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Scrapbooking organization Declutter series #3: Ribbon, Laces, and other Fabric-like embellishments

One of the trends people who scrapbook love to do is take an ordinary, everyday item, and make it part of the scrapbooking family of supplies.   Ribbons, laces and other fabrics, which have long taken their rightful place in the sewing world, are also part of the scrapbooking and paper crafting world.   These items are used for every piece where paper is often of for handmade crafts such as mini book covers, embellishments on cards, and on alternated items.   Fabrics, like their paper counterparts can also be stamped on, made into borders, and turned into flowers.
If you have a fabric stash alone with your paper stash, you know or will learn very quickly that one small swatch can build up to your own personal mountain if you are not careful.  So keeping them organized and undamaged is just as important as the rest of your supplies.  These rules applies to all crafts from quilters to people who scrapbook.
First of all, find all of your fabrics.   If you are saving a swatch of last year’s prom dress you daughter no longer wants to wear, find the dress.  Find that pile over in the corner, and bring it in.
Now purge what you no longer need.  Yes, I know, it has sentimental value to it.   Cut off a swatch and toss the rest.   Ask yourself this question, “what project is this fabric for?  If you do not remember, go to question #2:  can I use it in another project?  If the answer is yes, put in the keep pile, if no, put it in the toss pile.   Before you toss, ask yourself this question:  Can I donate it to a sewing club, or of it is a something that you can wear, can it go to a thrift store or consignment shop?  If the answer is yes, put it in the donate pile, if not either toss it, make it into cleaning rags, or just throw it away altogether.  In your donation pile, call up your locate shelter to see if they can use it.  Chances are there is a free store or a charity who would be glad to take the clothing off your hands.
Now that you have purge what you do not need, it is time to organize.
Develop a system.  If you have been following along in this series of decluttering your crafting supplies, that system might be the same system that you developed to organize your paper.   If not, may I suggest the ROY G BIV system?   The name stands for red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet, and I added an “N” for neutrals, because you cannot have enough neutrals in your life.   Put the fabrics into like piles, and prepare to put them in containers.  This goes for all of your ribbon, laces, swatches, and things like zippers.
Now it is time to shop…for containers, if you do not already have them.   I do suggest that it is a container that is free from dust.   The rolling bins you see make excellent containers, because you can see what you have inside.   If must have a non-see-through container, take a picture of the piece of fabric, that way you know what you have in the boxes.  They also serve as excellent labels too.  For spools of ribbon, you can either put them on a pre-made ribbon holder or create on out of dowel rods.  They can go the length of the wall.  Laces can be put in see through boxes as well. Label the containers.
Finally place all fabric in one common area of the room, that way you do not end up playing the hunting game again.
Keeping up with fabric should be the least of your worries, once you have a system down.  Just remember to not buy too much fabric, know the washing instruction and keeping that information in a binder will also keep down the clutter.

Next time in part 4, it is rubber stamping time.  Until then, be blessed.  
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