Tuesday, April 30, 2013

My Etsy Shop has been rebooted

I have rebooted my Etsy shop, which now has the new name, P. Lynne Designs, and new items.   At the moment, I am crafting by adding new items, and I have dived into the world of digital documents for people who keep or want to keep home management manuals for their home.
So these are the items I have listed:

This first item is a 3 card set with envelopes.  I have a love for shopping, and this is dedicated to all of those who also have that love.   I have forgotten the name of the paper, but it has French writing on it.  the bag is a die cut made with the Cricut.   I distressed the front and the sides.   the bag says "shopping" on it.  The envelopes are made from Kraft color paper.  You can check out the listing under "Related Articles"

The next item is a set of 4 cards, tags, and envelopes.   My challenge at the time was to see what I can make out of a card kit.   The card kit is a retired kit from Close to My Heart, and it is a spring card set.   The tags have flowers on them that match the cards, and the envelopes are made out of vellum.  

The last card set is a set of 6 cards, again made from a Close to My Heart Set with 6 vellum envelopes.   Each card is different but there are 2 Just for you, a Thinking of You, Thank You, Happy Spring, and a non Sentiment card.  all are have the same pattern, just done in different ways, and I had fun doing it.   The point of the challenge comes from another post I had last year.  Use a kit and think outside the box.  You do not have to make the design that is given to you, especially if you are not a beginner and you already have a design in mind.   I love seeing what I can do with the materials that were given to me, and make it mine.

Digital Products.

As I said at the top of this post, I am trying my hand in selling digital products.   For the moment, it will not be cards, but I want to get into invitations.  I have seen several digital products on Etsy, Ebay, and the others.  All you need is your computer and printer to print it out.  The only thing that I do ask of is since the file is made for the person buying the file that it is not sold as part of another package.  These files were meant to be sold for personal use only.   I do not mind creating documents for a business, because I am a freelance writer as well.  I just asked that these documents would not be sold that way.

The first one is a Daily To do list.  It is arranged so that a person can go room by room, and write out what needs to be done.   Print it out on you paper as needed.  I just printed it out on the paper I had in my printer at the time, which was spiral bound paper.
As you can tell by the picture, You can list up to 5 things to do in each room.  I hope you do not have more than five.   If you do, let me know, and I can customize the file to your preference.

   The last one is the same thing, only this is a monthly to do list.  This is a month by month list, and it is also organized room by room.   This is for those things that you need to do on a monthly basis.  

These two are the beginnings of a home management guide I am putting together, and I hope I will have it together by fall.  Why so long?  This is a teaser, but I am working on a beginners scrapbook e-book.   This is for those who either want to scrapbook and do not have the money or the patience to do it, or those who want a refresher course in it.  I am almost finished with the writing portion of it, and then there is the editing and other things that an e-book needs.  I will let you know when it is finished.

Well that is it for now.  I do hope that you do check out my Etsy shop, and I have started to add to it more every day.    Have a blessed day.
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Friday, April 26, 2013

Mother's day is in two weeks

Get $25 back when you buy a Cricut Mini!

Mother's are always in a crafting mood.   Give Mom something to craft about.   Click the link to learn more.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

For all of you who own a gypsy.... and using your resources wisely.

cricut s
cricut s (Photo credit: zcopley)
You can now connect the Cricut Classroom to your gypsy.   I found the information on this website, but you can always find out on Cricut.com.  I personally do not own a gypsy, and never had a desire to do so.   My reasons are simple, I have never been great at multitasking outside of the home.  For instance, the way that Provo Craft marketed the Gypsy when it first came out was to be able to design a layout while at the doctor's office or a little league baseball game.   OK, first of all, the reason why I am at the doctor's office is to get well, or when my oldest nephew played baseball when he was little, I am there to cheer him on and to encourage him to get to the next base, or to catch the ball.  the last thing I want to do is to take my mind off of those goals, and place them on some machine that I can use at home.  Some people are able to do that, I applaud them, and I  am not criticizing them at all to be able to design something and concentrate on cheering their child on during a dance recital at the same time.
It does not mean that I do not like the concept of the Gypsy.  I think it is a neat little gadget, and would be happy to use it in my home, away from my craft room and computer.  For that I love that Provo Craft decided to address that issue for the person who uses their gypsy outside the home environment, like at a crop.  They can download their pieces into the Cricut Classroom (CCR), and cut it out on their Cricut.   You do need to link the cartridges to the gypsy.   You can also go online, load the I am still waiting on the day that I can link my Imagine machine to CCR.   They have tried in the past, but the download to the machine takes forever in a day to get it correct, and that is something I want address ASAP.  So if the powers that be are reading this post, please, please, please, make it so I can use CCR on my Imagine machine, which I feel you have ignored for a very long time.   There are people who own this machine, and it is about time you give it props.
until then, I will continue to use my Imagine on an as needed basics.

