Thursday, February 13, 2014

An update to the last post and a cute little heart you will love to make…

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OK, now that all the crafting negativity is out of my life, I can make a decision that I know that some people will not like, but I know deep down I made the right one for me and my readers.  I decided to go ahead and buy the Cricut Explore, but first I had to make sure this was the right decision.  I had finished watching most of the YouTube videos on the machine, and now it was the matter of money and timing.  I had not used my Cricut Expression 2 machine in 4 months, partly because I had lost my power chord when I remodeled, and I really was not in a crafting mood.  I made Christmas cards, but I made a very simple, non-die cut card, which was a departure for me.  True be told, everyone was starting to say that Christmastime was the one time of the year that a Cricut (either my Expression 1, baby bug, Expression 2, or Imagine) was always attached to my hip.  It had been 6 months since I used my Imagine. Then I prayed, because this is what I do when I come into a decision I needed to make, no matter how small it was.
So, midnight came, and like everyone else who made the decision to buy one, I watched the presentation.  You know what?  HSN (Home Shopping Network) always have the heavy hitters out for a premier event, because they want to make sure that they can tell you why you need it.  Well buddy boy, I had already made that decision BEFORE you ever started talking.  So, I am not that type of person.   Cricut was having a party, and the guest of honor, besides the machine itself was Designer Anna Griffith.  She had partnered with ProvoCraft on some design cuts exclusively for anyone who is going to buy the machine.   Now for the PSA:  host announces how many they have left in stock, and I have not looked on my computer yet, I was just watching the presentation.
Next, they threw in the hook (you know they always need a hook.).  A 3-month free subscription to their SVG files.  Even though you do not need it, because you can cut out any SVG files on the internet, they decided to throw it in anyway.  Now it is down to fewer than 1,000 machines, and I am still watching.   I finally ordered when they were down to 500 machines, and I saw a cute rosette on the wall.  Welcome, home décor, come to mama!!!  So click, click, click I went on the keyboard and mouse, making sure that I have my account pulled up, and that all of my info is correct from the last time I ordered something (E2).
Did you know you can link up your Paypal account to HSN now?  Great option for anyone with one, and take the flexpay option, which I did.  Now, all I have to do is wait on my paycheck to hit today, and I am set.   The machine arrives on March 18th.  I will have a review shortly after I get it.  In the meantime, enjoy
this cute little heart for Valentine’s Day.