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Scrapbook Inspiration

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One of my goals for 2013 is for me to be a little bit more inspiring to the people who are around me and who I speak to either face to face, in social media, or on the phone.  So I already know how to do the following:
  • Smile when I speak, being spoken to, or when a person walks up to me.  This task has given me many opportunities to touch someone's life, even if for a second.  Smiling helps a person to connect in ways without saying a word (or yelling through a closed glass door begging people to come in)
  • Say something kind like hello.  Again, it is that communication thing, and it makes a person feel like they are important to you, even if they are a stranger.
  • Do something for another person.  I do not know all the answers to life's little (and big) problems.  I do what I can, don't think about what other people say, and go about my business.  Maybe that RAK (Random Acts of Kindness) will spark action in someone else, and it will spread like wildfire.
So how can I show a little bit more inspiration in my scrapbooking?   I did not go far to look it up.   In fact, all I have to do is look up "scrapbook inspiration" to find the answer.

  1. From a Pinterest board, it is "things that inspire me", according to one person.  I should have a board like that.  I am also on Pinterest (www.pinterest.com/plogan721).  This should be your favorite layouts, cards, alternative art, and journals.  Do not stop there.  Try your favorite artists.  Mine are Teresa Collins, Tim Holtz, Heidi Grace and a couple others.  Create a board around them with their work. The scrapbook artist does not have to be national known.  
    1. Also from Pinterest, create a My creations board.  Click on the link to view my personal one for this blog. This is strictly of the things YOU made.  No one else, not even your children.  If you want to have a board of their work as well, make it separate and for each child.   This is for people who have a blog or website. This showcases your blog, and if you are trying to have a business like I am, this is a form of advertising.  
    2. Join a collaborations board on the site.  I am on two, an Etsy one and another one by Renae Christine of Richmombusiness.com. (you can view her latest video here)
  2. You can also look up scrapbooking inspiration on Flickr, which I also have an account.  Flickr is part of the Yahoo.com group, and all you need to do is to search 'scrapbook inspiration' and find what you need.
  3. Scrapbook inspiration does not always have to come from the internet or pinterest, it also comes from the supplies you buy, your style of clothing, the way you decorate, even the car you drive.
Try this exercise:   Gather 5 things that you love:  It could be a picture of a favorite flower, a piece of cloth from your childhood, or a label from your favorite gum.  Anything you like.  Gather some papers, embellishments, washi tape.  It does not have to be matching, but they do have to coordinate.  Now scrapbook a layout.  It can be any size you want, one or two page.  If you are just getting started for the first time, or anyone for that matter, if you need help with a layout, might I suggest looking up sketches of Layouts.  Here are a few links:

Just click the links and the links will take you there.
I hope this gives you some inspiration to start the new year off with some layouts.   Please remember, these layouts and sketches are only there to inspire you to create, and get you juices going for the rest of the year.  Expect where I mention my own creations, these are people who I researched while writing this post.  I am in no way affiliated with them, and I am not being paid to endorse them.  I just like what I see and what works for me.  I hope that after looking at these links, they will inspire you too.
Have fun crafting, be safe, and be blessed.
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