Tuesday, October 9, 2012

I have a listing on my Etsy shop...


One of the cards in the grab bag package
Today is a short post.  I am de-cluttering and de-stashing my cards.  The reason is I am in the process of getting ready to make and list a whole bunch of cards for the holiday season.  Soon in a couple of months, people will be looking for cards to send to friends and loved ones and I want to be part of the action.  So part of my efforts is list cards, let people know that they are available, not just for show, but to buy.  I have a little gadget that will help me with the videos, and that is my Ipad.  So I do not have to have a webcam for my desktop, but I am getting one anyway.

Anyway, the link for the video is HERE. or view from this page.   The listing price for the pack of cards is $50, which is $2.50 per card, and there is 20 nice cards in this package.  Some of the cards were given to me in a card swap, and there are some in there by me.
I hope you do take a look at my listing, which you can view on the right side of this post.
Have a blessed evening.
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