Monday, July 9, 2012

You got a scrapbook Kit, now What?

Say your BFF (best friend forever) has this idea to get you a scrapbooking kit.  She see this kit that speaks to her, but it may not speak to you.   She knows you scrapbook and thought she would do you this favor.  You receive the gift, but you do not like the papers or anything about it. Do you return it to her, explaining that you papers are not you, or except it graciously.   Except the gift.  After all it is the thought that counts.  You can still use the papers and who wouldn’t want free paper anyway.  Here are some tips on how to make the kit work for you.
  • Keep in mind your kit, put together by the company, and put together colors and styles that are trendy to that company.  Some of these companies uses the Pantone color system.  This is the same system that helps interior decorators and fashion designers decide on the in colors for the year.  This is not a bad thing, just swap out your papers, or throw in some paper you like to go along with the kit.
  •   For the papers and embellishments you do not use in the kit, you can make mini books, cards, and other scrapbook layout.
  •   For a different twist, there is nothing wrong with splitting the kit up.  It is the same thing as I explain before.  If your kit include chipboard items, such as a mini book, a pad of paper, and some embellishments; you have three or more new projects in just that one kit.

The point here is to making a kit work for you, and not the giver.  You friend meant well, and most likely when she got the kit, she thought of you.  This also tip also works if you are in the store and buy a kit for yourself.  Next time I will talk about how to put together a homemade kit

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