Monday, May 25, 2009

as Promised... the card I made Deonte for his 2nd birthday. I cannot believe that this kid is 2, I feel like it was just yesterday that he was 3 months old, but that was a while ago. The boy is slowly getting out of "Baby Japanese" as I call it, and now it is "why", "No", and "stop" as his main words. Is it like that with all 2 year olds? I remember Michael, my oldest nephew asking those type of questions, but geez, Tey ask too much of it. Oh, his other favorite word is "Huh". He gets that from his mother, my sister. Tey says that when he does not want to do something, LOL. Sounds like a typical toddler/child does it?

I took him to Michael's playoff game on Saturday, and except for a couple times he got upset because he was hungry, Tey was good child for his first baseball game. Once my mom got him settle with a bag of chips, this child was good to go (and that was after he had two hot dogs, LOL)

Well, Here's Elmo....

As you see, I had a lot of help from EK Success. that's OK, because sometimes I like something that I can come up with on the fly. the recipe is on my post from Saturday.

Well since I entered something Saturday explaining my life, I will end here. I will to talk to you later. I have to work on memorial day, so on this patriotic day, remember those love ones who sacrifice their lives for this country, and for those who believe, remember the greatest sacrificer of all, Jesus Christ. God Bless you, and take care.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

wow, I better start blogging more

This is a quick note to tell you that I am still alive and kicking. I have been super busy. Well not really. Part of it is being busy, the other is just pure laziness on my part. Deonte, My youngest nephew will be 2 on Monday, and I made a card for him. Nothing special. well it is special, but what I meant was nothing in the way of me making anything with the cricut or something like that. I took the easy way out, and got one of the Elmo 3-D's from EK Success, and stuck it on there along with some presents and two ballons that say Happy Birthday on it. On the inside, I made a boo-boo, and covered it with the back of the background paper I used with the front of the card (the paper is from the Deja views "Sharon Ann, Little Ones Collection, and it is called, My Precious Boy). I would show it to you, but it is late, and I will pull it out of my camera later. I love taking pictures of my work. Speaking of my work, I entered my first contest. Yep, it has gotten to that point, LOL. the entry is the first page from my last entry on May 5th called A Mother's Love, featuring my sister and my niece at 3 months old. The little stinker is now 8 months old, and I call her "Princess Wiggles", because she is about to crawl, and loves to try to get down. She will be walking pretty soon. The "Birthday Boy", Deonte, started walking on his birthday last year. Meanwhile, Michael, my oldest nephew will have his last day of school on June 3rd, then he will be officially an 8th grader. Wow, it feels like yesterday when he was the same age as the other two. By the time he graduates from high school, Tey will be in Kindergarten, and Nine'na will be 3. Hopefully by then, I will have a little one around 1 or 2 years old. But anyway, the link is at The Orginal Soapbox, and it is, and I am #377.
Well, I am yawning, so I need to go to bed.Visit that link to vote, as well as my website for Longaberger, which is Lots of wonderful specials if you are looking for a gift for dads, grads, weddings, housewarming, or just yourself. Need extra cash, why not join Longaberger as well. In the meantime, take good care of yourself, and God Bless You and your family, and Have a great Memorial Day weekend.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Happy May (did I have this title before?)

Well, Happy May, everyone. The flowers are out, and the birds are singing. we survived the winter (at least in Ohio, that is). Spring is looking wonderful, except this year, my cable does not like it. every time it rains, or does something, it goes out, and there goes my communication. I my only source of communicating with the world is through my cell phone. My land phone is digital, and has been for about a couple of years. I have broadband cable, and of course, I have digital cable, complete with DCR dual recording by Time Warner. Now I hear that AT&T has 4 channels that you can record at once. OK, I not changing for that. besides that, my parents had a very bad expereince with AT&T, and now they are back with WOW.Enough with cable, let's move on...

I have not done this before (except with my own stuff), but there are a couple of shoutouts I would like to give:
A good friend of mine, Erica Rooks, has a blog of cooking. She is giveing away a cookbook, called The lady and Sons Cookbook by Paula Deen, and if you are not a fan of Paula's, I think you should try for the cookbook. Erica's blog is . I hope you get a chance to win.

Also a pray for another friend of mine, Jennifer. her daughter is in the hospital for hgh blood pressure, and she needsa healing. She is 8 months pregnant, a boy, and today was her shower. She wanted to get out for a few hours to attend the shower, but the doctor would not let her. another friend of mine, Tennille, should have had her baby, a girl by now. Last I checked, the little girl was due to come out at anytime.

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Before I get to the cards and layouts I made, I have an annoucement: May 4, 2009, for one day only, you can sign up for Longaberger, and only pay for the shipping costs. Just go to my website:, and click the "Join me" button. It is fun to be a Longaberger consultant, and I love it.

Scrapbooking and card making:
I have been very busy, as you can imagine. With Longaberger, and family and friends, who has time to do this? I do.

He's asleep...Awwww!

I did a real simple on with this one-pager. last December, around the 1st or 2nd, I allowed my sister, Schaundra have her way with the camera, and this is what she did... took a picture of Tey, sleeping on the couch at our parent's house. the background paper in from KI Memories, and it is called, Blue Heredity (12x12) from their Color Theory collection (see it pays to have the little tag with you as I do not remember, nor pay attention to these things). for the forground, I just took two sheet of plain Archiver's cardstock, folded one corner of each of them, and use that for a sort photo corner. the photos I had printed at The title was printed on my printer/scanner/copier, and the sleeper is by Jolee's. I did not ink the side or anything, and I wanted to put the title at the bottom for a different look. You do not have to always have to put it on top.
It's a Nine'na Bear

Niece the Teddy bear, looking cute. This was also taken in December 2008, and the title just simply says: Teddy Bear, No! it's Nine'na....Cute baby! The background paper is from the Twitterped collection of SEI. Bazzill Paper for the matting and sides. the panel is made of butterflies, and I forgot the brand name of the paper. I sewed on the buttons with just plain thread from a sewing kit I got from Joanne's I believe. would you beleive that this is the very first time, I sews something on a page. In the 10 plue years I have been scrapbooking, I have never sewed anything on a page, and I bought a sewing machine just for the occasion (and have not used it yet, because I could not thread the bottom bobbin, LOL).

A Mother's love....
Comes in many forms,a these are three pictures of Schaundra with Nine'na. Again, the pictures (as well as the pictures in the other layout with the same color theme) are from the only difference in the two is I did not sew the buttons. I wanted to see which one I liked the best, and I admit that the one with the sewn buttons wins. It has that finished look. I will not say if I am going back to sew the buttons, because I did a little boo-boo, but I will not tell you, because now I think it was a beautiful mistake. the quote at the bottom says :

A daughter is a little girl who grows up to be a friend. --Author unknown


Cards is my last thing on my list to write about. I ran with my theme of use
what you have again.

Blessed is the name of this first card. very simple one too. the embellishments (word blessed, big and little flower) all came from the same kit, which is from Chatterbox. It was labled as having 150 embellishment pieces. the background paper is unknown (translation: from my scrap paper box) The ribbon is from American crafts.

The last card I want to show you, is two toned card, with a bouquette of flowers. The flower were made with the Cricut machine (plantin schoolbook), a yellow ribbon (forgot the brand), and cardstock from Archiver's.

Well this was a long post, but then, I have not posted in a while. You all take care, and God Bless you.

Oh, and Happy Mother's day to all the moms