Thursday, October 22, 2009

My first day post

I bet you all thought that I like to post at night. To be honest, I don't. Why do I post at night? Because it is convenient, and it is quiet time fo me. Tonight is my church's harvest party. This is our Halloween party, and yes the kids to go dressed up. We do not encourage the traditional ghosts, goblins, and witches, for example, we try to ask them to dress like biblical charactors. It worked for a while, a good while, but they caught on. So we just ask that they dress in something possitive. So I cannot wait to see what Michael has dressed up as, nor Deonte and Nine'na. I might dress up too, but I have to wait until I have the inspiration to do it. I will have to let you know what I decided to do.


I AM DONE WITH MY PROJECT, WOOHOO!!!! I love making albums, and I will have to download the images, and show you. My next project is...making birthday cards for my aunt in Alabama. My deadline is Thanksgiving. I am looking forward to making these cards.

I have ordered my mini Carts for my cricut. in case you are scratching your head of this. these cartridges have very little on them in comparison to the the full cart, but not as much as the solution cart. To get the full story, I recommend, your cricut center, and all things cricut.


You have less then two weeks to order all things Horizon of Hope. go to to place an order for the NFL/breast Cancer basket. for all other H of H items, email me at, as these are on customer service orders only until the 31st, then they are going to the Factory Store/factory store online. I will let you know when they are there, or you can go through my website, and click on the Factory store link. $2 of all basket sales, and $1 of accessory sales got towards the American Cancer society.

Reminder: Next Saturday, I am having my home show in my home @3pm. You are welcome to order during that time. If you are local, you are welcome to attend. please email me at to let me know.

Well that is it for now. need to get ready for this party. God Bless you.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

OMG, I haven't post in weeks!!!


I am into so many things, until I just realized that I have not posted anything new in a few weeks. The last post was in September. I am sorry for those who follow me. I am just sitting here, sucking on a sprite ffrom Mickey D's, and wondering why I did not get the one to get the Monopoly pieces. Oh yeah, I forgot, I am chunky, and I do not need to get chunkier, LOL. My mom and I went through the drive through (I drove), and because she was in the car, I was able to get the Senior drink, which is really the small, only cheaper. I heard that the soft drinks make you chunkier, but I love it.


I have decided that i was going to wait until all the hype is gone from this product. I am on several Yahoogroups promoting scrapbooking, especially the Cricut and all of its accessories, and the Gypsy has come up as a heated discussion several times. Now the latest problem that Provocraft has caused is that deal with HSN, otherwise known as the Home Shopping Network, because a new cartridge is part of their bundle, and everyone who bought the original bundle wantes to exchange their gypsies just for the new cart. Note to PC in cause anyone from there is reading this: When offering a bundle for the second time, offer the same thing as the first, that way you nor the company you partner with will not have problems. I will still wait until it comes down in price, unless I win one. I will stick to my SCAL and Design Studio.

Copic Markers

I am now up to 3 Chaos (black, Umber, and a blender), and 3 sketches (Baby Blossoms, Pure Pink, and Cardinal). Yes, they are expensive, but what I like about them is the way they cover the picture with color, you can shade (which is why people who draw Animi use them), you can stamp with them, and they are refillable (buy the barrel once, refill forever), and they have replacement nibs.

I just realize that the government (FCC, or whatever they are called) want to block all endorsement and reviews as of November, if they are given to you by the company free. Trust me, so far, the products that I endorse are from my own money. I am not sure what they are looking for in the first place, except taxes.

Cards for the month:

Here are my card for the month:

Happy Birthday. I made this for my aunt in Alabama. Her Birthday was October 1st, and this is my first time I made a gate card, and my first time really working with Yellow. the base card is green cardstock from work (Archivers), I attached rub-on stitching to the yellow cardstock panels. The square was cut out using the cricut and again I used rub-on stitching. The flower I got from a Round Robin bin when the box came around to me 8 years ago. I was not able to use them since. Just a t standard gate card. so simple, so nice.

Scrapbook Page:

I have a page from the album that I am creating for my friend, and I am almost finished. I hope Iwill be able to present it at church on the 25th. I cannot imagine me not doing being able to, but I do not make enough money to quit the retail industry, and my businesses are not profiting enough for me to do that, so I cannot just quit my job, if my manager wants m to work that day.

I am experimenting with diffent colors and hues, and I found a friend in a website. If you cannot match the colors to a picture, there is a program on , and for no charge, you upload your photo, and the program will analyze and tell you what colors you can use to make an effective layout. The background paper is Bazzill, and I print the tile on the computer. Tip: to print, use either MS Word or Publisher, but if you do not have either program, any wordprocessing or Design pro program will do. the pattern paper is by Heidi Grace, and the jounal block is by Jenni Bowlin,. as well as the button in the panel area. You cannot see it, but I have gold cord that I wrapped around the panel. The brown swirl is from the Cricut Cartridge, "Storybook" , which is my favorite cart, and the gems are from Mark Richards called Cystal stickers.

First look at the birthday girl and her family. I just did a basic double matting on this and the other one coming up. Forgive me I forgot the name of the company this paper was made of, but I am getting more for my own family. I bought two of them and This side says "Generations", while the other side is dark and says, "Family". Only other difference is there is a saying on the other layout that says, 'A family stitched together with love seldom unravels." It is a digi stamp. Also, I did something called a color block, and just like the first layout I showed, I did the color program on

Second Page of the two page layout. tip: your two page layout does not have to have matching background paper. in fact, if it is double sided, ue the other side. I will show more later. It is supposed to be a surprise,so I upload more after October 25th.


I cannot leave this post without mentioning Longaberger. I am having a home party of my own at my house on October 31, 2009 (yes, I realize that it is Halloween, but I really do not celebrate Halloween), at 3pm. If you are local, and would like to attend, please email me at . I will b showing you how to entertain, gift giving and organizing Longaberger style. I am having a mystery hostess. If you are unable to attend, you can always email me your order, or order from my website, , lots of deals for the next three months. Be on the lookout for them. there are too many for me to list here. although I want to show you this little cutie:

This is availble for a two more weeks. You can go to my website to order, or let me know. It looks too cute to pass up.
Well I got to go. You all take care of yourselves, be safe, and God Bless You.