Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I am in a dry spell

Have you ever had one of those weeks, where you are not sure what you are going to make? I am in that spot right now, so I am trying to draw some inspiration from everywhere. Well nothing is working. I love sketches. in case you are new to the world of scrapbooking and card making, sketches are patterns of layouts or cards you can make. so say you have a sketch like this card I made in February:
then you can supply the colors and the patterns to do a host of cards with this pattern. In fact, this is a sketch that I made this card from. It is a simple card, and I love making cards from sketches, then make it my own. Goggle the word "scrapbook Sketches" or "Card Sketches" and you will pull up at least 12 websites that you can make cards or Layout from. Most of the time, I come with sketches in my head. The Disney Layouts I made last month, were from my head. There is another term for a sketch and that is the word "recipe", and it means the same thing as cooking term, which is to follow a set of instructions, after given a list of ingredients, to produce an end product. In this case, it is a card, instead of a dish of Chicken and Rice.
Disney 2:
In planning for this trip for 7, which is to take place in December 2009 (maybe), I am learning a lot about saving $$$ (dollars). there is so many different ways of taking this trip, until it is not funny. first of all, you have to get there. There is a plane or the train. There is only one passenger train, which is Amtrak, vs. a dozen airplane companies. With Amtrak, you want to ask yourself, "do I want to take the car, or not take the car?" Yes folks, there is a way for you tohave your car with you, and you do not have to rent once you get into Orlando, but my family has a problem...we do not drive Minivans, LOL. I drive a sadan, my mom drives a sadan, and my father drives both a sadan and a luxury car. every time we go on trips, we rent a minivan. solution: We will rent the minivan once we get into Orlando. We could rent a Minivan in Columbus, drive 7 miles to Lorton, VA, load the minivan on the autotrain, get on the train, unload the minivan and rive the rest of the way to Walt Disney World, except that the car rental companies charge as you drive the minivan. no very cost effect if the minivan is traveling for 12 hours, without a drop of gas being used (yes they charge when the van is sitting). More later.
Well I will post more later, when I made something. I have not posted in a couple weeks, and I did not want you to think that I have abandon this blog.