Thursday, March 15, 2012

For K. Andrew....

....And anyone who is reading this post.   Since I have this business, I have been trying to "expose" myself to get notice.   I am willing to do anything.  Well almost anything. This also means being part of a design team.   A scrapbook design team are a group of people that the owner or a blog, website, or business uses in order to get exposure for their products.   So far, I have applied for only 6, and I am currently on one.   That design team is the Card a day blog.  The Card a day Blog is not your typical design team where you are given certain products, and everyone makes something out of those same supplies.  Instead, we take a theme (like invitations), and everyone does their interpretation of that theme.   Each theme runs a week, and a person takes a day to display their card.   It has to be a card.  I am having fun with it.
K. Andrew Design Stamps is the next design team I am applying for.   I am pushing the envelope because today is the last day I can get this application in.   I need to submit 3 recent design I have done, and I have not done much lately, so are my three items:

My first one is a card I just finished.   I am making my mother some more cards, and I am happy to do it. (especially when I just watched in horror my mother standing in Walgreen's picking out 2 birthday cards a few hours ago).   Nothing's wrong with that task, except she can get the cards for free.   Why spend $5 on a machine made card. (sorry Walgreen's and American Greetings).  Anyway, here are two cards:

1 brown blank card (4.25' x 5 1/2")
1 Kraft cardstock (3" x 5")
1 8 1/2" x 11"sheet of pattern paper cut to 1/8" smaller then the front of the carda
3 red gems (Hero Arts)
Digi Stamp-Teacup
White Gel Pen.
Gold organza ribbon, 1/4"
Copic markers (RV21-Light Pink and RV23-Pure Pink)


1 Pink card blank (A2 Size-same as the first card)
1 patterned paper mat ( cut 1/8" smaller then the front of the card)
Digi stamp-Teapot
Sentiment-Thinking of You
White gel Pen
Gold Organza ribbon 1/4'
Chalk Pencils

Project #2-Tree

I made this tree in a stamp club I belong to.   I made it in January.   All it takes is the following:

Old sheet music (the older the better-somewhere all my piano teachers are cringing, because their belief is you never waste nor tear up good sheet music)

A stand from Michael's or Joanne's (they cost about a $1.25 each-on clearance)
an 1/8" hole punch

Square templates (1", 6", 9", 12", and 14") (note:  if you have something like a punch or a an electronic cutting machine like a Cricut, this would be perfect, then you can cut out as many as needed, except old sheet music is very fragile)


Cut out or tear some squares.  you will need about 24 in different sizes.   Punch out a hole in the center.   Cut out some ribbon.  Start with the biggest squares first and work you way to the smallest squares.  You are going to tie the ribbon to the stand at different stops alone the way.  Top with an ornament.

Project #3-Layout-Baby Antics

This last project I am submitting is I did in this month.   The people in the pictures in the pictures are my sister-in law, holding my youngest nephew who was 5 months at the time of the photo.  The other two are my middle nephew and my niece who were 2 and 3 at the time.
the wording says:

"Ok, I want to know who pinched me?" Was it you, Nine'na? I know I am a year younger than you.  Was it you, Deonte?   I know I am the youngest boy,and I am cuter.  Was it you, Mama?   I know I am cuter than my brother, Mike, who is in the kitchen.   Everyone else is in the kitchen, except the one behind the camera, otherwise known as Aunty Patti, and she is busy.  Ok, I am not leaving until we settle this.  After all, I am only 5 months old.


1 sheet (12 x 12) of rust cardstock
1 sheet ( 12 x 12) of paper pizazz-Asian Brushwork (cut down to 8 1/2 x 11)
1 sheet (8 1/2 x 11 of cream cardstock)
1sheet (12 x 12) of Creative Imaginations-Cream scroll)

 Well, this is end of my projects, and I hope you all enjoyed this post.  Until next time, have a blessed day.


  1. Lovely projects, especially that pink/brown card! And I know what you mean about card prices in the store! I got sticker shock when I went out to purchase my dad a card for Father's Day...hurt my feelings, lol


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