Thursday, June 11, 2009

Joyful June (and other Musings)

Hello, I'm still here. I am slowly getting into blogging, but not enough, meaning I am not posting like I should. Not enough cards, layouts, or even Longaberger specials. I need to re-organize. Have you ever gotten into a rut where no matter what you do, it just isn't good enough? I love every one of my cards, scrapbooking layouts, and even trying my hand in album making. As far as the rut thing, that is where I had been the last couple of months. I have now snapped back into reality, and ready to roll. the last few cards I made, I sold to family members and made $25, which is enough to make me snap back. So here are the cards:

Card #1: This is from the same kit as the purple one from a few posts back. the only thing I added was the butterfly stamp. I love how it came out. In fact, most of the cards I made came from this kit. As explained in an earlier post, I do not like to stick to the plan. The ideas that kits give, like this one from QVC, are wonderful for people who are beginners, stuck, and/or want something easy to make cards with. Just let your creative juices flow. do not get stuck on one way of doing a card kit. That is my advise to those of you who are beginners in card making, as well as those who have been in the biz for a while, but get stuck like me.

Card #2

Just another way to make with the same materials. BTW, the kit came with 2 or 3 of everything in each package. The pocket in this case is on the inside of the card.

Card #3: This is from the same kit, only this time, this one says 'Happy Birthday on it, and it is supposed to be a maculine card. the first two are thank you cards in case I did not properly point it out. I am not going to bore with two more cards made two different ways with the same materials like that last set, but I am am going to show you this one from the same kit: Card #4

This is also a Masculine like birthday card (although I am sure that if you recipient is not a girly girl, she would appreciate it too). I hope you can tell with the saying is, besides happy birthday.
One more thing about Kits: Did you know that you can take a scrapbooking kit and make cards out of it? sure, and why not? Hey, you bought the kit, and unless you know the designer behind the kit, he or she will not know that you used the papers for something else besides what it was intended for in the first place. Take the card kit and make a mini album out it. If you happen to know the website of the company or designer, write them a note in the form of an email to tell them what you did, and it could inspire them to make more kits like that. There are a lot of products that can be done like that.
I have more cartridges for my cricuts, so I will be doing more of those type of cards next time. I have added to my library: Storybook, Home Decor (my first solutions cart); Printing 101, and My Community (yes, these are the two free ones I have been ranting about not getting on time from Provo Craft).
I am also working on my note cards for the annual Horizon of Hope Campaign luncheon that the branch that I am in has every year to raise money for Breast Cancer awareness. Not familiar with this campaign, please go to for details of this campaign. in July starts the sale of baskets and other products, and that runs through September. If you would like more info on Longaberger baskets and other Horizon Of Hope stuff, check back at my website: on July 1st. $2 goes towards the treatment and education of this illness, and did you know that men are not immune to it. My father is a 27-year survivor of the disease, however, I did lose a friend to the disease as well. Her name was Lois Cooper, and she died of complication of the disease in May 2002. I hope and pray that our luncheon is a success, but the success is to know that there will be millions of women and men educated and treated.
well that is it for now. I will try not to be so long posting next time, and you take care of yourself. May God bless you and keep you, and His face shine upon you and give you peace. This is one of my favorite blessings, and one of my favorite bible passages is the 23 Palms, the Lord is My Shepard. I also have a favorite prayer which is The Lord's Prayer. I say it every night, before I pray for individuals and situations. Bye for now.