Thursday, January 26, 2012

%^&*%$^ my niece says

I have not written anything this year for this blog.   The last thing I wrote on this blog was Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.   That was it.   I sort of took time out to readjust and to unwind from all of the holiday affair.  You know what I mean.

I am doing a last minute blog hop, but instead of my normal "see what I made for you to see" blog hop, this is a ramblings blog hop.   I was given 4 topics to possibly write about, since I need the practice, and since I have not made anything yet,  I thought why not.  Besides that, I have a porker in the oven (I will be eating late tonight)

OK, the first topic I saw was one of those "get something off my chest" topics.   OK, I rather not.   I want to keep my readers, and add new ones.   The third one, I did not like.  It was about love, and when was the last time someone made me feel special.   I am currently not in a relationship, and the last time was when my father gave me money.   I cannot elaborate on that one.   The 4th topic is on New Year, New You, what am I willing to change or want to change in my life this year.   OK, do you have a year to read this post?  Does Blogger allow posts of that length? I don't think so.

So we have come to the second topic, and that topic is the things kids say.   As an aunt, I always get an earful of things that my niece and nephews say.   I have a 16 yo nephew who is typical teen.  My take on teens these days are they think that aunts, uncles, grandparents, and parents are the scum of the earth, and we just do not get it.  What I want to know is, what is it that I am suppose to get?   If you would kindly explain it to me, I may just get it, and hopefully I am your best friend for getting it (whatever IT is).   Next is the 4 year old nephew.  I like to call him the little professor, because he is always talking, and questioning.   If I do not get it, he will explain it to me.   Last in the nephew line is the 1 1/2 year old.  He says ball, bat, his name, and other cute things.  Repeat it once, and he has it.   He thinks kissing the mirror is wonderful.

Now we come to the meat of this topic, my niece.   she is 3 years old, and just like her 4 yo brother, can talk your ear off if you let her (must be a competition thing).   This particular day, me, my sister (her mom), and the niece had a girl's day out.   We grabbed something to eat, and did some running around. You know, girl stuff.  We were sitting at the light when all of a sudden, something strange came out of this girl's mouth.   It was...a curse word.   OK, we have all had a slip of the tongue every now and then, but for this to come out of my niece was not a shocker to my sister.   The niece said it once before, I just have not heard it.   I whipped my head around, and yelled, "what?"  I never yelled at her before, except to halt her from hurting herself one time.   Foot firmly on the brake, I whipped back around to pay attention to light changing.   The last time I heard cursing coming out of a family member's mouth that young was when the 16 yo told me at age 2 what he was going to do to my bottom.   That was a shocker too.

This is the portion of the topic where I ask, "Is this cute?"  I say no.  Kids get these words from all sorts of sources.   My sister did correct her, but I would have liked for my niece to not say it at all.  The best thing to do is not make a big deal of it.  We got to our parent's house, told mommy about it.   she had some grandmotherly words of wisdom for her little granddaughter, and that was it.   The subject has not been talked about since that time, which was before Christmas.  The matter is closed.