Saturday, July 31, 2010

Ah, the joys of being a business owner

OK, I am not having a great week.  How many times does a person have to ask people to make a visit to website or shop just to get people to want to buy something?   Too many, but I love asking.  At the Longaberger consultants convention last week, the constant theme I kept hearing to get a sale or recruiting was "Just ask", so I am doing just that, asking.    Since I opened my etsy shop in January 2010, I have had no sells, just views, and not too many.   I took a risk of leaving Archivers, and this is what I get.   I am only human that I am that upset, but I have not let it show, because I am professional about it.   I would love to have referrals for both this business and my Longaberger business, so I am re-introducing myself.  Here goes:

My name is Patricia Logan, and I am a paper crafting artist,   I love what I do, and I take my work seriously, but I like to have fun with it.   some of the projects I have made in the past are

*  Cards
*  scrapbook albums
*  scrapbook pages
*  Notebooks
*  Note Cards
*  Tags
*  Invitations
*  Flyers
*  Certificates
to name a few.   I have been in this business for almost 12 years.   I am located in the Central Ohio area, but I can ship to where you live.    I love referrals, so if you or someone you know have need for card or two, let me know.  If you need someone to help sort out your photos, I can do that too.   I have an etsy shop for you to look at my samples, and all cards listed can be personalized.   It is  I am also listed under a Facebook page,called  MDN Creates.

I am also an independent Home Consultant for The Longaberger Company.   Longaberger founded by Dave Longaberger in 1973.  Longaberger's products include Baskets, Pottery, Wrought Iron, and new this year, Home Decor.   Food products and personal accessories like purses and wallet are making a return appearance in 2010.  With Longaberger, you can entertain, organize, and decorate with ease.   I first became interested in Longaberger in 1995, and became a Home Consultant in 2001.   I love showing customers how to organize and entertain with Longaberger, and I am looking forward to incorporating the products coming in the fall with what Longaberger has to offer.   What I love about the company is the friendships you make that last a lifetime, as well as the product.   In October 2010, I mark my 9th anniversary with the company.   I also love receiving referral with Longaberger, for decorating ideas with the Longaberger products, entertainment ideas, Organizing, and even if you would like to earn extra money with the company.   Just let me know.   Again, I am in the central Ohio area, but I have consultants on my team from across the country, including California.    I have a blog about my Longaberger career called Tricia's Baskets and More, and a Facebook page called Tricia's Basket and a contributor to the Find a Consultant Page.   My Shop with me website is listed below along with the others.  There is a sale ending to today, Canister sets, as well as July Specials.   Thank you, and God Bless you all.

My Facebook address:
My Shop with me website:
MDN Creates Facebook page:!/pages/MDN-Creates/116976838340283?ref=sgm
Tricia's Baskets:
Tricia's Baskets and More:!/pages/Tricias-baskets/114695398560531?ref=sgm
Twitter Page:
Etsy Page:

I also have some retired products for sale on ebay that will be ending soon: search under plogan721

Email :
Well, that is all I have for today.   Please, Thank you in advance, and God bless you.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Etsy #2 and organizing

I have just went crazy over the past couple of nights, making note card sets, and putting everything that I made on my Etsy store. I have 3 4x3 (2 landscape, 1 portrait) note card sets, and two single note cards. I hope you visit my shop at Etsy. It is I want to try to change it to my shop name.

Now for today’s article: Organizing a space or a whole room.

First a few acknowledgements: I want to thank the many people who allowed me to visit your scraproom online. You have made have made a girl’s heart flutter, not in envy, but in awe and admiration. You all are brave to show many of us how you keep your rooms so organized, no matter how big or how small they are. You have inspired me to keep my little room better, and I am in the process of getting it better organized. You have encouraged me not in words, but just by showing me how it is done, especially Creations by Christine, the Pink Stamper, and Margret. God Bless You all.

