Sunday, April 7, 2013

Disney scrapbooking

I love Disney.  Some people can say that I am a big kid at heart and I am one.  I will admit it.  When I turned 18, I kicked and screamed, because I wanted to be a child for one more year.  You know the old saying,"I cannot wait to turn 18", it was not me in some parts.  Sure, I looked forward to being out on my own, but I just wanted that last year to adjust to being an adult.
This is not about me kicking. And screaming when I turned 18, this post is not about my love for Disney, this post is about your vacation to a Disney park, should you ever go to one, and the pictures you take, and how to scrapbook them.  Yes, I said, scrapbooking Disney.
In two short months, you will no doubt will be making one of the biggest decisions of the year; where to take the family on vacation.  While staycations are still heavily on everyone's minds in the United States, I have not heard of the same situation with the rest of the world.  It does not matter rather you decide to stay around  home this year, or go on that 15-day cruise, the photo is always the same thing; you take some action pictures, landscape picture of the place, children with a character, group photo, and so forth.  After coming home from the trip, you either get them developed ( yes, they still do that), or the photos end up sitting on a hard drive in your PC, tablet, or SD card on phone or camera.  Don't forget abut all of those brochures, you swiped from the place.  If you are wondering what to do about your vacation stuff.  Take time in the winter months and scrapbook everything about your vacation.   It is fun, relaxing, and keeps your mind off of your heating bill.
If you are having problems figuring out what to put in your vacation scrapbook,journal, or whatever you want to call it, here is a list that could ease your mind, and allow you to recall the memories for years to come.  Note:  This works for any vacation not just for the Disney Parks.

  1. Park maps and Times guide:  grab 2 for each park you visit.  They must be in mint condition, so the one you used when your 5 year old budding Picasso decided to draw you a picture while on the monorail will not do, unless you want to.   How to use them.... Background paper, journaling prompts, to show where were you when something magical happened, and  retrace your steps.  Cut one up if you decide to have sections in your album of the different parks.  Grabbing more than two shows clutter, so do not go overboard.   Also grab those maps in case you attended a special event during the holidays or ticketed events.
  2. Disney travel documents:  How did you book your trip, on your own or through a travel agent? It does not matter, keep a copy for yourself, and place them in the book.  Save anything, including the envelope with the logo ( Disney's or the travel company's), and make a page of just that.  
  3. Business cards and other restaurant items:  What eating places did you go to while at the mouse's house?  It is ok to take those business cards with you.  That's why they are there.  This includes chopsticks, napkins with the restaurant's name on it, or swizzle sticks.   Use the same rule as with the maps.  Too many can seem cluttered, so go easy on them.
  4. Hotel paperwork:  This is different from the booking stuff.  This memorabilia includes, check in/out paperwork, resort logos, toiletries and their wrappers, coaster from the room, postcards,  and other items not listed on this list.  Again, do not go overboard with it.
  5. Other items of the trip: consider these items; box tops from souvenirs, pressed pennies, resort room keys (they have to change the code anyway,so why not,I have mine from Canada), and name tags from tours (yes, Disney has tours, but not for children, it spoils the fun for them). 
Well this is the end of this segment.  Next time will be short and sweet as I will show you how to set up your pages.   Until then if you want to know what is going on with Disney, go to  for all things Disney, or I also have a blog about planning for a trip, which is called, Traveling to the Mouse's House ( Have a happy,scrappy,blessed day.   

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