Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Travel Mugs for $10...

Got Coffee? Tea? Water? How about a travel Mug? Only $10 visit to order yours. Shop early to get them before the holiday rush. perfect for all the coffee, tea, even water drinkers in your life. today Only. Get them while they last.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Want to win a Gypsy?

I ran upon this contest entry from Cartridge Helper. If you are into the Cricut machine (like I am) You already know about the hype that ProvoCraft has made wit this machine, starting with the mysterious You tube Vids. If you are not into scrapbooking, you may win one for that scrapbooking family member or friend. Anyway, click here to go to the link. Who knows, you may be a winner.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Just a note

Hello, just a quick note before I go off to la-la land. today at 9am, I will be a brunch , with Proceeds benefiting breast cancer awareness . this is the 4th year for the event, and even though it is too late for you to attending this year's event, I will post details when they come availble for next year. It is at the Longaberger Golf course in Newark, Ohio, and it is given by the members of my Longaberger branch. If you live locally, this is a good cause to raise money for the treatment of this illness. We have a silent auction, and tickets raised, and after that, you get to shop at Longaberger homestead and Factory store. I have donated 6 sets of cards for this, and the look like this:

They are in groups of 10, and the starting 2.00 for them. Sorry you cannot bid on them.. Maybe next time.
Good night, and rest well.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

A few things

Muslings-Patricia Style.

Several Things:

1) There is this celebrate going over on they are celebrating their 100th cartridge. that Cartridge is called.....(drumroll...) Winter Woodland. It is the feminine stye of Winter. The catridge has a village to build, horse, carriage. Well do not take my word for it, take a look:

I have already saved the cartridge to my wish list.

2) Sorry I have not been posting. I try to keep up with it, and to be honest, I would love to do more. Life gets in the way, and I have several projects in the works. When I get finished with them, I will post them. I am almost finished with my note cards for a a Horizon of Hope event at the Longaberger Golf course. It is next Saturday on the 19th. they are cute.

3) to make my life even more busier, I applied to be part of the Mom's Panel for Disney. What is the Mom's Panel? The Mom's Panel is supposed to be a group of mom's who answer questions for Disney, as well as make suggestions. Now you maybe asking yourself this question: Why would a single person like me, with no children in the house be interested in something like this? Simple, I am an aunt. My brother's child is not living with him. Mike is living with my parents, and right now, my sister is only interested in the party side of life, and she has two very young children (Deonte and Nine'na). they all look to me with all of the Disney answers, which is what Disney is looking for, and I hope to be a mommy soon. I am looking into being a foster parent, with an option to adopt the little bambino(a), and want to start in January. All you have to do, is when an email comes your way, you answer the question. It could be about how to get around Disney to Food allergies at Disney to what to do if your 2 year old is scare of Mickey Mouse. (Hey it can happen) The only traveling involved (so far), is a week's training at one of the resorts in December. So far, my job at Archiver's does allow a little travel, and I do not get vacation pay anyway, so why not? Now all I have to do is get approved, and they will send me an email by November 1, to see if I'm approved or not. There is already a man on this year's panel, why not an aunt.

4) Now a word from our sponsor... (you did not think I would not have a post without some cards). This time there are Two of them.
This first one, I made for a challenge on a Color Swatch board. I am starting to spread my wings a little, and this is the last hooray for Spring 2009. The Background is made from a Cuddlebug folder called Birds and Swirls. The Love is a digi stamp, and the bird is made from the Home decor Cartridge from my Cricut Cartridge. the Butterflies are from a ribbon that I received from a ribbon swap, so again thanks Elizabeth from StampOhio for sending me this ribbon. I also stickled my bird in light blue.
For the Last card, I decided that I would go almost Monocromatic. The patterned paper is from Kaserscrapbooking, cut a little smaller than the blank card, which is 4 1/2 x 5 1/2. The Purple paper (Cut from the other half of the 8 1/2 x11 paper), was embossed by Swiss Dots (cuttlebug folder), then I matted the butterfly image with same patterned paper. One of the things you do not notice on this card, is the image is in 3-d, as well as the mats. I made one slight boo-boo when I was making the card. I forgot the ribbon. Of course you do not see the mistake, but what I did to clear up the problem, was I threaded the ribbon behind the second mat, then I tied it. cool, huh? shows you what you can do with a mistake. Oh and the images are both digi stamps as well. I do not have any markers, other than your basic black and brown for Copic ciao markers, and I also have sharpie Markers, slick writers, and a couple of zig markers. so how did I get that Purple butterfly? I went back in my childhood, and grabbed a purple crayon. Archiver's has Copic Sketch markers, which are a little more expensive than the Ciao, which are smaller. Both are refillable. invest in some, if you dare.
5) Longaberger's new Fall/Winter catalog is up and has products for fall and the holidays. I am currently booking Home and catalog parties for the rest of the year. If you are looking to having a home party in your home, I am currently doing them locally in the central Ohio areas. Not sure if you are ready to receive people in your home. no problem, you can have your home party anywhere. Just drop me a line in my comments section, or email me at If you would rather skip all the fuss of a home party, and go with a catalog party instead, drop me a note, and let me know where to send the catalogs to. Looking for some extra income or just want to order? Go to my webpage, On my website, you can order products, and even sign up to sell Longaberger. Just that simple.
well that is it. If you have any questions or comments, just sign in and post. You can always email me or comment on my facebook page or Tweet me at Have a blessed day, and weekend if I d not post anything this weekend. Here to the start of a happy fall 2009.