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Project Life 2013

project life| week 15 details
project life| week 15 details (Photo credit: vee*)
I try to do things for myself and never get around to them.  I put myself last, because that is the type of person I am .  It does not matter how tired I am, or if I need it more than others.  I am wired like my mom, selfless in every way.  
I have heard about these Project Life books by Becky Higgins, and have been curious up to now about them.  The process is simple, get an album, a big pack of page protectors with pockets, The Project life core packet, your photos, in a pin.  There is no gluing involved (unlike the smash books), and the keep is to keep up your life through photos for one year.  In this case it is January-December 2013.  Stick in a photo, write something about the photo, and you are done in two seconds.  It is journaling and taking pictures all in one harmonious swoop.
OK, I just look back at the Becky Higgins website,, and this is the advise she has given for newbies like me:

Quotation from the website:

"Project Life is whatever you want it to be. I really, really, really mean this. Literally. Let me give just a few examples of what a full Project Life album might contain:
1. A year in review, highlighting random memories from this year … last year … any year at all. Photos can be organized chronologically or by theme (have categories like birthdays this year, travel this year, school stuff, in our spare time, friends, etc. – and add Scrapbook Dividers to label your sections for ultimate organization).
2. Cover the span of several years. Let’s say you haven’t done much scrapbooking ever. But you’re itching to get at least some of your pictures in an album. How about tackle an entire decade in one album? Each year could have say, 6 layouts (our Big Pack of Photo Pocket Pages comes with 60 pages) and you can include the “best of” pictures in those 6 layouts per year. An entire decade of “catching up” in ONE album? YES. And you can do it all without touching a pair of scissors or using any adhesive whatsoever.
3. On a related note, I totally think most of us could compile an album that sums up our entire childhood. True story. Just blow the dust off those old photos, throw them in the pockets along with the Title Cards and Journaling Cards that come in the Core Kit of your choice. Done.
4. Pick a theme, any theme. Create an entire album all about … you name it. Perhaps all of your travel adventures go in one album, or maybe you fill an album with memories of a loved one that is no longer here, or think about anything you have lots of pictures of and BAM! There’s your theme."
OK, It is not what I thought.  You do not have to document every day.  Just pick random times.  OK I will shut up,  read on the project your own way, and decide if this is something you want to do.   I know I feel better now that I know that I can do this.   I am going to do it for this year, because I have special trips planned for the year.  Special moment that I can do.  It does not matter if I take with my phone camera, Ipad, or a digital camera that I was thinking of getting.  I live the other two, but I am a purest and still think that photos need to be taken with a camera.  Not a phone and not a tablet.  a CAMERA.  I will still do videos with the Ipad.  I love it.
So I will report back to you from time to time on how I am doing, and I hope I can keep up.   If you are on pinterest and are interested in doing the project life series, there are some people who have created some freebies.   Those boards are
That's it for now.  I will see you later.  Be blessed.

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  1. I am following some links on Trina's page and finding many SOC members or crafters in Columbus. I moved in the area over the past year and my daughter and I are trying to link up with some ladies everynow and then. Would you be interested? Subscribing to your blog

    1. I would be interested to get together at some point. Stay warm.


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