Friday, October 28, 2011

The winner to the "In the Celebration of Sistahhood "Blog hop, and other happenings

Hello, and this is an update to the In the Celebration of Sistahhood Blog Hop.   To be fair, I used Random.Org to do my picking (he is not bias at all, lol).   the winner of my blog candy is Netta.   So Netta, if you are reading this, please email me your address to me, so I can get it in the mail.   my email is, and your information is safe with me.

This is what Netta said, "nice job on your the flowers,  ``Netta (craftynetta)~~  

So thanks again, everyone.   I am resting from blog hops for a month.  November and December will be super busy for me.   I am preparing for a craft fair which will take place at Eastmoor High School, December 3, 9am-2pm I believe (I will get back to you on that as soon as I look at my information again).   I participated last year, and only had Longaberger products, and it did not go well.  My table this year will be both Longaberger and MDN Creates products.  I know, i know the rules of selling, but I have to have something for the kids to buy, as well as those with not enough money to buy. Starting next week, I will be cranking it out, and ordering cash and carry items from Longaberger so they can make it by December 3rd.    If you are in the Columbus area and would like to stop by and take a look, again it is at Eastmoor High School, and it is their winter festival.   Hope to see you there.

I am also into writing now, and have written several articles for a couple of companies from   I feel blessed in sharing my work to people, and I do not care if it is through crafting, writing, music, or dance.  Yes I am also a musician (piano, organ, keyboard), and a dancer (ballet, jazz, tap, and literal. )  All of this coming from a person who was very shy as a child.
I am now speaking to any children who are reading this:  you can accomplish anything you want to.  I used to ask God to take away this shyness I had, which to me was bigger than any other problem I had physical.   the true is that you have to believe in yourself, just as God believes in you.  Whatever you are good at, and everyone is good at something.  I never knew that being shy means that I was a great listener.   You do not have to say a word, and instantly that person feels better, because they had a chance to pour their heart out.

One of the things I never got to do when I was younger was to be a model.   I used to get upset about that.   I have some physical attributes that do not set right with the industry, but that is OK, because in a world where everyone is different, they are the most discriminatory industry in the world, and most clothing industries only want certain body types to wear their clothing, but that is OK too, because one day, they may find themselves on the other side where most of us are at now, and they are going to wish that they have never set those guidelines for women and modeling.   Sorry I that I said it here, but I had to get it off my chest, as it is far worst than when I wanted to model.  

Back to scrapbooking.  I am now a proud owner of a Cricut Imagine.   For those of you who are not familiar with this little piece of a gem.   The Imagine or CI for short is a printing and cutting machine made by Provo Craft.   This thing is not little, lol.   I bought it from a friend of mine, who thought it was too complicated, and wanted to stick to her expression machine (she did not purchase the E2 like I did).   Anyway, I took my sister alone, with my niece (3) and my nephew (4) in tow.   I knew that it was big (weights about 40 pounds or is it more like 100!!!), so I was hoping that my sister would get out of the car with me.  Are You Kidding !!!, this woman lower the seat, and went to sleep on me.  My niece is sleep, and nephew wide awake (like he could help me get this "Heavy D" of a Cricut machine out of the door)  It was a good thing her husband was there to put it in the trunk for me.    I get home, and take everything out (purse and the like), and tried to get the imagine between the wall in my garage and my car, and I had to set it on its side and wiggle it around.  I got it up on the table, calibrated it (you have to calibrate both the Imagine and the E2 every time you move them, even within the house), and now it is all ready to go.

Well this is pretty long, so I better stop and get something to eat before the Nate Berkus show comes on and my call in for Longaberger at 8pm.   Again congrats to Netta for winning, and your blog candy will be in the mail as soon as you send me your address.

God bless you all.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

In Celebration of Sistahood Blog Hop

All my life, I have made sure that I align myself with the right people.   These people do not have to be able to validate you as a person and the skills that you have.   These are the people who have your back, and make you feel good about yourself.   For a long time, it had to be my family, my church family, and I left it at that.   when I started scrapbooking, I felt that I was the only african-american female on the planet who made scrapbooks or greeting cards.  Did I stop?  No, I did not.   I was just the only one of my friends and family who did that sort of thing.  

