Monday, March 12, 2012

How Did I get into the Cricut Machine….

I love answering questions for people.  I do not care if it is something that people just want to know or if I just volunteer my answer, I love to just give my opinion to a question.

So I was on Facebook and one of the ladies I follow (like) is My Cricut Craft Room Blog.   She asked a question, how did you get into the Cricut?  First off, before I answer this question, I wanted to let you know about a couple of things:  I was looking for something to talk about, and I am trying to change up my blogs a bit.   For those of you who are new to scrapbooking, the Cricut is an electronic cutting machine.  There are several types of machines, and I have 3 of these types:  Expression, Expression 2, and the Imagine.   I do have a document on this blog on the different types of Cricut machines listed except the last one made (the Cricut Mini), so I may repost it, including the mini on the sheet.

Anyway, back to the question.   I got started with the Cricut machines back in 2006.   Back then, there was only the original machine, which cut out shapes and the alphabet on a 6 x 9 sheet of paper (half of a 12 x12 piece).   I was working at Archiver's at the time, and I was asked to demo the machine for 2 minutes while another co-worker took a break.   That was love at first demo.  When Archiver’s stopped selling them the first time around I snatch up the last one, but I did not play with it much for a while.  Fast forward 6 months later.   I had a swap I needed to do, and I had to make 60 tags.   Ok, what the heck was I thinking, and the swap was due.   Finally I said to myself, “you have that thing, the Cricut you begged for a Christmas present, so use the darn thing.”  I was able to finish my tags, and have been going nonstop since then.   I got the Expression in 2007, the E2 and the Imagine machines in 2011.   I then sold the Original after the E2 came from HSN.

So that is how I got started with this obsession called a Cricut machine.


  1. How awesome you were able to demo the machine!

  2. That question brought back a flood of memories. Glad you got a chance to do that demo.

  3. Your first experience sounds kinda like mine...I actually went to Michaels to purchase the Cuttlebug. However, in not the best tone told me that I couldn't use the coupon on the it. Meanwhile the baby bug was on sale that week, so I purchased it instead. It stayed in the box untouched for awhile until I had a swap project that I HAD to get done...I've been rolling with it every since!!


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