Thursday, July 12, 2012

Save time and money: Make your own kit...Part 1


The last time we talked (I posted, you read), the subject of the day was how to use a kit especially when you are an experienced scrapbooker.   With that in mind, I want to briefly touch on something that I am concern about.  Kit of the month clubs, then go right into making your own kit if you have the time and the energy to do so.
First of all, there is nothing wrong with being part of kit of the month club.  I was part of a couple that I may rejoin in the future, but these days I am all about saving money, time, and effort for a lot of the things that I do.  This includes my grocery shopping, clothes, housewares, and my paper crafting.   The major problem I have with these clubs is the pricing.  Yes, many are following what is going on with the recession and other areas, but at the same time, there are many companies out there who have kit clubs, and the pricing is just as inflated as before.  When I am in a kit club, I want to get the price I paid for, and it better be $60 worth of items for $30.  As a business person, I realized there are other factors in the cost, such as materials used, labor, and the shipping (including those nasty gas prices we all have to endure), but as a consumer, how much longer are we willing to put up with this?  Ok, I am being thrown off the course, so I better get back on track. They are indeed beautiful kits when I get them, and someone took the time to plan these kits out.  This is the reason why I am not for cheapening the cost. 
To determine what works for you if you decide to go that route, make sure you can get your money’s worth from a kit.  Make sure the kit will work with your style of scrapbooking.  Do not just join a kit club just to be joining, and then when you get you first kit, you do not like the style nor the colors.  It is a waste of your precious hard earned money and someone else could have gotten the kit.  It does not matter if the club bills or automatically takes money out of your account, make sure you have plenty of money to handle the payment each month, and make sure you can stop the club anytime without a penalty.  I know, you can always sell the kit on Ebay, but why go through the bother of listing the kit, pay a fee to list said kit, wait for a person to say they want it, pay a fee after it is sold, then ship the kit to the winner.  If you paid $50 for a kit, and the person who wins it paid $15 ($10 for the kit and $5 for shipping), you are out $35 (more when Ebay takes part of the $15 paid), then you have to ship it, which is more money from the $15.  Is it really worth it?
Stay tuned to Saturday, part 2 on how to put together a kit.
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