In 2010, I was wondering through Google, and I decided to look up African American Scrapbooking, or some term I can not remember, but I came upon "Scraps of Color", so I decided to take a look.   I could not believe what I saw.  Sistahs, like me, who did the same thing I did were staring back at me, and  I felt like I found Mecca.   I was so happy.   Now do not get me wrong, I do enjoy being in the other groups, and I do have friendships in them, but there is nothing like seeing someone who is the same race as you crafting.  These people at least know what you been through, and when I post on this group, I do not get the blank post I may get from other groups.

So now, I am in another blog hop, and this time it for Scraps of Color.   The item I want to show you is in celebration of Sistahood, and it is an item I am presenting for a silent auction on Saturday, at the Longaberger Golf Club for my central branch's team. Every year we have this luncheon, celebrating life and in memory or a person who has survived breast cancer or has died of it.   The money raised for this event will go towards the Horizon of Hope campaign Longaberger has each year, and it is my hope that we find a cure not only to breast cancer, but all cancers in my lifetime.
This is a paper bag album.   It is my intent that the winner of this album will do whatever they wish to put inside.   The album is super roomy.   Not bad for a first time paper bag album maker.   The covers are made out of chipboard, and the flaps (the part that makes the paper bag stand up) are glued together, as well as the back of the bags.  I suggest that you Google search the term "paper bag albums" or if you have a You tube account, look up the term there as well.  I used burlap for the spine, but I have seen some videos where people have used paper or canvas for the spine of the album.  The papers used in the album come from Die Cuts With a View Old World Collection (6x6 paper pad)
The cover is really simple.  I used prima flowers and flat pearls.   Dream is at the bottom of the cover.

Food is the theme for the next two pages.  As they say, good friends, good food.   The backdrop is a French impressionist painting with wine a cheese to be the celebratory element.  This is a photo mat.   

The next page is a continuation of that celebration, and this page not only holds a photo mat, but two tags on the inside of the page.

This is a better view of the tags inside.

The next two pages are all about being girly.  I thinking more of a french girly, but celebrating the fight against breast cancer at the same time.  I have two large prima flowers that were originally ivory, and I colored them with three different copic makers:  Pawn, light Prawn, and Sanguine. I have a bling pink ribbon in the corner.   the photo mat is edged up with sepia ink, and washed with Glimmer Glam's Rocking on Sunshine.   there is one tag on the inside.

This first half page is actually the flap of the bag, and I have a Coconut Swirl photo mat edged up with Stampin! Up's Chocolate Chip, and lace at the bottom, I purchased at a thrift store.  Tip:  Do not disregard your thrift stores, ladies, they do provide wonderful scrapbook and other supplies for you at a fraction of a cost.   

This is another half page with tags I got a Michaels for $1.

I was in a swap over the summer with a woman in Canada.  Her name is Tracy(Tracystreasures24), and she has a you tube channel called Tracy's Treasures.   she made this envelope, with a birdcage on it.   The saying she has on it says, "The greatest gift is a portion of Thyself-Ralph Waldo Emerson".  I want to thank her again for inviting me to participate in the swap. 

This page is one of my busiest pages, as it has a lot of stuff going on.  Many of the elements here were from a mini album that I was going to make, and did not get a chance to.   This is a pocket within a pocket page.  You have a regular pocket (tag not showing--sorry!), and definition about Cherish (distressed for this page's purpose), a Maya Road pocket for something personal (just sitting empty for someone to  place something inside), the pocket, which was meant for another album fits better here, and two little tags from Michael's. 

This is a half page, with the word "Imagine" and a bling cupcake.  Turn on the other side, and you will have...

Another half page for a photo.

This is another pocket page, with two tags on the inside.   The stamps are from Stampin! Up's "Bliss" Collection.  More lace, and a Martha Stewart item left over from a previous card project.

Busy pocket #2:   Where to start... Prima flowers (note since this picture, I switched one of the flowers to the cover), a a friend made the second element for me, and the corner item is from Making Memories.  There is a little surprise....