To the rest of us: If you have ever visited You Tube, Halo, Hulu or any other video streaming site, you know what I am talking about. Those rooms, that make you wish you had it all. So you run to different scrapbook stores, getting the latest and the greatest trends in scrapbooking, spending thousands of dollars on stuff you need for that perfect album, or card. One day, as you are cleaning up, you wonder where, when, and how you got so much stuff. Aha, you just got enabled. Oh don’t worry; I do it all the time. Someone emails you about the stamp set they just got for $1, and you have to have it. This article is not about budgeting your scrapbooking stuff. I am not ready to talk about that yet, because I am not ready to tell myself how much I got. I know, but I am not ready to admit it. Two weeks ago, I just had to get my first Cricut Lite Cartridge, Splish Splash. I did not need it until last night. I also have a layaway out for stuff I am getting at Cutter’s Creek. My next payment is Sunday. After that, it is two more payments, and I am done. I am here to talk to you about organizing your stuff. These tips I am about to give you are from my experiences with organizing. There are many people online and locally, who do a heck of better job than me, but I do not charge $40-60 per hour. This is free advice.

How to organize your Crap…Uh stuff.

OK, I admit it, it is crap until I use it, and I use my stuff every day, so it is stuff. That is what I say every time to myself. I love my stuff. I love being able to make something with my stuff, but I would love to find it more. I live in a townhome. It was built in 1973, so by 2010 standards, it is a small, townhome. It has two stories, but there is enough room for the basics: me, one other person, and the basics, clothes, shoes, food, you get the idea. The builders who built the home did not plan for the future: hobbies and a couple of businesses. Enough of that. So the first question you ask yourself, what is the lay of the land (your home), and do you realistically have room for your crafting hobby? If you do, congratulations on a job well done. If you don’t, do not give up on your dream room, find the room. I have found the room. Since it is just me, I am using an office space that is actually meant for my dining area. My computer is in the corner, and a crafting table butts up against it. Where’s my dining table? Right next to my sliding door in my living room, the biggest room in my whole townhome’s downstairs area. I do not have a china cabinet. Right next to my computer table is a 3 tier shelving unit that will be moved next month. Why? To make room for Jetmax cubes that I am going to buy. The shelving unit will be placed behind the couch. The next question you are going to ask, where to place it all:

If you have not done so, do a little shopping spree. I know more shopping, but this time, you are not, repeat, not going to buy one single thing. You are going to shop with your digital camera. Schedule a time to go. If you are working, go on you day off or use vacation time. This does not apply if you are not. If you have a business like I do, find time off. This is an all-day process. Next, if you have cash, take only $10. This $10 in for emergencies ONLY, in case you run out of gas, or need something to eat while out. This is not a “Need to get that piece of paper” $10. If it is less, use what is on hand. Take out all your credit and debit cards. It is just for one day, and I am sure they will be missed. Before you leave the house, take a picture of your room, and take measurements of the walls and anything that is permanently in the room. You will need that. You are ready to go shopping. Hey you, by the door…I see you picking up that extra $20. Put it back.

In a Walmart, The container store, or any store with storage containers. Go window shopping. Take a picture of the following: Item and price. If it is sale, you may be able to get it at the sales price later. It is called negotiation or haggling. We will get to that later. Before you take that picture, look at your room, and picture that item in your room, holding your paper, cartridges, or embellishments. If it looks good, take the picture. If not leave it alone. With your note pad, write it down, if your camera all of a sudden will not take the picture. You will need the picture later when you talk to the manager. Ask questions about the item in question if you have some. It is better to ask now then later. Have a backup container in mind, and take a picture of that as well. When you are finished, go home, or to another store. When you get home, write in a pad or on your computer in a word processing everything that you did. If you can download your pictures from your camera, do so. You need to reference to them from time to time. No use taking out your camera each time.

