Friday, June 22, 2012

Finding a good support system

Today, I want to talk to you about finding a good support system.   I am not talking if you have a problem I am about when you start scrapbooking or any hobby for that matter.  It is extremely important that you do this step.  Why?  I will explain in a moment.   

Consider this... You have decided to start scrapbooking.  You have done the research, bought all the necessary tools and consumable supplies (supplies you can replace as you use it), and asked questions.  You get ready to start you first real project but are you sure where to start?  I mean how hard is it to glue paper to paper?  Before you go into a panic rage, consider getting a support system.   Just as anyone from new mothers to addicts ask for someone to help them, scrapbookers and other crafters can get the same kind of help.  Here are the types of people and resources you need on your team:

1.      Groups.  These are organized groups who have a common goal and interest…To create great works of art, or in this case, wonderful scrapbooks.   Everyone from beginners to the experts come together to basically, help each other, promote products that they use, offer discounts that they find on the internet and offline, and show off their work.  Look for group who are interested in your best interest, such as answering you questions, no matter how trivial they are, and the understanding that everyone has to start somewhere.  Yahoo and Google are the more popular place to look for a scrapbook group.  Take note of the rules of each group, because some groups do not allow idle chitchat.
2.      You Tube and Ustream:  These sites can show you in tutorial form how to make anything, from embellishments to whole minibooks.   All you need is an account, and search terms. 
3.      Store clerks:  Places such as LSS (Local Scrapbook Stores), Archiver's, Michaels, and Joann’s have clerks who can teach you how to scrapbook, make cards, or just simply teach a technic to you.  They can even show you how to use a tool.  Many of these stores have classes you can take, but take note that classes of this type may require a fee.
4.      Rec and community centers:  Many rec and community centers have beginner classes for free.  They also offer supplies to play with including many of the basic tools.
5.      Join an organization:  Utilize these as you would an online group.  Search Meetup groups for groups.  Please note that some of these organizations may require a membership fee.
6.      Find a mentor:  Some people do not mind teaching you the basics of scrapbooking, either for free or for a small fee.

Enjoy finding your team of experts, and not so experts.

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