Friday, March 27, 2009

More from the world of the Mouse

I have two more double layouts that I created for this project. I just sent them off today. this is my Donald Duck Page. Two colors of blue cardstock, with the your typical double matting except the top matting diagonal, and put a piece of Making Memories ribbon on one of the mats. I cut out the anchors with Mickey and Friends cricut cartridge. As for the stickers, they were free. I was sent on two seperate mailing for a subscription to join Disney movie club. I love Disney, but I do not want to join the movie club, so the stickers that were sent in the mailings, I am using, and throwing away the rest. so I took Donald's head, and put it on blue cardstock and matted it. The second page has a embellishment at the bottom. I forgot the brand name of it.

This is the fireworks page. As you know, Disney has a fireworks show every evening. It is called Wishes, and that is what I wanted to create, a Wishes page. I double matted for pictures and a journaling block. The two quotes say to the tune of Making Wishes, and may every one come true. The quotes are by Little Yellow Bicycle, as well as the one on the Donald page (I did not take a picture of the complete page-sorry). The Mickey and Minnie embellishment and the Mickey and Pluto embellishment are by Jolee's. On the first page, I drew in fireworks exploding whil on the second page the fireworks are from the Mickey and Minnie embellishment.
I hpe you enjoy viewing the layouts (including the one from the previous post), I cannot wait to make them for me, and I hope that the layouts I made for the scrapbooks find joy and comfort to these families.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

My first Disney Layout

I got a new cricut cartridge, Mickey and Friends, and made my first Disney layout with it. the background paper is by Sandylion called Mickey Paper-Red Polka dots. It reminds you of Minnie's Dress, but I chose the Mickey Head, for no specific reasons other then it reminds people where it all started. I cut the mats with my dreamKutz Machine, and made then 4x6. The journal block is 3 x 5 aprox. For each of the pages, I have a quote. the quote on the first page has the definition of the word "Memories", and the second page has the quote, "It was all started with a Mouse." The story behind the layouts are explained in my previous entry. I am going to try to do a couple more. One more with the Cricut, and one with Jolee's embelishments.

One card.

I made a card last week. it is a monocrome purple card.

When I was an avid buyer of QVC (meaning everytime there was a scrapbooking day, I bought like crazy).
buying scrapbooking kits was my thing, until I was hired by Archiver's in 2005. I loved my craft and hobby days (now called Scrapbooking segments I believe), and I set aside my activities just for that day. I know, sick huh? well those days are behind me, and in this economy (well before the meltdown), you have to use what you have, and I did not know how much I had, until I started going through my things. I am sure you have found some things, for those of you who scrapbook. Anyway, this card was made with one of those kits I bought during one of those Craft and Hobby days at QVC. I do not have the original instructions on how to make the card they intended on being made, and I do not think they care if I make a totally different card. the only thing I supplied was the blank card. This was a generic card, but I have others that can make birthday, thank you, thinking of you, and sympathy. I believe there is a get well one too. My challenge to you this week is to make something using only what you have. if you have a page kit, do not follow their instructions, make something new out of it. Turn a scrapbooking page kit into cards, and turn a card kit into a scrapbooking page. You are only allowed to buy adhesive. Have fun with it. That is your challenge, if you choose to take it. let me know how you did.

Well that is it for now. Remember to look at my Longaberger website. Lots of new items. that address is My other challenge to you is become an entrepeneur. You do not have to be a Longaberger consultant (although I would love to have you on my team), if you make jewelery, and you love doing it, start a business. If you love giving advise about marketing, you can do that too. There are all sorts of businesses to start. I hope you find that passion inside of you, and God bless you.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

It's card night...

I know some of you are wondering when I was going to post something, besides my thoughts. Well here they are. I was looking at some of my old cards, and there are some that I do not like, and this is one of them. I was getting started with cards at the time, and this was mad in 2002 or 2003.

It was made with a card blank, I thought at the time I would like a frame around it. The frame is made with on those crochet chains, with adhesives. The thinking of you was with tag die cut, and I am not sure if I made it with my orginal sizzix machine (now with another owner, sold on ebay in 2007) or if I bought a set of diecut tags from Close To My Heart. the mesh is by Making Memories.
Now I remade the card. I did not use the same things in the card, but I did use one key element, and that is the mesh. It now red, and I stuck three flowers made with my cricut with glitter buttons on top. I am not sure if I want to put words on there or not. You be the judge.

I am having fun remaking my cards from yesterday. It shows me how much I have grown both as a scrapbooker and card maker.

