, I feel like God has given me more that I can ever ask for.   I will be honest, I have act like he has not, but you know what?  he has given me what I need for the moment.  I act like this spoiled, person, who just wants to be able to afford material things, but for Him, it does not matter.  I am trying to make a new change for this year.

So this is a wrap up of things you will see from me:  (just click the title of each blog)

MDN Creates (where you at now):  Scrapbooking, card making, and journal making.   also a link to my Etsy page.
Tricia's Baskets:   Longaberger products, specials, and a link to my Longaberger My Shop page.
My Blessed Life:  Ramblings about the world, content you can put on your own blogs, organizing, travel, and household stuff (cooking, car, and family)

Well that is it.   Oh, and take a look at something I made last month:

It is a tree made out of old sheet music.   a fun and simple little project I made at my stamp club. This Monday, I get to make something out of a soda can.  I will take a picture when I get finished with it.

Until then, or the next time I post.  take care of yourself.

I invite you to a golden anniversary

Last July, my parents celebrated their 50th anniversary.   Everything was wonderful, we celebrated it at our church after services.   My dad's sister was not able to come, but her family was well represented.  Mom had 1 brother and 2 sister's attended the celebration.   My brother and sister helped with the planning, and dad decided to continue the celebration with mom and they are going on a cruise next month.   I do not know what to do with those crazy kids.

It is my turn on the Card a Day blog to show you what I did to create the perfect invite of this nature.   At first, I was going to show the original invite, which had a white and gold pattern paper, and mounted to it was a lavender paper, with the invite printed on it.  I had already taken a picture of it from last year, but  as I reviewed it, I had some personal information on it.   So I went in MS Publisher and changed it around.   In the spirit of Valentine's day, I recreated the invite to look like this:

I think it turn out better than the original.   I double matted the invite.  the first mat is a patterned paper of paper stack given to me by my Secret Sistah over the holiday season.  It is 4 6/8" x 4 6/8" just about.   The Red paper (the second mat) measures about 5" x 5 1/2".   The kraft colored invite measures 4 1/2" x 4 3/8".
The only thing that is the same is I centered the text on both of them.  You can add a fake bow to it, and that is what I had on the original invite.

I invite you to go the Card a day blog to enter in a new challenge started for the month of February, as well as check out the other cards on the blog.   All of them are really nice.

Thank you for stopping by my little blog, and have a wonderful, blessed day.