Friday, December 3, 2010

My first order.

Well, have been blogging three days straight.  That is a new worlds record, considering that I have 3 blogs and a blog that acts as a website. (one day I will have some nice 14 year old to really set up my website, or hire someone.

Well, I have my first order.   The person wanted a simple tag, made out of blue/silver metal.  Now I have never made anything out of metal sheets before.  But I get it, and it has been a challenge for me.   first of all, it is rolled up, so I have to unroll it, and place it on the Cricut mat.   I am using the 12x24 mat, and made the decision to switch to the 12x12 mat.   The reason is the sheets are much easier to handle.   Did I mention that the client wanted 450 tags?   OK the problems:   Thank God for metal sheets that are forgiving, because these things bend on a dime.   I am working with super sticky mats.   the printer would not except the tags as is to print on, so I am cutting a second set of white tags, printing on one side, and adhere to the back of the tags.   I am alternating between the blue side and the silver side.  and they look like this:

I love the results and so the client when I showed him the images.

Well that is it.  Short and sweet.   Next time, I hope to show you some holiday stuff.   Until next time, God Bless you.


  1. Love the blue! I wonder why the printer would not accept the sheets to print on. Are you using the Cricut Imagine or just a regular printer?

  2. Awesome news! Congrats on your big sale!!


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