Another pocket Page!   How this was made was I goofed when I was making the bare bones of this album. I was folding, and doing my measurements, and where the flap is at on the album, I glued it shut.   OK, I chucked it aside, thinking that I was not going to do anything with it.   As I was doing the last minute touches to this album, a thought came to mind, of making it a secret page.   So I cut it a lot shorter than the rest of the pages so it can fit inside, used my 1 1/2" circle punch so the tags can come out easier.   I also cut the flat (well carefully pulled the flap from the rest of the bag), and with the glue already on, I added paper, cut a slit on the side, and added two more tags.   One side says "Peace and Tranquility", and the other says " Laugh, Love, and Live.

The last page I want to show you is a page similar to another page with the Maya Road pocket, a corner by making Memories, and a quote, which says"The stars are God's dreams, thoughts remembered in the silent of the night--Henry David Thoreau.   

 Celebrate Sistahood Blog Hop In honor of Scraps of Color's 7th Anniversary, myself along with some talented papercrafters, have teamed up to honor and celebrate sistahood and the wonderful women in our lives who make us laugh, cry, shout, scream, play, live.  We honor through our creativity and sharing our stories during this blog hop. Each sistah blogger will inspire you with her creativity and will also be offering up some blog candy! What is blog candy you ask?  It's a giveaway!  So sit back and get ready to be inspired with the Celebrate Sistahood Blog Hop.  Just start here, check out what I've created, and follow the rules for entry and then move on to the next blog hop participant for your chance to win again and again. Be sure to visit each blog between Friday, October 21 and Sunday, October 23 for more inspiration and chances to win.  This hop closes on October 23, 2011 11:59 pm EST.   Winners will be posted on each blog on or before October 28, 2011. So be sure to check back!  

Again, thank you for stopping by, and if you are following this blog hop, this next one on the list is Da Shawna at  There is Blog Candy, and it will be coming out of my stash.    God Bless

Friday, October 14, 2011

Christmas Snow

Hello and welcome to fall.  I am a designer for the Card-a-Day blog as well as this blog.

This time, I am not focusing on fall or autumn as some people call it. I am jumping ahead a few weeks to winter. I live in the Northeast state of Ohio. Some people call it a Midwest state.   There is nothing mid-west about it. Winters are not hard around here, at least by a Michigan, New England, or the Dakotas point a view, but they are to a point where you just want to curl up with a warm cup of hot chocolate and a good book instead going to work.   

The card I have to show you is all about snow. It is super simply enough for a child to make one.

I took an 8 ½ x 11 piece of Coconut swirl from the Bazzill Basics line, cut in half, horizontally, and folded that piece in half. I took the bone folder and used it like a brayer to get a crisp edge.  Next, I took the snowflake stamp, loaded it with ink, and stamped it to make my own background paper. I did both sides. An alternative is either stamp it before folding the cardstock or stamp one side of the card base. Set it aside.

I was going through my stash, and I found a foam snowflake. You can get snowflakes from many different sources:  Foam, Wood (paint it white or leave natural), or from a die cutting machine.   Adhere the pearls to the snowflake with the glue dots. I did that by rolling each glue dot in a ball to keep it from showing behind the pearls. If you do this with a child, it may be necessary to skip this step and leave the pearls off. You can even take this same concept, and make ornaments out of the snowflake. Next adhere the snowflake to the card base. I put a little Glimmer Glam in the snowflake, but this is optional, especially if you are working with little children.  The glam just adds a little sparkle to the snowflake.
Full Recipe:

 Paper:  Bazzill Basics coconut swirl
 Stamps: Hero Arts-Star Snowflake
 Inks and Paints:  Stampin! Up-Chocolate Chip, Glimmer Glam-Rocking on sunshine
 Also used:  Foam Snowflake, ¼ flat pearl white (unknown brand, got it at Joanne Fabrics), bone folder, and glue dots.

I hope you enjoyed my card.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Review of the Cricut Expression 2

Well last week I did it.   I finally published a article on Hubpages about the Cricut Expression 2 or E2 for short (see the right side panel for explanation of terms I use on this blog.)   I hope you enjoy the hub as they call them.   Go to or click here to read it.   Look for a a new Christmas card to be posted at the end of the week.  Until then, I will see you and God Bless you.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

blog Hop part 2

Well, it is almost 24 hours, and I finally picked a winner for the blog hop this past weekend.   Her name is Shelly, and she goes by, so congratulations.  I have emailed her, and as soon as she send me an address to send the package to, I will mail it.

