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Obsessed with Scrapbooking: Two New Layout Based Cricut Cartridges Released Today!

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On this blog I am showing you, I see that Cricut is starting to finally listening to the consumer, and not having just images in their cartridge system.   They have been doing this for about a year, starting with the project cartridges (I have one which is the Mini book cartridge.)   You can only make oh so many image and font carts with doing a whole lot of repeating, and they got rid of the lite carts before I could even get started.  (Please do not get me started about what Provo Craft and Walmart did 3 years ago, I am still having issues with that move)
Do not get me wrong, I still love my many machines and the brand, but to me, Provo Craft still has a lot of growing up to do, and from what I can tell on my end, that growing up process is slow and steady.   I am still need to do 2 years worth of updating to get my Imagine to talk with Cricut Classroom (CCR), while my E2, 5 (Expressions 2, 5th Anniversary) is swimmingly happily working with it.  (Is that even a phrase, "swimmingly happily?")  E1 is waiting in the wings for the day that I have a cricut project in which all 3 machines are on, simultaneously, or E2 or Imagine decides that it is time to die.  (End of Rant-- You can go back to your regular reading)
Anyway, I am loving this new attitude that Provo Craft is taking.  The best news of all is about trying out cartridges before buying them.  I said it in the last post about Cricut, and I am saying it again, What a God sent.   I have 23 physical carts, 4 on the E2, and 1 I discovered they pre-loaded on the Imagine (You do know this?  Right? I discovered while playing around with it one evening last year).  It is not a true cart, but is helps to have some basic shapes on the darn thing, as much as it costs on HSN (Home Shopping Network) when it debuted.  (Got mine secondhand for $250 less two years later).  The process is simply:  If you have CCR loaded into your computer or Laptop.   Sorry, but no love for the Ipad, I tried it, and the software needs Flash to work it, and I do not think Apple is going to let it happen soon.   I have looked at the cartridge, "The First Few Years, on the CCR software, and I love it.   If you have a little one, it takes you from age 0 to 5 years, thus the first Few years.   There are some basic shape on the cart as well.   This does not have to be for baby, though.  It can be for the first few years as a couple, in your new home, or even with your puppy.
Well take a look at the review this blogger gives on this cart and the cart, "When I was a Kid."  I will try to make a layout based on the first one within a week before having to buy it.   In the meantime, Read the article, and give her some blog love with a comment.   Come back, and let me know you did.   Have a blessed day.

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