Saturday, November 23, 2013

Up on Etsy….5 notebooks: Country Charm

It has been two long months since I have posted on this blog.  I have posted on my other blogs, but not P.Lynne Designs.  Life got in the way and I had some major home renovations and repairs to do in the house.   I will not go into detail here.   I plan on posting on here from now on out to the end of the year.
The holidays are here.  In less than a week, we will all be eating turkey or whatever suits our fancy here in the United States.  I understand that the rest of the world does not celebrate, and the Canadians had their Thanksgiving last month.
I want to start out by first explaining that the notebooks I did were part of a craft fair I did two years ago.  I found them when I was cleaning out stuff, sitting in a box.  I have freshen them up, and in some cases, did the inside cover with my signature pockets on them.   When I originally made them, I realized that everyone needs a pocket to hold loose notes.  The rest I left as is.  As I find more stuff, I am going to put them on my Etsy shop which it too has been neglected since the summer.

Below are the notebooks that I am putting up for sale:

As I said, I created this and all the notebooks two years ago.   the listing on Etsy is as follows:
I decided to create and cover journals two years ago. I loved a notebook that I had covered that year a and thought to sell them in a craft fair. the fair wasn't that great, because there was 2-10 crafts fairs going on that year. none of the vendors made an outside sale that day. 
Fast forward to 2013, and I decided to put them in my shop. 
This notebook reminds me of old country wallpaper in a kitchen. My grandmother never had wallpaper like this but, if she did, it probably would look like that. On the inside is cover with rose cardstock, and the paper is standard notebook paper. Enjoy

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