Saturday, December 29, 2012

Got Christmas Cash...Stock up on supplies

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One of the joys of Christmas is getting money to play with.  That I got, and I am ready to go.  But wait.  before you go spend that hard earned Christmas cash that great aunt Emma on your hubby's side gave you, because you are a loving great niece in law, think about what you need first.  After all, if she is not a crafter, you do not want her to think you are a spender.  If she is a crafter, go for it, but still think about something nice in the craft department you want to spend it on.  Next think about your supplies, and what is it you consume the most on.  For me, that is score-it tape.  It seems I do not have enough of it, and I need an extra roll in case the big blizzard of 2012 (or is it 2013) comes and snows me in.  Last, if you have anything left, either save it (if the aunt is not a crafter) or use a coupon and buy what's on sale.
So I got my cash present from my dad, and first of all I need a house phone.  Like many people, I still use this thing, and current one has been messing up.  I have not broke down to just use my smartphone as the primary phone, but I am getting one that does not have an answering machine attached to it.  My dad is not a crafter, so that would make him proud.  Next, i need a new score board.  Again, I have not used my trimmer as a score board, and I have the old Score-pal, and it is driving me bats when I follow the instructions on where to score the project, and I do not have that score line.  I have not decided if I want Martha's or the new Score-pal.   The advantage of Martha's over Score-Pal's is the envelope feature, which I really do not need since I have at least two Cricut Cartridges that have envelopes on them.   I have a 30% coupon from Archiver's, so I will see.   Whatever's left, I may get a couple of supplies or save, or go to the casino with it next week. (Yes Columbus has a casino and a racino (horse track casino).
So you can have your supplies and have fun at the same time.  Look for deals, but stay within your budget,and enjoy your new toys (I mean supplies).  Be blessed.
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