Tuesday, August 6, 2013

No layout Tuesday: Tips

Stock up (Copyright PLynneDesigns)
I have a tip for you today:  stock up.
I am not talking about going out and grabbing every paper line known to mankind or buying every new tool in the scrapbooking world, I am talking about the basics.
This is tip is not only for people who are just starting in the world of scrapbooking, but for anyone who has ever scrapbooks, sews, or make containers out of gourds.  Any crafter or hobbyist.  This tip does not apply to collectors.
Step 1:  Look for anything that is being used on a daily basis or anything that you cannot go without.
Step 2:  Make a permanent list of those items, like this:
            Tape runner refills
            White color paper and matching envelopes
            Kraft color paper and matching envelopes
            Black color paper and matching envelopes
            Liquid glue
            3-d squares
You get the picture.  Suggestion:  if you do not already know, your computer if you use one, makes a great filling system.  Make this a file on a spreadsheet program like Excel, that way, you can print out the list.  If you do not like that system, you can always have a little notebook, and write a permanent list in the back of it.  Here is a perfect example a video showing an inventory binder to take with you to shop. (I think I will make this one)
Step 3: go shopping
OK, this does not apply if you already have the stuff you need but it helps.   Catch things on sale (Michael’s Joanne’s, and Hobby Lobby have weekly specials)
Step 4:  buy what you need for other projects.    If there is a project you are working on, buy for that project ONLY.  This will help cut back on the clutter.   Also use Peter Walsh’s technique for combating the clutter.   As you use, replace, but you cannot buy another if you do not use it.  If you want a new tool, sell the old.
Step 5:  organize your space.
This part is a must.  The reason is with an organized work area, you can create better, and think clearer.

I hope this little tip helps.   Be blessed my friend

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