Tuesday, April 23, 2013

For all of you who own a gypsy.... and using your resources wisely.

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You can now connect the Cricut Classroom to your gypsy.   I found the information on this website, but you can always find out on Cricut.com.  I personally do not own a gypsy, and never had a desire to do so.   My reasons are simple, I have never been great at multitasking outside of the home.  For instance, the way that Provo Craft marketed the Gypsy when it first came out was to be able to design a layout while at the doctor's office or a little league baseball game.   OK, first of all, the reason why I am at the doctor's office is to get well, or when my oldest nephew played baseball when he was little, I am there to cheer him on and to encourage him to get to the next base, or to catch the ball.  the last thing I want to do is to take my mind off of those goals, and place them on some machine that I can use at home.  Some people are able to do that, I applaud them, and I  am not criticizing them at all to be able to design something and concentrate on cheering their child on during a dance recital at the same time.
It does not mean that I do not like the concept of the Gypsy.  I think it is a neat little gadget, and would be happy to use it in my home, away from my craft room and computer.  For that I love that Provo Craft decided to address that issue for the person who uses their gypsy outside the home environment, like at a crop.  They can download their pieces into the Cricut Classroom (CCR), and cut it out on their Cricut.   You do need to link the cartridges to the gypsy.   You can also go online, load the I am still waiting on the day that I can link my Imagine machine to CCR.   They have tried in the past, but the download to the machine takes forever in a day to get it correct, and that is something I want address ASAP.  So if the powers that be are reading this post, please, please, please, make it so I can use CCR on my Imagine machine, which I feel you have ignored for a very long time.   There are people who own this machine, and it is about time you give it props.
until then, I will continue to use my Imagine on an as needed basics.

A tip about resources.

This tip not only is for scrapbookers and other crafters, but for anyone who can use a little bit of information.   Keep a notebook of resources on hand for when a problem arises.  You can place anything in there, and you can even keep a digital copy on your computer too.   I have a 2 TB (that's T as in Terabyte) hard drive that I can unplug from the computer.  I store all the information I get from the internet there.  This includes projects I would like, information on my machines, scrapbooking techniques and other things I would like to keep a record on.  Yes, I know that is what the internet is for, but I also want easy access to the information.   I like to call it my book of resources, and I keep a binder on the important subjects I need.

I hope you find this helpful, and if you have any questions or comments, please place them in the comments section below.    Thank you, and have a blessed evening.
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