Monday, April 8, 2013

Disney scrapbooking part 2: ideas on how to set up the album

Note: First of all, I want to apologize for the lack of photos.  I am posting through my iPad, and the photos I wanted are on my main computer which is in the shop at the moment.  I did not want to use anyone else's layout because of a possible copyright infringement.

Now, that I have all the problems out of the way ( not that rules and laws are a problem), let me continue with the rest of the post.
Yesterday, I touched on what to put on your Disney pages.  If you have them gathered or know what you want to get when visit the parks, if you will taking a trip soon, it is time for the fun....creating the pages.  Here are the steps and ideas you will need to create those beautiful pages:

  1. Plan them out:  I always plan out my pages.  You do not want too many photos of one event.  After all, how many head shots do you really need of the baby with Pluto?  This is a good time to think ahead of weeding out the photos.  While you are at the parks, decide where and when you are going to take the photos.  No one wants to be stick behind the camera ALL the time while on vacation, and you do not want your friends and family to play the "where's Waldo" game on you.  If  you have not gotten to that step, just pick the good ones out for the book.  If you want the relatives and friends to have copies of a photo, write it down, and make that copy. 
  2.  Gather your materials.  It would nice for you to have Disney-themed scrapbook items, but it not necessary, especially if money is tight.  Same with the embellishments.   If money is tight, turn to the Internet, but be careful.  Read all instructions on how to use them, especially if they are free.  Free comes with a price and it may mean no sharing on social media like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.  
  3. Consider these themes for your scrapbook:  
  4. My year in Disney.  This is for people who go to Disney parks all year long.   
  5. Park by park.  You may have themes according to each park you visit, including Magic Kingdom(Florida), Epcot, Disney Paris, and so forth.  
  6. Day by day.  What did you do on that day, and gear your pages by that.  
  7. Land by Land.   Disney divides their theme parks by land, why shouldn't you?  This is a perfect way to divide up one of those maps, and place according to land.
There are many other ways for you to create your scrapbooks.  See what you can come up with to make the book interesting.  My last tip for you is have fun. Have fun on your trip, make it stress-free and light.  Have fun with your family, they are the only people you have, and family does not mean they are blood-related.  I have three families:biological,church, and business.  Everyone in all three families are unique in their own way, and I cannot have it any other way ( oops, sidetrack moment).  Finally, have fun scrapbooking the memories of your vacation.  Memories also does not mean you have to be stuck in the past.  Make the most of every moment and I will talk to you later.   Peace and be blessed.

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