Saturday, May 5, 2012

The first Mini book...done

I am finished with my first mini book. If you can recall a few posts back, I stated that I was in a swap, and I had to finish 3 books. They are a 4x4 book (not so 4x4, more of a 6x6), a pocket mini, and a tag book. Well, here is the pocket mini. I hope my partner PJ will like it. So let me show you around, OK?
I have to love the cover.  It is similar to the last cover I made in October, except, I have muslin under the burlap.   The whole book was made with the DCWV line, Natural, and this is the first time I have made a book with a whole paper line.  I need to to that all the time.  It saves money, and the headache of matching.  This is my personal opinion on the matter.  Anyway, back to the cover.   I used the Tim Holtz ribbon collection and added some Recollections peals in the middle of the roses, which are on top of some stretchy lace.  I left the cover blank for the user to put whatever she wanted on the cover (if it was a non-scrapbooker I would, and still should of had a book plate on the cover.  The front and back covers are mad out of chipboard.  the base of the mini book is a paper bag book.  I attached the front of paper bag to the cover, and likewise with the back cover in the same style similar to the person on Follow the Paper Trail.

Next page: (Ok, I realize that I cannot show you everything about this album, because in the process of sending , or I did not take a picture of some of my pages, a few pictures got eaten up in cyberspace.)

 This is page 5 (sideways to show the quote):  There is a pocket here (I took the tag out (one of the photos that are missing and out there is Cyberspace), and here you can see the stretchy ribbon from Tim Holtz, which is under the rose ribbon on the front cover.  This is also a photo spot for my partner.  The quote says "He who has hope, has everything." Tip:  If you do not have a sentiment stamp like this, you can always Google search it. (or whichever search engine site you use).

This is another photo mat, and this time, I used the rose by itself with white pearls from Martha Stewart crafts.

This is one of 5 tags I made.  The way I made it was to cut one of the 12 x12 sheets down to 6 x9, cut in half again.  I placed double-sided tape (scor tape)placed on one side.  Next, I took a piece of the same paper to make a top tab, and placed it on top of the double sided tape, the placed the other piece on top of the tab, even the tag out, and then rounded the corners. 

These were some of the highlights of the album.  Sorry I did not show you more like last time.  I am almost finished with the mini 4x4 (excuse me, mini 6x6) and I will get some good pictures from that one.  See you in a few.


  1. You did a fantastic job on this! I'm lovin the hype right now on the mini books and seeing all the different creations. I agree probably one paper line all the way through will be extremely helpful on making the book.

    1. Thanks, Tina. I am starting to feel energized about scrapbooking and making things again.


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