The real work begins…

The first important rule is to purge. I do not mean get rid of everything. I once read that if you have not used it in a year, toss it. By tossing, I do not mean throw it away. If it is still good, give it to a local senior home or daycare center. It may be that chipboard you thought you were going to use or a friend though you might like the eyelet and brad of the month club. Hey, those eyelets and brads makes a good tax write off, and you feel good in the process. If it is no good, throw it away. Once you purge, decide in what location will you put it all. During this time, document it, and put it in a scrapbook organization book, that way you can reference to it later. I would also document it in pictures, that way, the insurance company can see what you have, especially electronic diecutting machines, in case of thief, fire or natural disasters. Lastly, go back to the store where you found your organizational goodies, and make your real purchases (yes, you can put your charge and debit cards back into your wallet now, and well as that $20 I saw you sneaking into your pocket.)

Next time, we will get down to the nitty-Gritty for when you do not have any money. Did you know you can shop in your own home? (I am not talking about online shopping.)

Monday, July 12, 2010

Oh, I forgot... to post my shower invite.

Happy Monday to you all. Thanks first of all to the people who gave me positive feedback on my first article. It was fun, and I plan on doing more. it gives me something to do while I am developing my card business, and maintaining the other one. I never knew how hard it was to start a business that you are passionate about, and I am passionate about scrapbooking and card making.

Unfinished projects:

A friend of my mother's got married this past weekend, and I told mom that I forgot to ask to ask Miss Helen if she wanted me to do her wedding album. Mom reminded me of all the personal projects I have yet to complete: Mike and Deonte's toddler albums (Mike is 14 and Deonte (de-de) is 3); put Nine'na's baby layouts in an album; my 2004 Disney World album (adding in my 2007 Disneyland layouts somewhere in there); and start My Book of Me album. I also need to update daddy's album (a 6x6 one with the Air Force emblem on the front). So with that being said, I have a tip: Never start something that you are not going to finish. I just need to find the time to organize my unfinished projects, and weave in new ones. Thank God for Photo DVD's. I need to take both camera's (mine and my dad's) to put them on disks, so the cards can be erased, and ready. I need to do them this week, because, I need to take pictures for the baby shower, and for the Bee next week. (Longaberger consultant convention).


Shower invite:


As I said in the intro, I have a baby shower to give. I am going to be an aunt again in September (or sooner, this kid is trying to get out in the world). He is giving my future Sister-in-law a run for her money. So here is a picture of the invite for Mindy's baby Shower:



 For this card I used:

Bazzill blue Cardstock for a card blank: (tip: making your own card blank is much cheaper then buying a pack of 10 and sending from $3-$5 on the average, especially if have to make more than 10.)
Bazzill Limeade for background paper one (cut about 3.5 x2.5 in)
Patterned baby Boy Striped (forgot the name that quick) (cut about 2 x3 in) (another tip: If you are going to make the card again, take lots of notes, including what sizes you cut the pieces.)

For the baby on the card: The baby was cut from the Everyday Paperdolls cartridge for the Cricut. I did not want to do a blue on blue monotone card (in case Sidney still turns out to be a girl, even though he did show his winky in the ultrasound, LOL). I gave baby a green bling body (Bazzill bling), and a tan head. In case you have the EDPD Cart, the whole config is on pages 28 and 29.

The ribbon is stash, but it is made by Offray (1/8 ") green.


 The inside invite was created on the computer, and printing on vellum with the words at top saying: You are invited to celebrate Mindy and Leon's baby shower. It list the date, time, where hosted and the hosts, and when to respond (we have 3 so far other than family).


 A Gratitude of Thanks:


Well that is it for now. You'll be sweet, and thanks for taking a look at my blog. God bless each and every one of you, and I do say a collective prayer for each of my online friends. you encourage me, even when you do not say a thing, and even if you just drop by for a minute, and don't join. I know you are there. There are a lot of scrapbooking and card making blogs that inspire me, and I do not want to name some and leave out others, so a collective thank you as well. OK, I will stop now, before I get mushy, and I have been known to do that. Keep doing the good things in life, and even though I may not say thank you right at the moment, my smile says it all. God will bless you for it. I have many mantras, but one of my favorites is, "I do all things through Christ, who strengthens me." For this I owe Him all... my life, my joy, and my businesses.

