Friday, July 12, 2013

Quick Note Tip: 3 x 3 note card and envelope

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Need a quick note:  Make 3 x 3 cards.   They are super simple.

Materials needed

  • Cardstock (any size) cut into 3' x 6' strips
  • Patterned Paper cut into 2 3/4' x 2 3/4' squares
  • Small embellishments, if desired
  • Small rubberstamps, if desired
  • Ink for edging or rubberstamps
  • Envelops (hand or pre-made) 3 x 3 
  • Optional:  index cards with lines, cut slightly smaller than the inside of the card.


  1. Fold cardstock in half.  Use a bone folder to crease.
  2. Note, you can also score at the 3' mark to keep the paper from splitting when creasing
  3. Adhere (glue) pattered paper, embellishment, or stamp on front of the card with rubber stamps.
  4. If you are using the lined index cards, adhere (glue) to the inside of the card.


  • Try to match the background paper with the envelops or use Kraft, Black, White, or Ivory envelopes.
  • These note cards can be any size or shape you want.  be sure that you have the right size card with the right size envelope.
  • Perfect project for getting rid of large pieces of scraps
  • For Packaging:  use cello bags, boxes made for cards, or tie it up in twine or ribbon for the person who loves stationary sets. 
Video Instructions from You Tube: Making a 3 x 3 card and envelope

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