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Tip: How to use brochures and maps in a scrapbook page...part 1

When most people travel, they bring back with them a ton of brochures of places they have been to.  While this is a good thing to show the family what they have been missing while you have were away having fun, it can be clutter, unless you do something about it.
In this example I am going to use my 2004 trip to Disney.  You got that right, 2004, and I collected tons of brochures and maps of the parks, which have change a lot since I was there.   
Box of 2004 brochures and maps
They have been in a box waiting for me to do something to them since that trip.  See the welcome home folder? I was at the time a Disney Vacation Club member, so that was my welcome home folder with all the goodies me and my family received on that trip.   I have the membership card sitting next to me, also ready to be put in a scrapbook for my viewing pleasure.  Now a word from the organization experts about this sort of thing:   "If you have not used it in a year, toss it, give it to charity, something, either use it or lose it."  My words, their thoughts, and they are right, but I did not toss it in 2005 like I was supposed to. The only proper way is to use what I want and toss the rest away.  After all, I will be getting new ones in December, including and hopefully a new DVC Card.
Now you can go about this two ways (there are more, but for now, let's stick with two ways):  scrapbook with or without photos.  If you scrapbook with photos, make sure you have photo friendly paper behind the photo, since the brochures are not printed on that kind of paper.  This is great when you have people or characters in the photo or want to highlight something special (baby enjoying her first Dole Whip).  You can always get archival mist, but that can be a bit on the messy side, and it might make the colors in the brochures run together.   If you decide to go this route, make sure you test first.   The second way is without photos, and this is for when you did not take any, they turned out horrible, or you want to keep something like a Smash book.   For this example, I am doing a layout with photos, because I found them.  (Do not ask, just know that I found them, LOL)

Step #1:  Gather your photos.  I would start by separating the majority of them by scenery, areas of the park, or themes.   like this

Do not let this pile fool you.   It is only temporary, if you let it.  The photos are not going to deteriorate that fast, but you do have to do something with the pile of photos.  if you are not going to work on them for a while, get a photo-friendly envelope, which are available in most places with a photo kiosk near by (such as a drugstore or a local scrapbooking store (LSS)).  As you can see, I wrote down where I took the photos and the date of the photo.   Since it has been so long, I placed the year on to the slips of paper.   A paperclip or rubber band will do until you can put them in envelopes.

Back to the layout...

I decided for the purpose of this demonstration to go with this photo:

We were about ready to ride the train around the park, and I decided to snap this picture.  It was the perfect shot, and I am titling the layout, Walk down the Middle of Main Street USA, after the song by the same title.
To me, this started my day (even though we had been to Epcot the day before)

Now that I have choose my photo (and feel free to choose as many as you like, just do not over crowd your background paper).  I decided to choose to scrapbook around this one.

Step 2:  Will it be one page or two?  Oh and while I am at it, what size will it be?

The beauty of scrapbook albums is you can use pages as an one or two page layout spread.   I am usually a two spread layout girl myself, because I want to get the most bank for my buck with two pages.  This time, I want to challenge myself and so a one page.   This is great for a layout for one photo.  Since you will be using your brochures and maps as well, you can easily have one layout for the photo and those materials and the other for just the brochures.

Well that is the end of this post but not the end of this layout, stay tuned for part 2 where I will show you how to choose your paper, style and other goodies.   Have a blessed day

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