Saturday, May 8, 2010

National Scrapbooking Day and a class


I know it is late, but i just wanted to just jump in for a moment, before I go to bed.   I am sorry I did not post anything last Saturday.   I was very busy for National Scrapbooking day.   I got up at 7am, got out to the Spring Preview for Longaberger, Participated in a style show.   Next, I was at my parent's home waiting for my brother and his girlfriend to come over from Dayton, Ohio.   He is going to be a father soon (the 14 year old nephew is his son by a previous relationship).  I am going to be an aunt to another boy.  So as of September, I will have three nephews and a neice.  I so need to give this girl a girl cousin to play with.   That is not the reason for wanting a girl, I want to teach her how to dance, play the piano/organ, appreciate and respect God, love Longerberger products, getting all glammed up, and to scrapbook.   in other words, a little mini-me, LOL.   I am just kidding about some of it.   I do really want to teach her about God, and how to feel good about herself, that she can do anything she sets her mind to.  She just need to respect things  like to do, and that she can do that, or something else that is good for mankind, not destroy it.
Anyway, after that, I got ready to go sing in a choir for a local church.  By the time I got back home, finally, it was 10pm, much too late for me to get started with anything for NSD.   I am bummed out about that.   the program I attended and sung in, was a program about poverty, and indifference of different races and lifestyles.   The conclusion was that has gone one far too long, and that it must stop now.
I should be in bed, because I have my first scrapbook class to teach at my church, and I hope and pray that people will show up.   It is for all ages.   I am just introducing the world of scrapbooking to them, and how they can create beautiful book of memories.   I just wish I had time to make a faith-based layout for them.
Well goodnight, and God Bless You.  Oh, and go to my etsy page for my latest stuff., or just click to the side if you want to read the descriptions of each card.