Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I am joining a design team

Finally, I am free to do whatever I want in the paper industry.   I asked a couple weeks ago about getting Copic Marker Certified.   Oh, did I tell you that these certifications, including getting MS Office certified, which I also want to be, cost a lot of money.   Look, with me trying new things, which also makes me busy, not to mention that I have two businesses to run, and to make my father happy, get signed up with a staffing agency (he still does not know that I left Archivers, but my mom knows, and they live in the same house), I do not have the kind of money they require.   Plus, the certification class for Copic Markers in Columbus is the same weekend as my church's anniversary, and my mom's birthday.  so I have to wait for the next class.  It is also the same weekend as the Scrapbook Expo on the Ohio State Fairgrounds, and I want to go that Friday (yikes, it is next weekend, where did the time go?).

So I am thinking, "what do I need to get my name out there, besides word of mouth, Etsy, and Ebay to name a few?  Enter being on a design team.   I know it is a stretch, but besides having a video here and there about scrapbooking and card making (oops, excuse me, papercrafting) on You Tube, which I do, but not about papercrafting, yet.   I am submitting a card on Cutter's Creek, an online company, which I am very familiar with, since I buy there, and on a couple of Yahoogroups owned by the  owner of Cutter's Creek, Kim Bush.  So I do not join just any old design team.  not me.   even though I have not met Kim in person, I trust her, and she tells the truth of what she has availble, and what is not availble.   so you want to see my entry?   Here it is

(ok, I really hate the way Blogspot have you make your entries after add a photo.)   Anyway, the minimum requirements are, and what I did are: 1 die cut from a machine.  of course, I have the Cricut, and I used the Home decor Cartridge, Cupcake.   I now know there are other Cricut carts with the cupcake on the cart, so I cannot wait to get them.  I am into cupcakes these days, both making them, cutting them out, and of course eating them, LOL.  the next element is a ribbon.  I chose a thin ribbon in a sort of poppy red by Offray.  the next is ink somewhere on the card either stamped or as an edger.  I actually have ink three places on the card.  Around the edge, stamped on the circle,   also centered point cut on the stamped cupcake with the Cricut Storybook cart, which is edge in Chestnut Brown by VersaMagic, then I crumbled the circle to make it even more distressed.  the cupcake was colored by Copic Markers: Cadium Yellow (Y15), Pure Pink (RV23), Forest Green (G17), and Cardinal (R59).  The pattered paper is by a now retired Archivers exclusive by Daisy D's.  the collection is called Moda. It is no longer availble, and I finally used it.  I cannot remember what project I originally bought it for.  I just know that I did a lot of impulse buying back then.  It was Archivers first collection done by a major company, and today, if you happen to go into their stores, they have a lot of collections by major companies like K and Co.  The circle piece of cardstock in from Archivers.  The ribbon I bought at Frank's Nursery and Crafts when they went out of business. the little bit of bling by the Happy Birthday?  That is by Hero Arts, part of their Sparkle Clear Collection, Coffee.   It is a set of clear stamps, and small gems. the feux stitching was made by a thin Sharpie marker.  Well, that is that.   I had mentioned in my last post, that all my Longaberger entries have been switched to a new blog (oh, that I forgot to ask my leader last night in a meeting if I was really allowed to have).   Well, I will post later if I am on or not.  I must say that I missed one important part of the card:  The Small Cupcake.   I did not just design that one out of the air (I wish I could draw).   the stamp is by Stampin UP! and it is part of a stamp collection, called Two Step Stamping, from their 2004 book.

ok, now I am finished.   God Bless You.

Monday, March 1, 2010

...and I am on a roll

Made 8 more cards.   This method uses no electricity whatsoever (unless you count the lights used to see, LOL).   Yes, folks, I made 8 (count them) non-Cricut cards.   Meaning I did not use the cricut at all.  I could have used the cuttlebug on this, but that is for the next set of cards I do that way.  

First of all, the method I used (but not in the manner it is suposed to be), is called the one sheet Wonder cards.   What is the One sheet wonder card method?   This method, invented by someone on Split Coast Stampers (website:, is where you take a sheet of 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of cardstock, and by following a set template for cutting, can produce 8-10 cards.  You can find the real instructions and template on that site or I found it on .   Ok, so here is where I went wrong:

Although I am pleased with the results (made 8 cards), I did not use a sheet of 8 1/2 sheet of cardstock.   I used a sheet of 12 x12 patterned paper.  Even though I personally do not think it matters to what size you use, it is important that I now know that you do not have wasted paper at the end of your little project.  I did have wasted paper.   Rot Roh.   So when the instructions say a sheet of 8 1/2 x 11, use that size sheet.  the rest of it can go into my scrap paper box.   Next, I did not do the second set of instructions either, which was to take preferrably a white sheet of cardstock and three color inks with three different sizes of rubber stamps.   OK, if you are in a hurry,love a favorite paper company , do 2-page layouts, and you have one sheet left, because you bought 3 sheets, save the energy, and cut up that sheet.   Other than that, I followed the rest of the instructions, which was to make any type of card from those pieces you cut from.   So without further ado, here are the cards, they are mostly love and Thank You cards:

So this these are the cards.   Like I said, I love them, I just did not follow the exact instructions for a "green-friendly" card making time, which I do not know if that was the original intention on the original creator's part, but I will follow her instructions from now on, LOL.

Good night, and,God Bless You.  thanks for reading.