This next one, I did not redo, because I love the way I made it. I made this card when I had my Original Sizzix machine (you know, big red clunky die cut machine, hard to carry, LOL) All I did was use the tulip die, cut one in green cardstock, one in yellow. Next I glued the green one to the card. I put chalk highlights on the yellow tulip, and cut off the yellow leaves, and glued it to the green tulip. Then I printed the word Spring on vellum, and glued to the card. it is nice and simple, and I like a lot, at least not to destroy it.
Well that is it for now. I will show more later. I want to thank you for viewing, and God Bless You.

Friday, March 6, 2009


OK, tonight is another No card/layout night (excuse me, morning). There is something that is sort of on my mind. It is nothing too terrible. In fact it is a good thing. I am a huge Disney fan, and the question I have to ask myself is how to get two parents, a 13 year old, myself, my sister and two babies to Disney by December? did I forget to throw in my brother, if he wants to go? I love their Christmas season, and I know it is one of the busiest times of the year, I think it will work, but I also have to be realistic. My next question is how to get a couple of Cricut cartridges of the Disney Characters cheap, without paying an arm and a leg? The first question is a cinch, if I plan on what everyone wants to do, and how much money it will take for 8 or 9 people to stay in a suite. I have taped a special from The Travel Channel called Disney on a Dime, and I have seen it new year's eve, so when they showed it again last week, I had to put it on my DVR to tape it. I am also on two yahoogroups (OK, make that three), that will help with the planning. the first group is called Mouse for Less. They have their own website,, and currently looking for more members for the yahoo group. If you are interested, a huge Disney fan, and getting ready to go to either Disneyland, Disney World, or one of the international Disney parks, I suggest you join the group. Tell Binnie and the Gang that I sent you to this site. I was on the group before, when I was planning the family's 2004 trip (minus the two babies), and had a blast. I had to let go, along with a few other Disney things, because things have gotten a little bit crazy. The other two are Disney Vacation Club groups. I will explain later what that is (Timesharing the Disney way, LOL), I may get to rent some points from someone. I had it once before, and someone rented points from me. It was wonderful getting money from someone, and they had fun at Disney, too.
The next question is not, and it is all Provocraft's fault. Why do they have to charge more for the Disney Character's cartridges? Ok, so they are license stuff, but still there is no need to charge that much for these cartridges. The reason why I want them more than ever? I have a project due by April 1st, and I either need to own a couple so I can make my pages. I already have some embellishments by Jolee's, and papers, and I can use them in a pinch, but this is a very special project. On The Mouse For Less Website, for this month, you can send in scrapbooking pages or a whole album to send to them for the children who have wishes granted to them. These children are sick, and it is sort of like Make a Wish, and they stay in this village. the organization is called Give Them the World. Well every year Mouse for Less makes scrapbooks for them, and I am trying to contribute. It is part of my make a difference campaign that Obama was talking about. I am always trying to make a difference to help out locally, so this year, why not make it countrywide, and hope that some child and their parents will be able to have memories, no matter how long they are. If you have any suggestions, let me know.
Well that is it, short and sweet. I just want to leave you with this one tip...We can all make a difference. It does not have to be huge, but you can make a difference.

Good morning, and good night.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Happy March

There is no other way to say it. I am posting this late, because I am not sleepy. I have just returned from a weekend of watching kids. in fact all three of them. Mr. I-just-turned- 13 Michael is done fine. frustrating the grandparents, but hey that is typical teen for you (turning 13 last Sunday). Mr. "Cookie Monster" 21-month old Deonte is talking up a storm, when you can understand him. He has the busiest hands on the planet, and will fuss at you when you tell him not to do something. something I need to talk about with my sister. she thinks it is cute. I think it is room for a smart mouth in the future. Then there is ms. "cute as a button" Nine'na, and her teething problems. I think that I am going to look in that mouth and she will have all 22 of her baby teeth in about a month. That is how bad she was feeling. Poor thing. she is now 5 months, and rolling over. she has strong legs, and can propel herself across the couch when she is on her back. You have to stop her when you are changing her diaper. I think we have another dancer in the making.
As for scrapbooking, nothing to post, yet. I need to get my aunt's photos and start working on her album. This is my father's baby sister. Speaking of which...his birthday is Friday, and my cousin had dinner for him, and he has to have a procedure done on the 10th, so for those of you who do, pray that results are normal. He is a suviver of breast cancer, when many people usually consider it just a woman's disease, but men have it too. It would have been 25 years since he was treated for it. more on the rest of the family later.
Well, that is it for now. go visit my website: to find out what's new with Longaberger. The new wishlist is up, as well as the March flyer. If you are local, let me know if you want to have a home show, and even if you are not, I will be happy to let you know how to have a catalog show. If you need any organizational tips with Longaberger, let me know too, as well as signing up to be a consultant. my email address is if you want to shoot me an email about Longaberger, scrapbooking, or my other love, Disney. I do read your comments, but have a better chance to answer them in an email. If you also have a testimony to share, let me know that, too.

Take care, and God bless you.