Sunday, November 21, 2010

Review: Mini Your Story binding system

Today, I am going to review the Mini Your Story.   It is actually called, Your Story Photo, because it is meant to be used for all your photos, and to make mini albums.   before I go on, I will have to say like other people two weeks ago, I order the bundle on HSN.   If you have not order anything from HSN, either by phone or online, be prepared.    Setting up an account is just like any form you would fill out on the internet.   The only problem is, if you do not want a company to hold on to the number of your debit or credit card, you might not like this, because in order to have a speedy order for any future orders with HSN, you may have to do this.   The first time I ordered anything from HSN was over 5 years ago, and I wanted a Sizzix tower to hole the original dies.   Since then, I sold my red Sizzix on Ebay, along with the dies.  

Once you have your account, you are ready to order.   You can either watch online or follow along with your television.   I usually follow along.    You do not not have to look up the number to the item you want, which in this case was the Your Story photo.    Once you order (if you are following along), you are given an expectant shipment date of 7-10 business days.   As the company gets closer to shipping your Your Story Photo, you will get another notice if you gave them your email address.   I received mine in about a week.

Anyway, I opened up the box, and it came with 2 4x6 covers, 2 5x7 covers, with and additional 14 4x6 and 5x7 covers.   You can order some additional ones through HSN for now.   I am not sure when the mini will be available to the public.   The machine itself is a tiny grey color machine.   there are two buttons on it.  One is the power button while the other is timer button.   There is a space to put the album once it is filed up with pages.   One thing to note if you are used to the original Your Story:  This one does not laminate, so do not buy any laminating sheets for the mini.   This machine is just for binding only, and it does not bind any bigger than 5x7 books.
The covers themselves are made of chipboard or a very heavy cardstock, and it has a strip of glue, which holds the pages to the covers.  You can buy separate strips of glue to make and bind your own covers from HSN as well.

The Operation of the Machine

The machine is simple to operate.  Once you place your pages inside the cover, press the power button.  The machine will warm up (about 2 minutes.)   Once warm, the machine will beep.   place the cover and the pages in between the wires, with the spine inside.   the book should be able to stand up on its own.   Press the timer button and the button will start blinking.  once the timer button button stops blinking, then it is ready.   let the book cool for about 5 minutes or the pages may start falling out when opened.   You may decorate the book at that point if you want to.

I found this part very simple.   The instructions are included with the machine.   I created a book with my Longaberger party cue cards for the pages.   I have been wanting to bind them for some time, and yes when I got it, I had the Bind it All.   As I stated in a previous post, I hated that machine.   The instructions were not clear to me, and I had a hard time working and keeping it level.   If you have been following this blog, you know I have The Cinch by We R Memory Keepers.  I love the machine in comparsion to the BIA, and I like the wire system, which is uses the same O-wire system.   Why did I get the Your Story Photo, instead of the orginal Your Story, and why keep The Cinch.  As I stated in the very beginning of this blog, because I want to offer people the option to choose what type of journal, or album they want when they want a scrapbook made.  That is the business side. 

As for my own personal use.   I have some ideas,  in fact two of them:  My middle nephew, who has not grasp his alphabet as of yet (yes, it is the trend now that a three year old must know how to say and write his alphabet and count his numbers, LOL)   I mean, what will the other 3 year olds say?   Anyway...I will make a book of the alphabet by Christmas.   I will use the Cricut to cut out the shapes, and laminate the pages with my old laminator.   Then, I will bind them to make a mini book.   I think that is safer than the wire system.   The second project is to make a simular book for my niece who is two.  She is working on numbers and colors, and once again I will be using the cricut for the shapes and the YS Photo to bind it.  

So overall, I love it.   One day, I may get the original, especially if my laminator gives out, or I want to bind something bigger than 5x7.   I am pleased with it.   Oh, and it is great if you want to make a recipe book.   That is my next binding project.   I have a millions of ideas wait to be unleashed.    God night, and God Bless.   Oh, and happy Thanksgiving for thoses of us in the United States.   Tip:   What are you thankful for?   Be Grateful!!


  1. thanks for the great review! I own the original Your Story and just purchased a bind It All from EBay... that was right before this little machine came out. I do think I may still have to have it, it would come in handy!

  2. this review is fantastic! I never evn thought about one of these. Can you use your own cover or must it be one from your story?


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