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Funding the business

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A few days ago, I attended a  crowdfunding meeting.  So you may be wondering, what is crowdfunding?   Crowdfunding is basically asking family, friends, and strangers to fund a project you are working on.  It could be anywhere from supplying materials for your company to going on vacation.  Is it simply?  no it is not.  You basically have to know someone who is does not mind funding your cause and advertise.
Mine is simply, I just simply want to make cards and I need supplies to do so.  I am with, and I have 21 days to get $500 (It may say $300, the site would not except the $300 bid).  Supplies I need will help me make cards and other goods for my Etsy store, MDN Creates.   I would love to make some money this holiday season, so I can make more cards, scrapbooks, journals anything in this area.  I also need to spread the word about MDN Creates, and make things for others.   Anyway, here is the Campaign URL, I will except any amount, even $1.00.  I really want this business to work.  This is my summary and other details:

Short Summary

My name is Patricia Logan and I am the owner of MDN Creates.  MDN Creates is a custom scrapbook company, which makes customized scrapbooks, greeting cards, and journals.  I have been creating since 1997 and just opened the company in November 2009.  

What We Need & What You Get

I need $300 which will go towards supplies.  The holiday season will be here, and I would like to help people who want to give a scrapbook or a journal as a gift or if they need to send a holiday greeting out to that spoecial person.  I want to make cards that are fresh and right for the season.  I also want to stock my Etsy shop with holiday items for people to purchase. These items are greeting cards, notebooks, and other items.

The Impact

To get a good idea of what I am talking about, my Etsy Shop is I have a few cards in there for right now, and most of the shops I see are ready for the holiday selling season.  These are home-made items, which is what I am selling as well.  I would like to be ready as well, especially the day after Thanksgiving.  the cards come in set of 2, 3, 8, or 10.  If a customer wants more than 10, I can arrange that for them.   As for the Scrapbooks, the average scrapbook is 20 pages for a nice size book (12x12).  I can make them smaller or have more pages.   so the scrapbook supplies would be used for this project.

Other Ways You Can Help

If you cannot give, I understand that.  You can just go to either my etsy shop and take a look or to my blog, MDN Creates (, and read some of my post and look at my work.  Once you have done that, spread the word about this campaign to your friends and family to see of they would like to contribute.  You are also welcome to guest blog on my other blogs.  just email me at to find out which ones I have.  At least you looked, and I will get the word out about you too.

Anyway that's it for the campaign.

Thank you and Be Blessed.

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