Monday, January 11, 2010

Brief post, only one card

Hello, I only have one card to show you. I will post the rest when I get finished. Here it is:
this card I am submitting for a swap in one of my yahoo groups called swapping with Disney.


1 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of current sensation cardstock. 1 12x12 sheet of Heidi Grace paper (Tip: you can make 6 cards out of a sheet of 12x12 sheet to fit a 4 1/4 x 5 1/2 card. (tip #2: write it down if you want someone to duplicate the exact paper you used. it also helps if you are going to sell your cards on Etsy, E-Willow, Ebay or any or the auction and selling sites) Cricut cartridge, Storybook (my fav). the instructions for the madalion are : (for the shadow background-Accent/Blackout button, press shift, then letter k). For the madalion itself: Accent Frame button, press shift, then letter K). I used Berry sensation for the background, and strawberry Splash cardstocks. Flower is from the Hot Spot bin at Archivers, as well as all of the paper stuff. The ribbon (which is a 1/8 inch (3 mm) red ribbon by offray. ) I think i got it from michaels at some point in time. the sentiment is left blank on the inside, while the front simply says "Happy Birthday." I tried to find something a little more, but nothing says simple like Happy Birthday. This is for a female, but you can easily turn it into a v-day card (valentine's day is coming up, in case there are any guys browsing this blog). One thing I love about cards, are you can always change up the program. follow this same sketch (or recipe I like to call them), you can make it blue for a boy/male birthday, change the background paper, or whatever hits the mood.
It has been a while but for those of you who are new to my blog, or have not read it n a while, there is a cheater's trick I learned from the Pink Stamper, Robyn (forgot her last name, sorry Robyn. ) Anyway, her blog logo is somwhere to the right of this entry, and she has some really good tips and other things. She is also on You tube ( Anyway, she uses tape to glue down her ribbon to the back of the mat on the card. just plain old Scotch tape. After you tape down both sides, you can adhere the mat to the card blank. for an added touch, snip off a piece of same color ribbon to tie a fake bow onto the ribbon itself, and it looks wonderful. another fake tip: if you have the good printer paper, use it to print your sentiment.

Lots are going on at the big basket, and new products are coming soon. I am sworn to secretsy on what they are, because I really do not know. I was shown some pictures, and that is it. All I can give you is the following specials for the month of January and this week, and that is it.

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Online specials this week:

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In case I have not said it, happy new year 2010. May all your hopes and dreams of 2009, become a reality in 2010. May God truly bless you, and I hope and pray you have peace, everlasting joy, and do not sweat the small stuff. Be patient in all that you do, and give glory to He, the one that sustains you. to Jesus Christ, Lord and savior, who is my savior. Amen.