Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Paper review: Graphic 45-All that Jazz

This is a short comment review on Graphic 45 scrapbook paper.   I am trying to find what it takes to be a wholesaler. Why?  Well because i am trying to pump some money into my business.   I have been watching some You tube videos lately, and a lot of people are starting to get into scrapbook kits.  I love kits, but I can never find what I am looking for,  I want kits that feed the creative mind, and some (not all) of these kits have one or two kinds of paper, a little bit of embellishments, and not a whole lot of creativity.  If you want it to be completely yours, you have to add more stuff, which means going back to the store, and finding something that may not match.   I rather have leftovers to make something matching (a card, mini book...etc)

So today starts the day for something I think will be kits to make and sell.  I have seen it on the YT channels  Paper Phenomenon, follow the paper trail, and others.   even if it is a few, it would help.   I am researching for about a month, and testing with a few kits in April and May, then I will see as I go along.   My hope is that I do not rush into this.  If this is not too much work for me, I will continue.

so as I was researching for my first kit supplies, I ran upon this piece:
All That Jazz

I instantly thought 4x4 mini book and it is perfect for it.   The Graphic 45 All that Jazz paper can instantly be cut apart and decorated with embellishments.   In the next few days I will see.  To be honest, any of the Curtin Call paper would work beautifully with it.   I will see.

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