Well that is it.  I am looking at some youtube videos before going off to sleepyland.   Good night/morning and God bless you.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Blog Hop Giveaway...

Well good morning.  I am not usually up this early, but I just want to thank everyone who visited and commented on my last post.   I just want to let you know that I am going to lay down for a bit, and then I am going to draw out name for my give away.

One of the nice things about having a blog hop is you can receive visitors while you are off doing things.    Saturday, I had a luncheon, and then I went to go visit my brother and his family.   Yesterday, I went to church, then to my parent's home.   Ate dinner there, and my sister came over there with her two, and a new family member.   She adopted a kitten, and the kids named her Princess.   cute little grey and white kitten, could not have been no more than a few weeks old.   So my sister needs to take Princess to the vet.  After that, it was going with my mom to take my oldest nephew's friend home.

Well.  like I said this is short and sweet, and now I am sleepy.   Talk to you soon.   God Bless you and your day.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Christmas Blog Hop

Hello, and welcome to my Blog.   If this is your first time on my blog, I am Patricia, and I am the owner of both MDN Creates the blog, as well as the papery business. I have been creating scrapbooks, greeting cards, journals, and other paper crafts for over 10 years.  This is my third year having this blog, and my second year having this business.   Enough about me.

I am a participate of a Christmas Blog Hop, sponsored by the Card-a-day Blog.  In case you are not familiar with the blog, Card a day vows to give you cards of inspiration, meaning if you are stuck on what to make, you can turn to this blog, and find a card that can help give you ideas of what kind to make.   There are so many cards out there in cyberland, until it can be confusing, and The Card-a-Day blog can help bring confusion into clarification.  Other people participating are:

Adele Robbetze from nogardscreativecave
Christine Patton from Creative Genie-ous
Cindy Foster from Cindy's Creations
Cindy Pointe from The Creative Pointe
Janet White from Stamping At The White House
Kelly George from Sassy Scrapper Studio
Michelle Hessler from Paperthreads
Patricia Logan from MDN Creates-You are Here!
Shelley Bordeleau from Gardens Crafts 'n' More
Tina Campbell from Tina's Scrap Corner
Vicki Schram from Paper Squirrel
Back to the Card a Day Blog to see who won the challenge 

For the blog hop, I have made a sort of quick card.   This card is simple to make, and it is worthy of any theme,not just Christmas. The recipe for this card is:

  • Drk. green cardstock
  • Light green cardstock
  • Christmas patterned paper (I used on with Christmas lights and ferns, from a old Christmas stack I have not used.)
  • Tan cardstock to make the snowflake
  • Tattered Angels Glam (I used Organic Garden (green), and Rocking on Sunshine (Yellow)
  • Cricut cartridge (I used "When It's Cold Outside a 2009-2010 seasonal Cartridge).  Note:  If you do not have a Cricut, you can use any die cutting or electronic die cutting machine.
I do not measure, so the best way for me to tell you how big to make this card, is to cut in half on the long side of the 8 1/2 x11 sheet of cardstock.    fold in half, and with the glam colored closest to the shade of you card blank, paint it on.   To dry quickly, use a heating gun, or if you do not have one, a hair dryer.  Set aside.   Next, cut a piece of cardstock a shade or two lighter than the first.   I would have to say that for this card, I cut about 2" on all sides, but I usually cut about an inch or so for the mat.   Take the same color glam to paint this piece as well.  note:  sometimes the paper will start to curl up.   That is to be expected and once the heat is off the paper, it should straighten out itself.  If not, set it in between pages in a book to help flatten it out.
Next, cut out your die cut.  The snowflake was cut at 4".    Paint the die cut with the second Glam.
Once you get everything dried, start assembling the card, with the solid piece on top of the card blank, the pattern piece on top of the first mat.   Sentiment is optional.

I do have Blog Candy to send out, but it is a surprise, but it will be good.    You do need to be a follower in order to win the blog candy, but you can comment at anytime.   I will draw after the blog hop, so please use your first name, email address.   Website address is optional, unless you want to follow you.   I love following people.

Well the next person to stop on the Christmas hop is Shelley from Gardens Crafts 'n' More.   Have Fun and God Bless.