Sunday, November 25, 2012

My Prayers have been answered....

cricut cartridges
cricut cartridges (Photo credit: MattandAshley)
At least as far as Cricut is concern.  Friday, I dragged my mom out to go with me to look for a paper storage item at Jo-Ann's.  They also had cartridges on sale.  So we go in, and I started looking for the paper storage unit.  Found it.  Next, I went over to the Cricut section with mom following behind with the cart.  I wanted one of two carts: Elegant Edges or Mini-books.
Elegant Edges is this cart that somewhat resembles Storybook with shapes and edging.  what makes it different from Storybook (which btw is an older cartridge and I adore very much) is some straight edging (some call it bordering). Elegant Edging is a full cartridge, which means it had more than 50 images to choose from (see my last post for further details).  Mini-books is a project cartridge, which means that all the images tie in together to make a project, in this case, a mini-book.  I have been looking to step up my game in this area of my creativity, even though I have made several books already, all different sizes, shapes, and types, I have not made any of the ones Cricut suggests to cut out with the machine.  It would be interesting, because I have one due to go into the mail next week, and I do not like the current one I am making for my mini-book partner.  Monday, I am firing up one of three machines, cutting the book of my choosing.
Oops, I made a big Boo-boo.  Here is where I was supposed to tell you which cartridge I chose to buy, and by now, you may have guessed the Mini-Book Project Cartridge.  Well I can always get the Elegant Edges one later, especially since Mike's (My nickname for Michael's Arts and Crafts) and Jo-ann's have a sale on them every other week.
Anyway, I will take pictures of the new one when I am finished it.  Meanwhile, have a blessed Sunday.
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