Thank you,




Friday, July 9, 2010



I am stuck, but not really.   I want to talk about what I have been doing with this business of mine, but how many times do you really want to hear about the card I made, how my day went or where did I go on this day?   Articles, is the answer.   I did a little research by visiting different blogs, and one thing they have in common is a variety of things they made, and articles.   So, I have decided to follow in the same path of having a article every other week. 

Journaling, the Windows to One’s Soul and One’s Memories.

Memories, in the corners of my mind”, is the first line of the song, The Way We Were by Barbara Streisand. She goes on singing about misty water color memories, smiles being left behind, and how things were so simply then. Everyone has memories of things they did, events that happening in their youth, and the first time they tried something; like a new food, or a new country. These memories are all stored in that part of the brain, that helps us recall these memories in an instant. To not experience anything in your life, can be very boring, or worst…death to one’s psyche, soul, and does not allow a person to grow.

This article is not about experiences, and how to make new ones, but how to capture that experience, and to show people, for example, that little café in Mulan, and that waiter with the funny accent who got the order wrong, or the baby who started walking at 8 months, instead of the usual 10-12 months. Scrapbooking and Journaling are two of the many ways to capture those memories, and to hold on to them, if only for a little while.


Journaling, according to my definition is the writing of one’s experiences, usually in a notebook, to note a particular event in one’s life. Some examples are:

• A girl’s diary entry about how her parents made her mad that day, because she wanted to go out with her friends, and they said no.

• A good review on a restaurant a man visited while in Houston, Texas during a family vacation.

• A mother’s entry on the day her 10-month old son said the words stop and go on that day.

• An entry on a woman’s first day after she found out she had breast cancer, and her reaction to the news.

• A Christian’s faith journey with God.

These are all examples of journal entries being made across the country, and many parts of the world. If two people were journaling, and saw a baby bird fall out of a nest, the first one may write about that experience, and how they helped the bird get back in the nest, while the other may mention that while they were sitting, the bird fell, and they did nothing. Journaling is all about the experience that one takes in life or that event.


Journaling can be taken a step further, and that is where scrapbooking steps in. Take a picture; write about what is going on in the picture, instant journaling. Scrapbooking, one might say, is a visual representation of what is happening, and where is it happening. Now the reader has something to look in addition to reading the entry. Scrapbook albums usually run in themes:

My 2004 Disney Trip

Andrew’s school days

My wedding day

The Book Of Me

My Nana-a Loving Tribute

My Walk with God

Unlike journaling, scrapbooking takes on a more creative touch. The components include:

o The album: Baby, school, Wedding and Travel are the most popular and automatically suggests a theme; while a blue book allows the creator to pick a theme.

o Paper: again, select from hundreds of sizes, shapes and color for a theme. Sports, baby, travel, Wedding are popular; One with neutral stripes does not suggest a theme.

o Embellishments: There are tons to choose from. Stickers, flowers, die-cuts, and gems are the trend.

o Journaling: This where pen meets photos, but if a person does not like their handwriting, there is always the computer and a good word processing program like MS Word, or Corel’s WordPerfect.

One important thing is YOU DO NOT HAVE TO FOLLOW ANY OF THESE RULES!!! A person can throw out the rule book for scrapbooking and journaling, and no one will never know, except another trained scrapbooker, and then who cares. Do keep in mind that the more you put on a page, it will be harder to keep it closed, so less is best. Think in terms of an interior decorator. Like an interior decorator, it may be nice to add every single thing on a page, it is better to break the layout into several pieces. Ask yourself these questions:

What is the focal point of the page?

What is the theme in the whole album?

What is the color scheme?

What is the style?

Traditional vs. Digital

Do a digital form of scrapbooking and journaling. The only extra thing that a person needs is a bigger external drive, or a flash drive. Create a scrapbook with digi-stamps; the most important thing is the accomplishment a person gets when an album is finish for family and friends to enjoy, and to have those same memories that are in the corners of their mind as well.

In my next segment, I will go further in the process of creating that wonderful book of memories. God bless you and talk to you next time.


Note:   I have added a couple more cards on my Etsy Shop.  Click here to visit.