A tip about resources.

This tip not only is for scrapbookers and other crafters, but for anyone who can use a little bit of information.   Keep a notebook of resources on hand for when a problem arises.  You can place anything in there, and you can even keep a digital copy on your computer too.   I have a 2 TB (that's T as in Terabyte) hard drive that I can unplug from the computer.  I store all the information I get from the internet there.  This includes projects I would like, information on my machines, scrapbooking techniques and other things I would like to keep a record on.  Yes, I know that is what the internet is for, but I also want easy access to the information.   I like to call it my book of resources, and I keep a binder on the important subjects I need.

I hope you find this helpful, and if you have any questions or comments, please place them in the comments section below.    Thank you, and have a blessed evening.
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Friday, April 19, 2013

Quick Note: Name change to Etsy Store and Facebook Page

As you know, I recently change the name of my blog to P.Lynne Designs from MDN Creates, a name that I love, but it does not show professionalism on my part.  I have made a couple more changes to reflect the P.Lynne Designs name.   I just change my Facebook page name to P.Lynne Designs, as well as my Etsy shop, PLynneDesigns (no period).  you can also access it here.  It still have some of the old stuff reflecting MDN Creates, but it is one in the same company.  In about a year, I will completely get rid of it by not renewing the website domain.  I just renewed it in February 2013, but I will create a domain name with the new name, and when I get finish with the site, I will redirect the old name there.  
Why am I saying this?  Because I do not want to lose you if you are a regular reader.   I will have new items on my Etsy shop soon.  Well that is all for now.  I will keep you updated on my progress.   Good night for now.   Be blessed.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

With Heartfelt Sympathy

Today is another card day, and I am continuing to show you my cards.   Today's card is another Heartfelt Creations card, and it has to do with loss of a loved one.   This is timely, because I have heard of two losses recently.  Last week, my aunt's ex and father of three of my cousins died and today death of a Disney legion, Annette Funicello died of complications from Multiple Scoliosis.  Ironically, both were 70.  So showing you this card is again timely for those of you who recently suffered a loss of a loved one.
The materials used in the card are as follows:

1 card blank
1 Digi version of with Heartfelt Sympathy (you can use any digi stamp or regular stamp.)
Copic or any markers, pens, or pencils to color with.  I used my copics. (E25, V15, and G82)
Recollections paper Garden Florals

This card is the same as the first card I showed you last week.  Only thing I did was to switch out the elements I used.  

Continue to have a good week, and  will talk to you later.

Disclaimer:  I am not associated or affiliated with this company at all, nor am I being paid to create this card. This card is also not being sold on my Etsy Shop: MDN Creates.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Disney scrapbooking part 2: ideas on how to set up the album

Note: First of all, I want to apologize for the lack of photos.  I am posting through my iPad, and the photos I wanted are on my main computer which is in the shop at the moment.  I did not want to use anyone else's layout because of a possible copyright infringement.

Now, that I have all the problems out of the way ( not that rules and laws are a problem), let me continue with the rest of the post.
Yesterday, I touched on what to put on your Disney pages.  If you have them gathered or know what you want to get when visit the parks, if you will taking a trip soon, it is time for the fun....creating the pages.  Here are the steps and ideas you will need to create those beautiful pages:

  1. Plan them out:  I always plan out my pages.  You do not want too many photos of one event.  After all, how many head shots do you really need of the baby with Pluto?  This is a good time to think ahead of weeding out the photos.  While you are at the parks, decide where and when you are going to take the photos.  No one wants to be stick behind the camera ALL the time while on vacation, and you do not want your friends and family to play the "where's Waldo" game on you.  If  you have not gotten to that step, just pick the good ones out for the book.  If you want the relatives and friends to have copies of a photo, write it down, and make that copy. 
  2.  Gather your materials.  It would nice for you to have Disney-themed scrapbook items, but it not necessary, especially if money is tight.  Same with the embellishments.   If money is tight, turn to the Internet, but be careful.  Read all instructions on how to use them, especially if they are free.  Free comes with a price and it may mean no sharing on social media like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.  
  3. Consider these themes for your scrapbook:  
  4. My year in Disney.  This is for people who go to Disney parks all year long.   
  5. Park by park.  You may have themes according to each park you visit, including Magic Kingdom(Florida), Epcot, Disney Paris, and so forth.  
  6. Day by day.  What did you do on that day, and gear your pages by that.  
  7. Land by Land.   Disney divides their theme parks by land, why shouldn't you?  This is a perfect way to divide up one of those maps, and place according to land.
There are many other ways for you to create your scrapbooks.  See what you can come up with to make the book interesting.  My last tip for you is have fun. Have fun on your trip, make it stress-free and light.  Have fun with your family, they are the only people you have, and family does not mean they are blood-related.  I have three families:biological,church, and business.  Everyone in all three families are unique in their own way, and I cannot have it any other way ( oops, sidetrack moment).  Finally, have fun scrapbooking the memories of your vacation.  Memories also does not mean you have to be stuck in the past.  Make the most of every moment and I will talk to you later.   Peace and be blessed.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Disney scrapbooking

