Thursday, January 20, 2011

Valentine's cards

Hello, this is a short post to give you the heads up on my cards.   I made a new set of 3 cute little cards, but they are not on Etsy.   they are on E-Willow, the child I do not talk much about.  (yes I call them my children since I do not have a real child.)
Here she is

I saw a Kristina Werner video on You tube, and I reinterpreted it ( that is industry speak for I did not have all the materials)

It is a simple card that calls for:

1 card blank ( measures 3"x6")-kraft paper
A heart stamp ( Kristina uses the Martha Stewart set of hearts, I used an unknown form stamp with 3 hearts with ribbon interwoven between them)
Red ink (I think she used colorblox brand ink, while I used Stampin Up! Real Red)
Marker (she uses her signature white pen, while I used a plain black ink Sharpie marker)
String ( I used CTMH's Waxy Flax which is discontinued)

Simple cut your cardstock 3"x6" and fold in half to create the card blank.  Next, stamp your hearts on about a third down from the bottom.  Next, handwrite "happy Valentine's day", "To my Sweetie", anything that you can think of.  If you do not like you handwriting, I recommend the computer, or if you want that handwritten look, find someone who can write well. (Preferably someone who is not getting the card). Place this above the stamped image.  Last, take your string, and wrap it around the edge about 2 or 3 times, trying to crisscross along the way.   There you have it.   Super simple.  On the inside, write a personal note.  For my E-willow page, you can click on the banner to the right.

Well that is it for now.  I just wanted to show you this card I made in 10 mins.  You can even change it up.  St. Patrick's Day is coming up, and even though I am not Irish, that does not I am not Irish in spirit, because I always need a reason to make a card.   For that holiday, stamp on Shamrocks or a Pot of Gold, with the words, "Lucky you, Me Boy (Girl)".   This size makes a perfect gift tags on a birthday present or dare I say it, Christmas present. (I know, the 2010 christmas season is not cold enough, and I am already talking about Christmas 2011).  How about a little Easter Card in the basket.  Graduation?   The possibilities are endless with this small, but powerful card.
Let me know what you think about it, and I will chat with you later.   Peace and God Bless You Always.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Etsy I {heart} you

It is not what it seems. It just means I have two subjects.


I am finally adding to my store. these are some cards that I made in the past two years, including the cards in the last post. I also made so little note cards (4) with hearts on them. At the moment, I have sort of a love/hate relationship with them. I love the fact that I can list my creations, but at the same time, because of the sales that I have been getting, they are too few and far between. Most of it is my fault. I have so many irons in the fire, until I did not have the time to dedicate to the real reason why I got into this business of making stuff and selling them in the first place. Maybe I am scared, nieve to the actual dedication? Who knows but me and God. So that is why I pulled out some of my stuff and looked at them. I did this back in November, and I can say that I did a heck of a banged up good job of making cards, and trusting my inner self to the process.
So what has changed? Dealing with the actual business end of this business. Now I see why so many people do not go into business for themselves. If we did, there would not be any problems of finding work in this country. People would find their passion, stick to it, and there would be no problem. The government is good in telling people what they need in order to succeed in small or home based business, and they are very good in telling us that it takes lots of money to run one. Yes, it does take a lot of money, but it also takes dedication, research into the idea, product, or service you want to sell. I did not just say that I wanted to make cards, and scrapbook pages, nor did I just say that i wanted to sell Longaberger products either. I thought long and hard about both businesses. I thought about the time it would take to be a success, and other things such as marketing to creditors, other people to invest into the business, and to who my consumers were going to be. Growing a business is fun, but is it also hard work, and you need everyone from family members to creditors and suppliers to work with you.

One of the things that you also need if you are a spiritual person is God. Some people call Him a higher power, but I not going say higher power, I am going to call God for who He is, and who I believe in. If you a personal relationship with Jesus, He is needed as well. If it wasn't for the prayers that I said, the prayers I asked for (and still asking for), and reading of the scriptures, I would have quit two or three months after I started with Longaberger, and I would never have started MDN Creates as well. I would have been like everyone else who has ever lost a job, or quit one.

So those of you who are on the fence about starting anything, rather it is a new part in your life or a new relationship, you may be asking me how did I get by. First and foremost, I am a very sensitive African American Female, who will cry on a dime. Yes I said it, Cry on a dime. I am a worry Wart, and a very impatient one at that. In the past 2 1/2 to 3 years, I have starting changing for the better. 20 years ago, I could not have started these two companies, but God had a plan, but in order for this plan to even start, He had to change me. I wanted things now. Oh there were things that I was willing to wait for, but they happening less and less. I started scrapbooking, which is one of the things that calms me, and I can sit hours on end just making something. I finally was able to finish school, and I have a B.S degree in marketing in 2003. Even though I am a mostly quiet person, I love talking to people, and that is one of the reasons why I started selling Longaberger (the other is the products).
Of course, you can see most of this in my bio off to the right, but I just wanted to let you know, that I can start two businesses 9 years apart, you can too, and we can beat this recession thing, and create new jobs. I now have more patience than I did a few years ago, because having a business does that to you, and I thank God for that. Now if He can help me find me a good man, who does not mind me having a couple of business, I will be happy. I don't online date.
Ok, so what I was talking about before I explained another side of why I got into the businesses that I have? OK, skip it. On to my card:

I {heart} You...

Isn't she a little cutie? The note card is lovely named: I {heart} you. I made four of them, and they are going up on either Etsy or E-Willow for sale. I {heart} is a simple card to make, and recipe calls for 1 6x3 card blank, folded in half to make it 3x3. I used a 12 x12 sheet of American Crafts paper, and cut it down to the size needed for the card. Next, I cut with my paper trimmer two sheets of Bazzill bling (unknown discontinued colors, but in the red/pink family) one 2” square in the first solid color, and one 1 3/4 “square of the second color. The third and final square, take a piece of patterned paper, and cut at 1 ½”, and adhere them together in the center of the card. You can leave it right there if you want, or take it a step further like I did, and either freehand, punch, or die cut out a heart (I used the Cricut Cartridge George and Basic Shapes for my heart), and cut two heart (I cut one at 1 ¼” and the other at 1”) and layer them on top of each other. Use a form adhesive square to raise the hearts for a 3-d effect. Take a sharpie marker (or any thin line marker) and hand write I Heart you, drawing a little heart in between “I” and the word “you”. If you do not feel comfortable with your writing, you can always do it by computer. Every once in a while I always find nothing says I love you to your sweetie like a hand written card. Make a bunch, and leave some “love notes” around the house. You do not have to wait until Valentine’s day to leave little notes. You can also make them for any other holiday or occasion, just change up the color and design.

Well that is it. Take care, and talk to you next time. God bless you.