Monday, April 30, 2012

I am behind...

Hello and good morning.   I posted something a couple weeks ago, and now I can say that I am behind on little task...getting my first items out on Etsy to sell.   I knew I was going to set myself up for this moment in time.   I am working on so many things, and I really need to slow down, take a minute or two, and really think about what I am doing here.   This includes prices (which will not be high, I promised), and transferring that data from Excel to Access.   How hard is it to get Access to read an Excel file and converting it? (Big ugly grin)  I think I can get it after two glasses of wine.  (just kidding)

I did a real boo-boo.   I was supposed to do a Card a Day post for the Card a Day Blog yesterday.  Again my oversight, and I apologize again for the mix-up.   Here is the real kicker:  I thought that I was supposed to do one for tomorrow, so I made the card, typed up the post on both here and Card-A Day Blog, I was nearing the end of the one for CAD and I was checking to see who came after me, and I got the day mix-up again.  The Card I was making is for June 1st, NOT May 1st.   It is a good thing these post can be writing weeks before the scheduled time.  So I went back in, and changed it here, and put the right date on the one for CAD.  So now that is done, I still have to do the one for Father's day, it better be a good one.

Well that is it.  I will post a card soon.   I have to.   Have a good and blessed day.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Reach For the Stars


I am trying something different.  Part of my post is coming from my phone.  Ok, one sentence.  The on board keyboard gave out.  not sure what happened.  I got the phone in December 2011.  The picture came from my phone though.  I currently in search for a new digital camera that also takes videos for You Tube.

Today, I want to show you that anyone can make a card.  What I love about 3-D stickers is the promise of quick delivery.  What I mean is you can make this for less than $10.   Also with this card, it takes about 10 mins or less to place the mat on the card and knowing how you want to arrange the stickers.   Add a note for the grad, voila, instant card.   For this graduation card, you will need:


1 card blank cut to any size.  I am using a A2 size card card blank (4.24" x 5.5")
Adhesive of your choice
Cardstock for matting (matting for this card is cut 1/8" smaller than the card blank)
1 pack of 3-D stickers from any company (I am using the stickers called Valedictorian by TPC Studio)
Your Imagination

Alternate #1:  If you know how to make a pocket for the inside of the card, place on the left-hand side to hold a gift card, check, or money. (2 minutes extra time)

Alternate #2:  If you are inviting a group of a few friends.  You can make this into an invitation.  All you need is 2 or three packs of the same sticker set.  Having 4 or more items in a pack helps, because everyone does not have to get the same sticker.  Mat with one sticker then on the inside place your invite.

Be sure to stop by the Card a Day Blog to take a look at all of the cards for the week, and enter a card in the April Challenge.

For those of you how are graduating this year or have a person, big or small, who is graduating, you earned it.   As today's card says, reach for the stars, do not let anything hold you back, and give back whenever you can.  Do well in life, enjoy, and have fun at what you do.  You can never stop learning, so learn all that you can, and never give up.   Have a good day, and be blessed.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Posting something on My Etsy Page-

I am getting rid of some supplies!!!

Folks, Have you ever get tired of looking at things that you know you will never use again?   This is where I am at with some of my scrapbooking supplies.   Everyone does it on occasion,  I have never put supplies up for sale, at least not a lot of them.  So when I get finished taking a little nap (I have not been to bed yet), I will start listing.   I spent part of yesterday, listing items in my inventory, and all I have to do is put the prices in my Excel spreadsheet, transfer them to my Access database (already created), and then write the descriptions of the products and list them under supplies in Etsy.   I grew tired of Ebay.  I do not like the fee structure, and I am out to get monetary value for my stuff, not give it away (which is what I am basically doing when I list stuff with Ebay)
Here is a clue for anyone who is reading this from a cubicle at Ebay Headquarters:  all of your competitors (Etsy, Bonanza, et.all ) do not, repeat, DO NOT CHARGE a fee after an item after it is sold.  I have lost money on many Longaberger products that way (I have not had success for cards through Ebay).  I may be wrong, but from what I have seen, I have not seen any fees from them.  OK, enough complaining about Ebay.

What will be listed?

First up will be eyelets.   I use mostly brads, and my eyelets have been sitting there for over 10 years.   The way I fasten items is I punch with my crop-a-dile to create a hole, stick the brad in the hole, and that's it.   The eyelets are collecting dust (figure of speech, they were actually well taken care of in a Close to My Heart Eyelet holder (I think that is what it is called.) ).  In the future, I plan on selling kits I make up, but for now, I am sticking to gently used items (along with anything I make of course).  So in order to see what I have, click the page link (Etsy Shop link at the top ), and check it out.  You never know what I may have.

Well I will talk to you on Friday.  I will have another post for the Card a day Blog, and it is a graduation card.   My purpose for this card is to show you how to work with 3-d stickers (such as Jolee's, EK Success, and other brands to make a beautiful card.  After all, if it is from the heart, it will surly count, and you have made a graduate's day.   Be blessed.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Mom card.

I am lucky to still have my mom.  She just had a birthday recently, and my father got her a new car, an Ipad 2, and a cruise (they took it the last week in February).  Mothers are wonderful especially later in life.  They are no longer an authoritative figure (eat your peas, make your bed, I would not go out in the rain with THAT on), but they are your best friend who now ask if you ate your peas, cleaned your house, and ask if you need a jacket)  She will always be special to me.

I am all about simple cards, and this is no exception.   The ingredients for this card are:

Card blank
Digi stamp or regular rubber stamp (in this case I simply printed a digi stamp from my computer)
Ink for edging ( used Stampin ! up's Regal Rose )
Pop dots for popping up the image.
Copic Markers (V15, V12, BG72, B91, YR00, E53, R24, YR12, G17, G82, Y15, E29, E25, 0)  The breakdown is as follows:

Hair: E29 and E25
Face: E53 and YR00
Lips: R24
Eye Lid: B91
Flowers in Hair: BG72, V12,Y15
Flower bouquet: G17 and G82 for leaves; YR12 and Y15 for flowers; E25 for sprigs

I used the 0 (blender) to help take away any ink I did not want on the image.

I printed the image on white cardstock, matted it in the same color.  Next, I colored the image.  Note:  I took no special classes other than read from scrapbooking books and magazine on how to basically color with Copic markers.  there are classes you can take, and one day I will become certified.  For now that is not in the financial plans.  I placed ink around the edges (my signature move).   I already had a card blank that I previously rounded the corners on.  I popped up the image with pop dots and placed on card.   I left the inside blank for now, but this is the card I am giving my mother on mother's day.  It is nice to have something done so I can concentrate on other things, and hopefully my brother and sister will follow through on that day.

I encourage you to take part in the Challenge over on The Card a day Blog.  Until then, I will see you later, and thanks for stopping by.