Monday, August 22, 2011

Are these the cutest things: re-post from Tricia's basket's blog

For the last few days in August, I am featuring items, that would make perfect gifts. (OK so I am getting a big jump on this)
Halloween Travel cups (2)


It is a little early, but today’s feature is the Halloween Travel Cups (2 for $36; 1 for $18).  Last month, Longaberger debuted a Horizon of Hope Travel Cup.   I have one, and love it. FINALLY, something I can place in my car’s cup holder, without it spilling when I turn the corner, or make a sudden stop.  Well this month, it is the Halloween version of this cute little cup that holds a lot.   I am not big on the holiday, but I love my cup (yes I have this one too).  It does keep hot drinks hot, and cold drinks cold.  This cup makes great first day back at school teacher’s gifts.   I do not have kids, but what fun it would be, if for a teacher’s gift, he or she opens up the lid to find hot cocoa mix or one of the instead coffees in there.   I can think of all kinds of goodies for the teacher to put inside the cup.  If you do not have a teacher, how about a boss, co-worker, or  mailman,  As a added bonus, When you purchase two of the cups, you will receive free coffee.   This is Longaberger’s Private Reserve Arabica coffee blend, and it is delicious.
Let me explain some features about the cup itself…it measures 3 1/2” d (top) x 2/1/2”d (base) x 5 1/4 h, and it holds 10oz, so that is 2 more ounces then your average 8 oz. cup.  It is a Woven Traditions pottery piece, but it is double-walled, to allow the outer wall of the cup to stay cooler the inner wall.   The cup base is Vitrified-safe to be use in the microwave, oven, dishwasher, and freezer.    The top is made of silicone, which is included.  Please remove the top before placing item in the microwave.  Also note: Take caution when using around children, make sure the lid id on tightly before drinking
I also want to advise, that if Halloween is not your holiday for decorating and using all things Halloween, These travel cups are also available in the Woven Tradition colors (Sage, Cornflower,Butternut, Paprika, Ebony, Ivory, and Chocolate;  as well as in the Sisters line of Celebration, Golden Fields, and Medallion.), and as always, just as durable.
So I ask you once again, are these cute?  Visit to see these and other August specials.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

No card, just announcements


I am just here to have a normal conversation.  I have no complaints, headaches or anything like that.

New Website:

I am building a new website through WordPress. In fact, I am building three.  I am finding that the things I want to present on Blogger are getting too limited.   That does not mean I am getting rid of this blog as of yet.  if I, I will probably will not happen until Mid-2012 at the latest 2013.   My reasons are simple.   I have too many friends whose blogs I follow on my Blogger account.   I have not decided how long I am going to keep Etsy, whose embedded app is handled nicely on Blogger.  

My shops:

I will tell you right now, I do not have as many things set up on this Etsy shop as I would like to.  I just got rid of Artfire, who decided that paying customers are the best customers, and decided to turn many basic account customers like myself into paying customers.   I am not mad at them, I just cannot afford it right now, if people are not buying.  So not worth the $10 I would be paying each month.   When I start getting people who will buy from me, I may rethink my decision.  E-Willow is just currently sitting there with no new items either.   I  want to put an area on my new website where people can buy, because I can have a Paypal cart set up where it would go straight to Paypal.   Once I have everything in its order, I will be happy.

Well, that is it so far.   I will be working on a couple of swaps, and start getting ready for Fall and Christmas.   On the Professional and personal side, it means cards, cards, and more cards, and for personal, I hope this means a trip to the Mouse's House, Walt Disney World in December.   This trip has been put off so many times for so many reasons.   Pray that it will happen.  I have been planning this family trip since January 2009. I will show and tell next time.

Monday, August 1, 2011

New 3m product

I just wanted to let you know about an offer, especially if you are a scrapbooker.   it is the Scotch Brand dot Roller.   in case you use it, here is the link to get a coupon:

Sign up to get a sample of the roller, and get a sample a couple weeks later.   the coupon will appear on the nest page.