Thursday, November 22, 2012

Just in time for Black Friday-Cricut (Repost)

I am an affiliate of Cricut. If you have not used this machine before, you are missing out on a treat. The reason why I am an affiliate is because I use this product (I have three machines, more on that later), and more teachers use this machine, because it is easier on children (Although the I would recommend that children start using it at age 7), and there are cartridges geared towards the classroom. Cartridges: Cartridges are what make this machine run, and do the job needed to cut the images. There are many types of cartridges. The first type is the foundation cartridge. It comes with the machine. These cartridges is a sampling of what to expect from the other cartridges, such as shapes, letters, and 3-D projects. The next type of cartridge is seasonal cartridge. To be honest, most cartridges of this type are now retired,and only one or two can still be sold in the stores. Your best bet is on Ebay and other auction sites. Seasonal and the newer cartridges called project cartridges have about half of the images of a full size cartridge. The project cartridge are images that help make a project, for instance, a mini book, or bridal shower decorations. The last type of cartridge is the full size cartridge, which comes in to different sizes, one for the regular machines, and one for the imagine machine. The cartridges for the imagine machine allow the machine to print and cut out images.

The Machines:

I am not going into the basis of the machines, but you can read about it in a previous article of mine I wrote for Hubpages by clinking on this link.  It talks mainly about the Cricut Expression 2 machine, but I also give some pointers about the other machines as well.

Overall, The things I like about this line of machines by Provo Craft, is they are versatile.  In addition to using the cartridges in the traditional way, many crafters like myself hook the machine up to their computer, go online to, and work their machines through the Cricut Classroom. In Cricut Classroom(CCR) crafters cam load up their cartridge on their machine, and through the software bring it up on their screen online and make new shapes out of them.  Provo Craft also have additional images (both free and paying) that a crafter can cut with their machine.  This makes Cricut a competitor with other electronic die cutting machines, such as The silhouette , Black Cat Cougar, and Craftwell Ecraft machines.  This allows me to save my work on my computer, and get back to it later.  Of course I can also use my machines without a computer too.  I have three uniquely made machines, each with a different purpose in mind when a bought them.
For the Expression machine, when I first bought it, it was replacing the original Cricut machine that started it all.  the Original machine ( or baby bug as some like to call it) cut only the the size of a 6 x 9 sheet of paper.  For me, the problem with the machine is I would take either a sheet of 8 1/2 x 11 or 12 x 12 paper, and cut it down to the size of the mat.  This machine is great for making cards.  When I got the Expression 2 machine, I got it to replace the first one, because it was getting tired, but I found out that the E1 machine has a lot of life left in it.  After that, it was a matter of the machine having WiFi and other little goodies that the original Expression machine did not have.   For the Imagine machine, it was the ability of printing and cutting in one machine, a feature that neither of the other two machines do not have the capability of doing.  I used them in much the same way too.  I get out E1 for simple jobs, E2 to see how to cut my shapes, where they can go on the map, and cut with the build in shapes, the Imagine to colorize, and to print out the cartridge shapes and cut them out.  I did not get the Cricut Mini, because it is made to cut out on only 8 1/2 x 11 piece of paper, and I can do that with the machines I have by just re-sizing the cutting area.

So this is my return look at the Cricut machine, and how I became an affiliate for this product.   Here is the link to the Black Friday sale by   Click HERE for Cricut's Holiday DoorBusters Sale!

 In the next couple of days, you will see a Hanukkah card from me.      In the meantime, have a deliciously, guilt-free, but grateful Thanksgiving day, complete with football games, guest galore, and blessings abound.  be safe when you go shopping so early on thanksgiving and Black Friday.  Give some love to the small and home businesses next Saturday, and Cyber Monday, and I will talk to you later.

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30% OFF all Digital Cartridges!
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