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Washi Tape Organization Tip

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Ever wondered what else you can do with your Washi tape collection...Organize your home.  The tip is courtesy of Our Humble Abode.  You already have the perfect labeling system, and it will not cost you a dime, because you already have it.  even if you do not have it, you can do the same thing with duct or masking tape, but for now let's concentrate on the Washi tape.  I believe why the author of the original post on Our Humble Abode suggested Washi tape is:

*  It's transparent
*  small
* and it comes in a variety of colors and patterns.

If you do not know about Washi tape, here are other uses for the product:

  • Layouts:  you can journal on them.  Label the person in the layout.  Use for titles.
  • Cards:  Tape over a solid cardstock mat to make new patterned paper.  From there, cut out shapes or leave whole for a backdrop for images and sentiments.
  • Organization: In addition the the above tip, you can color code items, make new index cards from the technique using with the solid cardstock and making your own patterned paper.
  • Mini books:  Use Washi Tape for binding, creating pockets, or making flowers.
  • Alternative art:  This is perfect, because your creative juices can really fly on this.   For example:  place a piece of tape on the alternative piece.  you may want to paint or ink over it a little, but just enough to let it peek through.  Layer different tape on top, and the more tape you have the more altered the object will feel.  No one can say you are right or wrong, because it is up to the individual person. it is a matter of taste.
I hope I have given you tips on how to organized and use Washi tape.  I may have hit only 5% of the many uses for this product.   for more, just search under Washi Tape Ideas in your search engine.

have a blessed day.

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