I love Disney.  Some people can say that I am a big kid at heart and I am one.  I will admit it.  When I turned 18, I kicked and screamed, because I wanted to be a child for one more year.  You know the old saying,"I cannot wait to turn 18", it was not me in some parts.  Sure, I looked forward to being out on my own, but I just wanted that last year to adjust to being an adult.
This is not about me kicking. And screaming when I turned 18, this post is not about my love for Disney, this post is about your vacation to a Disney park, should you ever go to one, and the pictures you take, and how to scrapbook them.  Yes, I said, scrapbooking Disney.
In two short months, you will no doubt will be making one of the biggest decisions of the year; where to take the family on vacation.  While staycations are still heavily on everyone's minds in the United States, I have not heard of the same situation with the rest of the world.  It does not matter rather you decide to stay around  home this year, or go on that 15-day cruise, the photo is always the same thing; you take some action pictures, landscape picture of the place, children with a character, group photo, and so forth.  After coming home from the trip, you either get them developed ( yes, they still do that), or the photos end up sitting on a hard drive in your PC, tablet, or SD card on phone or camera.  Don't forget abut all of those brochures, you swiped from the place.  If you are wondering what to do about your vacation stuff.  Take time in the winter months and scrapbook everything about your vacation.   It is fun, relaxing, and keeps your mind off of your heating bill.
If you are having problems figuring out what to put in your vacation scrapbook,journal, or whatever you want to call it, here is a list that could ease your mind, and allow you to recall the memories for years to come.  Note:  This works for any vacation not just for the Disney Parks.

  1. Park maps and Times guide:  grab 2 for each park you visit.  They must be in mint condition, so the one you used when your 5 year old budding Picasso decided to draw you a picture while on the monorail will not do, unless you want to.   How to use them.... Background paper, journaling prompts, to show where were you when something magical happened, and  retrace your steps.  Cut one up if you decide to have sections in your album of the different parks.  Grabbing more than two shows clutter, so do not go overboard.   Also grab those maps in case you attended a special event during the holidays or ticketed events.
  2. Disney travel documents:  How did you book your trip, on your own or through a travel agent? It does not matter, keep a copy for yourself, and place them in the book.  Save anything, including the envelope with the logo ( Disney's or the travel company's), and make a page of just that.  
  3. Business cards and other restaurant items:  What eating places did you go to while at the mouse's house?  It is ok to take those business cards with you.  That's why they are there.  This includes chopsticks, napkins with the restaurant's name on it, or swizzle sticks.   Use the same rule as with the maps.  Too many can seem cluttered, so go easy on them.
  4. Hotel paperwork:  This is different from the booking stuff.  This memorabilia includes, check in/out paperwork, resort logos, toiletries and their wrappers, coaster from the room, postcards,  and other items not listed on this list.  Again, do not go overboard with it.
  5. Other items of the trip: consider these items; box tops from souvenirs, pressed pennies, resort room keys (they have to change the code anyway,so why not,I have mine from Canada), and name tags from tours (yes, Disney has tours, but not for children, it spoils the fun for them). 
Well this is the end of this segment.  Next time will be short and sweet as I will show you how to set up your pages.   Until then if you want to know what is going on with Disney, go to www.disney.com  for all things Disney, or I also have a blog about planning for a trip, which is called, Traveling to the Mouse's House (http://travelingdisneyfun.blogspot.com). Have a happy,scrappy,blessed day.   

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

May God Comfort You

Hello and welcome to today's post.   This card is the first of simply cards I am making for either my mom or for the nurture committee at my church to give out.  This is a freebie, and per request to the company, Heartfelt Creations' angel policy, this card is unavailable for sale on my Etsy shop, unless I contact the company.  However, that does not mean I cannot share with you.

The Recipe for this card calls for the following:

1 card blank or make your own.
1 sentiment (I am using the sentiment from Heartfelt Creations, which I printed from Pinterest)
1 image (I am using the image from Heartfelt Creations as a digi stamp I printed from Pinterest.)
1 stripe of paper.  I used the Recollections paper pack Garden Florals from Michaels.

Really simply to put together.   Place the piece of paper and place in the left side middle.   Next, place the sentiment in the the right side corner.   Set to the side.   Take the image, print it off, and color it.  What you do not see is the inside of the card, which is another sentiment.

I hope you will enjoy this card, and I will showcase another one soon.

Have a blessed day and check out Heartfelt Creations' website

Disclaimer:  I am not affiliated nor do I get paid to promote this company.